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    Can you get epics and legendaries from arena packs or only from purchased packs? I haven't gotten a ton but so far I've only gotten rares from arena packs and haven't purchased any.
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    Steam Halloween Sale 10-29->11-1

    Any chance The Wolf Among Us will be 50% off if I wait until the xmas/holiday sale? I was planning on buying it anyway so I might just go ahead and do it now at 10% off. Almost tempted to buy 7th guest and 11th hour and play through them again. I remember really enjoying them the first time...
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    Torchlight 2

    I'm not sure the easiest way to find the answer to this so I'll just ask here. If I have a slow weapon in my main hand is there any benefit to having a fast weapon (claw) in my offhand or is attack speed only determined by main hand weapon?
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    Torchlight 2

    Maybe this is common knowledge but apparently passive skill spells (like treasure hunter) don't do you any good when you make your pet learn them. Wish I had known that before I made my pet learn treasure hunter IV.
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    Torchlight 2 - Rares and Legendaries - Images

    I got a pretty cool unique socketable last night...i'm lvl 41 but for some reason the object is lvl 1. called lens of something or another and in armor it gives 2% chance to heal 100% health whenever I get hit or in weapons it gives 1% chance to heal 100% health every time I hit something.
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    Torchlight 2

    I'm sure others can give a better answer but i'm 15 hours in and just started act 3. I believe act 4 is a bit shorter so probably 20-25 hours game time for a single playthrough (i'm on normal difficulty and taking my time).
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    What games have you stopped playing because of severe bugs?

    Pac Man after the 256th level. :D
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    Official [H] Star Wars:The Old Republic Thread

    no mention of nerfing cybertech ship mods which I only noticed because I FINALLY managed to get the materials to craft my first piece of grade 2 ship armor last night which granted 3000 armor and blasts did 3 damage each when I equipped it last night. Today that is down to 2100 armor with the...
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    Official [H] Star Wars:The Old Republic Thread

    My only complaint so far, and maybe it's just my server although I tried to pick one with high population, is that the game seems nearly empty. I was on taris for an hour last night and didn't see a single other player. I'm sure some places are more crowded but that's pretty rediculous.
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    Official [H] Star Wars:The Old Republic Thread

    This is probably a simple question but sometimes the in game info is lacking. I am currently lvl 12 and have a slicing skill of around 33. I came across a few electronic safes today (slicing node) but when i tried clicking on them nothing happened. Is this because my slicing skill is not...
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    Trine 2

    I'm only halfway through and while FOR ME the game is definitely worth $15 based on the number of hours it will take to finish, I agree about most of the comments in the post above. I really feel like I'm using the wizard to "skip" a lot of obstacles rather than actually solving them. And...
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    The Unofficial Hard Arcade Game and Pinball thread.

    I currently have 4 pins. No Fear, Demolition Man, Lord of the Rings, and Paragon. My brother had a Pengo arcade a while back that I really wish he hadn't sold.
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    Trine 2

    Probably break down and pay $15 for this since I have nothing to play now and after xmas I'll have skyrim and SW-TOR to keep me occupied. I'm sure it will be cheaper soon, but I also know I'll get $15 worth of gameplay out of it.
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    Sega is renewing a "beloved IP"

    I just wish they'd finally release the 8 player Pengo arcade they demo'd a few years ago. But yeah, toejam and earl was great!
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    Steam sale has begun! 1 PM EST 11/23!

    Alice: Madness returns is the cheapest I've seen it at $14.99.....think it will go below that during this sale?
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    My Skyrim experience PC vs 360

    quick xbox vs pc question. I rented skyrim for 1 day from redbox for xbox and liked it EXCEPT for having to go into menu each time I wanted to change spells in my offhand which seemed like all the time. If I got the game for PC is there an easier way (hotkey or something) to change spells/weapons?
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    DCUO F2P

    Downloaded it yesterday. Haven't made a character yet, just watched the opening intro. What I want to know is why can't hollywood make animated movies as good as the ones in games (DCUO and Star wars KOTOR both have amazing videos).
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    Netflix Users, Time to Pick a Plan

    we canceled streaming last week. nowhere near enough "good" content to justify the price.
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    A Farewell to Galaxies: Escapists last stop in SWG

    If nothing else, I have never found another MMO that let you customize your house with loot from corpses the way you could in SWG. That made it enjoyable for my gf and therefore the only MMO she's ever played with me. I had fun with it pre CU. Can't say I miss it though. Only MMO I...
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    Games as a kid you got but were bad but you had to stick with.

