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    WTS: MSI GTX 970

    Selling a mint condition lightly used 970 that sat mostly unused in a gaming rig for years. Looks and runs great. Asking $160 With original box. You pay shipping costs. PayPal accepted. Heatware - j0nx77
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    MSI GTX 1080ti

    SOLD. Selling my very lightly used MSI Gaming X 1080ti that has basically sat idle for two years in a dedicated VR machine that is used 3 or 4 times a month at most. Card is in excellent condition. I will cover shipping and insurance in CONTUSA. I accept paypal. Please only good reputation [H]...
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    5900x boost question

    Yeah so tell us how it works then because that’s what everyone else is doing when they oc for workloads...
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    5900x boost question

    I’m using the Latest beta bios.
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    5900x boost question

    So CPUz and core temp both show boosting at 4.7-4.9 right now but hwinfo shows effective speed at 4.2 and judging by my cinebench score compared to 4.7 manual oc I think it’s running at 4.2. what are you guys using to monitor your speeds and voltages? Doesn’t seem like a lot of the tools I used...
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    5900x boost question

    I also did not see any curve optimizer on this board to set undervolt.
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    5900x boost question

    I enabled pbo and set everything else to defaults and I still have weird behavior. CPUz says it’s running at 4.6 now but hwinfo says the effective speed is still 4.2. My r20 scores are also wayyy down compared to my manual 4.7. Is hwinfo showing wrong info on these new cpus? I need to test to...
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    5900x boost question

    And 1.35v is plenty safe for these chips and it runs reliably benchmarked at that voltage. let’s not overthink that part.
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    5900x boost question

    I enabled pbo in the bios but even with everything else at stock except for enabling pbo 4.2 is still the max it will go and in games it still doesn’t even boost to that reliably. You can definitely tell that it’s using multiple cores in game but not at max speed. I don’t get this amd stuff...
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    5900x boost question

    So I'm new to AMD and just built a 5900x system with a 3090. I can't seem to figure out boost though. I have hard set the bios multiplier to 47 and 1.35v and am stable at that setting with an all core boost at 47. When I do benchmarks in windows I see that all cores boost to 4.7ghz and it shows...
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    **The state of GPU's and their purchasability** This is a rant post, anyone else agree with me AFTER you read this?

    Nvidia has been paper launching since the 10 series. This paper launch however is wayyyy worse than the others. My local microcenter in Fairfax has not had a SINGLE card since release day. I check every day multiple times and no cards have shown in stock plus I know a guy that works there and he...
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    FS:Canon EF 70-200mm f/4L USM Telephoto Zoom Lens

    Canon EF 70-200mm f/4L USM Telephoto Zoom Lens comes with original box, carrying bag, a UV filter and the Canon tripod ring/collar. Asking $375 via paypal shipped. Must have good Heatware.
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    FS: iPhone 6S Plus 64GB

    Selling a Verizon iPhone 6S Plus 64GB space gray model. Verizon says all of their phones then were unlocked so this should work on any carrier that supports it. Phone is in great shape with little to no signs of wear. Battery life is at 92%. Comes with original box, a case, charger and...
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    FS: EVGA GTX 1080 SC

    Selling my EVGA GTX 1080 SC. Card was used in a VR only rig that spent a majority of its time turned off so has little actual use. Was purchased in June 2016. Comes packed in original box with materials. SOLD shipped CONTUSA. Paypal from verified users with good heatware.
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    1080 TI vs 1080 TI SLI vs 2080 TI Personal Review

    SLI, Nvidia 3D and Nvidia surround have been dying for years. They still work in older games and in some new games but Nvidia has clearly washed their hands of anything beyond a vanilla single card/monitor setup.
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    Am I missing something here? I don't see any deals anywhere. Says auto notify for me.
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    What was your justification for RTX 2080 ti?

    I could be Bill Gates and I still wouldn't give Nvidia $1400 for one of these klunkers. The 2080ti is easily 100% overpriced compared to the level of performance it brings to the table. This guy is running this company into the ground at breakneck speed. I give them 2 years max with him staying...
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    9900k results - worried

    I've had nothing but trouble with my Gigabyte Aurous Ultra board. My 8700K came out of an Asus Maximus X hero and was running stable as hell at 5ghz with 1.35V. I replaced it with a 9900k and that has since been running stable at 5.1ghz at 1.365V. The stupid gigabyte board I bought is having all...
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    FS: Gigabyte Z97X-SOC Motherboard

    Selling my Z97-SOC that was used with a 4790K. Decided to upgrade the entire rig to a 8700K and don't need this anymore. Comes with IO shield only, no CPU or memory. Paypal accepted, heat is same. CONTUSA only. $90 shipped.
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    FS: Apple Watch Series 3 Cellular and GPS 42mm Nike

    Bump for final price change before ad removal.