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    F/S: Mavsfan FS Thread

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    F/S: Mavsfan FS Thread

    No, the SyncMaster SA350
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    F/S: Mavsfan FS Thread

    morning bump
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    F/S: Mavsfan FS Thread

    morning bump yall
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    F/S: Mavsfan FS Thread

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    F/S: Mavsfan FS Thread

    morning bump, coffee time
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    F/S: Mavsfan FS Thread

    morning bump
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    F/S: Mavsfan FS Thread

    late night bump
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    F/S: Mavsfan FS Thread

    Morning bump, drink some coffee folks
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    F/S: Mavsfan FS Thread

    late night bump
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    F/S: Mavsfan FS Thread

    early morning bump
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    F/S: Mavsfan FS Thread

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    F/S: Mavsfan FS Thread

    Sorry! Just did
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    F/S: Mavsfan FS Thread

    Hey guys, not new to the HardOCP forums, been a lurker since the website has been put up. I have a list of good stuff. The price does include shipping, larger items require extra for shipping, contact me for details. All reasonable. My ID under ebay is maj7807. Located in the Dallas, Tx...
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    Cougar Spike MicroATX Watercooled HTPC Build

    Nice, something like this is wanting me to build out an HTPC. Low cost and good for streaming.
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    So I got a 13" MBA and now I am thinking of selling my PC...

    I dont use the 13" for daily use, just for mobile usage. It connect to a 27" monitor when using it normally. BIG difference...
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    What am i missing.

    I have been using DOS to Windows 8.1 as well... I like Windows since I have been accustomed to Microsoft's layout. I got a non retina 13" MacBook Pro with a regular hard drive upgraded to Mavericks. I like Mac due to it funnier style created with it. I suggest not following a group of...
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    Blizzard's brand new game 'Heroes of the Storm'

    D3 isnt bad, just not alot to D3, the graphics are good but gaming is simple as boiling a pot of water... HOTS looks ok, I dont plan on getting it myself. If your a Blizzard fan, I can see you getting the game...
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    So I got a 13" MBA and now I am thinking of selling my PC...

    I just use the Windows machine for gaming, some light photo editing. Its a 6core i7 with 14gb of ram, great machine but I have been looking at quitting the gaming all together and going to just to a laptop. Gaming is just for burning time, I experienced my pro gaming ten years ago before LAN...
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    iPad Air

    I have not gotten one, I have the iPad 16gb wifi black... For the past couple of years, it has been working out very well. I do not see a reason to upgrade to the iPad Air... Maybe when the iPad Air 5 is out Ill upgrade. I am not the type to the get the latest greatest when it comes out, I...
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    So I got a 13" MBA and now I am thinking of selling my PC...

    Yes its a tool, they both have the same purpose. I dont do heavy video editing or CAD work, I know having a higher end PC will do it. I do some gaming, but lost alot of interest in gaming and custom built PCs over the years and find the simplicity of the Mac over the PC. Even though they...
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    So I got a 13" MBA and now I am thinking of selling my PC...

    Yes, its true. I have used Windows since Windows came out... It doesnt do much for me anymore, it is nothing special in my book. Since I have a 13.3" MBA non retina, I am very pleased with everything Mac OSX has to offer and it is simple... Is there a self help book to not make this...
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    [Project] - Entropy

    awesome work man
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    I hate my iPhone 5...

    iOS7 is an ok upgrade, it to me is not a huge difference where I want to get a party of 100 people and celebrate... NO.. Its ok, nothing special... A few extra options which i might never use but hey it is a little better.
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    WoW; 4th expansion Mists of Pandaria

    I have been playing the expansion since it came out and its good, better than cata. Hopefully WoD is an improvement as well...
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    WoW; 5th expansion Warlords of Draenor

    I cant wait for it, new class awesome.
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    QuakeCon 2013 : August 1-4

    I havent been to a LAN party before they became a big sport. I remember the first time meeting John Romeo and the preview of Doom II before it came out... old old old old old days
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    COD: Ghosts

    I like Ghosts, it is fun to play. I hope they come out with a second one.
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    Do you use or keep enabled "System Restore"? (Windonws 7)

    No, my personal computer does not have anything majorly important. Any personal info is stored to another drive and saved to other places as well. If the computer crashes, ill just reinstall things. No biggie.
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    for what purpose does "cloud" exist?

    I use the cloud to storage my school papers and working on papers from different computers into one place. I am not into carrying a USB drive but the my school papers will work. Nothing to critical or personal. Also for family pictures or personal forms, ex. insurance/health insurance forms...
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    Klipsch Promedia 5.1's - Amp repair

    Nice, I just had my Promedia 4.1 sub give out.... Good to know someone repairs them.
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    Big Chair for a Big Guy

    I am 7' and weigh 350, I need to lose come weight.... I have a big and tall chair and the back comes up to the back of my neck, I am happy with it. I got it from Office Max
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    Media storage... what drives to buy? Green? Red? Remove drives from cheap externals?

    I purchased a DLINK 1gigbait home NAS with two 3.5' drive bays, with 1.5tb drives in them running on Raid 1. I have no problems with it and store quite a bit. Later Ill upgrade to 4tb when they are lower in price but I dont have the need to have EVERY movie in the world.... I am happy and the...
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    Building another Rig. Need your advice again.

    Correct, it is his decision, not going against it at all. Its a nice computer setup that will last along time, the choices I have made are not necessarily the best because not everything is the best. If he likes other peoples opinions and wants one, Ill toss one in.
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    Streaming Audio PC to Stereo

    Yeah, the restriction with iTunes is not bad, but not all my music is bought on iTunes. I want the highest quality of sound possible. The PC itself is about 10 feet away. I bought an optical cable online and waiting for the outcome of that. I would suspect the Denon dock would be great, but...
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    Building another Rig. Need your advice again.

    Im not a fan of wireless when gaming, If you have to use wireless, I suggest getting a Linksys/Cisco adapter, well worth the money for the brand. I suggest getting Windows 8.1, even if you like Windows 7 over 8, which I like 7 over 8 myself but the performance improvements overrides the overall...
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    What you think of my build?

    Lol, funny. Everyone has their own personal use for a computer such a this, I suspect video editing but might have a different use.
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    I want to buy a MacPro -What should I get?

    I got the 13' normal MacBook Pro, I like the display, though retina would be an extremely better looking I guess. I havent upgraded the memory on the laptop yet, but Im not doing any heavy processing or program usage... The battery life is ok for lasting a number of hours, 15 hours out of a...
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    OSX Mavericks? Anyone upgrade yet?

    Im not a heavy Mac user yet, my 13' MacBook Pro is my first Mac ever, not counting any iOS device I own. From what I have seen, the Mavericks update shows a significant improvement in usage. Not sure with everything else, terminal, programming, etc... Im not complaining. Im not into getting...
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    What you think of my build?

    Nice setup, what are you using the PC for?