    My dad came back from a trip once and brought us Raid on Bungeling Bay for NES. That game was boring as hell but for some reason I remember playing it forever anyway. According to wikipedia the guy that made it went on to create simcity.
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    PS3 price drop anytime soon?

    Anyone think the PS3 will have a price drop before xmas? My son wants one for his birthday next month but if they're going to drop in a few months I might see if I can hold him off until xmas since we already have a 360.
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    yeah about the same here. i apparently made a wooden bench and no idea what to do with it, then night comes and i die over and over again. That little guide dude needs to be a bit more informative.
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    Google + invite button is up

    lastheathen at gmail dot com thanks!
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    Mortal Kombat - $29.99 @ TRU (in store next week w/coupon)

    Thanks OP. Picked it up yesterday for $30 sold the kitana code for $9. Not bad for a 3 week old game.
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    Mortal Kombat - $29.99 @ TRU (in store next week w/coupon)

    well that pretty much confirms that MK will be the last game I ever buy at original retail price if they're going to plummet in cost this quickly. Really enjoying the game though!
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    Nintendo 3DS Coming...

    I tried the pilotwings demo at best buy. The fact that the technology for non-glasses 3d exists is pretty cool but so far I'm not enamored enough with it to buy one. I don't think 3D adds anything to movies in 99.9% of cases and I have a feeling it will be the same with video games. My...
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    xbox 360 at Amazon

    Does anyone know why amazon doesn't seem to have the $199 4GB xbox 360 (without kinect) in stock lately? I don't pay much attention to consoles but might be buying one soon and would prefer to do it without tax and my amazon credit if possible.
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    Clint Mansell composing Mass Effect 3!!

    sorry, that was poor wording on my part. I meant wasted in that (unless i'm mistaken) video game soundtracks aren't usually released as stand alone discs of music whereas film soundtracks often are. I don't care what medium the music was composed for (and think it's great that he's branching...
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    Clint Mansell composing Mass Effect 3!!

    The Fountain is pretty much the best soundtrack of all time. I'm a bit disappointed that his talents are being wasted on a video game but hopefully he'll make something wonderful out of it and it will get a decent release outside of the game itself.
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    XBOX live question

    Cool. Thanks for the quick answer.
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    XBOX live question

    Hopefully this will be an easy question for someone. My son's xbox 360 died (getting video pixelation type crap like it overheated or something). He just got a 12 month xbox live card for christmas. If he gets a new xbox will he be able to transfer his xbox live account to the new machine?
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    Tron: Evolution

    Tron 2.0 had AWESOME online light cycle racing that sadly has no active servers anymore. I saw a clip of this game where the light cycles didn't move in stright lines/90 degree turns and I knew right then I wouldn't be buying it.
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    Probably confirmation of Kinect price/ $200 bundle @ Walmart

    Target has the kinect available for pre-order at $150.
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    MASSIVE Steam Summer Sale

    Is there any point in me getting the Borderlands expansions if I didn't finish the base game? I put maybe 15 hours in on it (and enjoyed it) but then kind of just stopped playing. Wondering if the expansions would draw me back in or just be useless until I finish it.
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    Lord of the Rings Online, Going Free to Play

    I played LOTRO pretty heavily for about a year straight but I got to the level cap and decided I didn't want to do the raid grind in this game (after coming off a few years of EQ2) so I quit and didn't look back even when mirkwood came out. That was about a year ago but I have a feeling it will...
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    Trine $5 on Steam!

    This game is definitely worth $5 and I can't wait to check out the DLC even if it is short.
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    WII & Netflix Release This Friday (3/26)

    how do you sign up to get the wii disc? I don't remember getting any emails about it or anything.
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    Easy Dragon Age Questions

    Got it. Thanks everyone. I haven't tried completely disabling tactics yet but it seems like that might be interesting. I'll mess around with that at some point.
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    Easy Dragon Age Questions

    I got in on the steam sale last week and am enjoying the game so far but I've got a few questions that I assume are easy and haven't found the answer in game. 1. where is your camp? It says to return to camp to repair injuries but I don't know where the camp is. I'm currently in the tower...
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    Steam: Dragon Age Origins $33.49

    I've never really played a game like this before. Does the game walk you through combat and options at the beginning or would I just be hopelessly confused and lost?