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    Is it possible to recover tabs on Safari 16?

    I'm fucked. Running Safari 16 on Monterey 12.6. Is it possible to recover tabs anymore? I used to be able to do this using lastsession.plist. That doesn't work anymore. Also, open last session failed. I am able to recover some from the lastsession.plist file using an editor and some manual copy...
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    IPSEC on iPhone using pfSense

    Anyone got IPSEC to work on an iPhone using pfSense? I **think** I followed this guide: (1260) iPhone IPSEC VPN Setup - YouTube I have OpenVPN installed and working great. Not able to get IPSEC to work. I am running pfSense version 2.4.5-RELEASE-p1 (amd64) I appears to be connecting...
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    Help with static route in pfSense

    Not sure my setup is correctly implemented but I am trying to have one-way communications to a VLAN for cameras. Need to isolate camera network (VLAN3) from accessing the internet or any other internal network but I need to be able to reach into the VLAN3 network. Right now, the only way I can...
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    How to reverse pins for fan connector?

    I've got a Notua 5V 3 pin fan. I bought a CoolerGuys 3 pin to 2 pin adapter with CB-32C Connector. The only problem is I have to plug the CB-32C in backwards on the mobo to get the fan to turn on. Guess this isn't a common problem, I tried googling before I posted here. What is the best way to...
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    Silent fans for a server rack?

    I've got a server rack in a closet I am trying to keep less noisy. What brand/type ofrack mounted fan do you guys recommend? If I could monitor the temp or have it where it auto kicks on and off the fans after the temp hits a certain point, that would be a bonus.
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    Brocade switches

    Anyone familiar with the Brocade switches? Came across this and looking to buy a used one Is there a config document for these switches I can reference for setting up L3 routing...
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    Question about proper rack airflow

    Hopefully, this is the correct spot for this question....I am planning on mounting a Cisco 24 port PoE switch. 350X-24MP. Looks like it will generate a bit of heat. power comsumption is 468W and dissipation is 1607 BTU/hr Going to mount a rack to the wall in a closet that is about 6' wide x3'...
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    Advice for a layer 3 switch?

    Hello, I'm looking for recommendations for a layer 3 switch. I am trying to segment several IP cameras on a VLAN and prevent access to the internet. I would like to have one admin computer on a separate VLAN that can access the camera VLAN and manage the devices. Something I can HTTPS into...
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    Trying to find a rack for NVR

    Looking for advice for a rack mount. I have a rather large NVR (security camera recorder) 17.5" x 17.75" and I am trying to find a lockable server rack I can mount on the wall. I think I found one that is 3" wider than normal and 20.5" deep...
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    Can't find replacement Noctua fan (noice reduction)

    Trying to replace two fans, motherboard fan and case fan. Case fan: ad0805lx-a70gl, trying replace with a Noctua to reduce noise. AD0805LX-A70GL: length 80, width 80, height 25, voltage 5V, current 0.23A, 2 pin Problem is, the closest I can find is a 4 pin, Noctua NF-A8 5V PWM but I only...
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    Managed PoE switch

    I am running a pfSense box on an old SuperMicro server and looking to segment off a bunch of IP cameras via a manage switch VLAN. I am not very knowledgable on switches, I just have been using a basic unmanaged 5 port Netgear for most of my networking. Can someone bit more knowledgeable on the...
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    Unmanaged switch and pfSense

    Theoretical scenario: let's say I have 16 4K cameras connected to a 16 port PoE unmanaged 10/100 switch connected to a port on the NVR capable of GB transmission. I have a pfSense box with two NICs. Both are being used and can connect to the internet. 1. would I need a switch with at least one...
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    Security Cameras and Monitor recommendation

    Hello, I am trying to view live security camera footage on a TV/monitor via HDMI. I am in the U.S. I am using the Dahua brand of NVR and Cameras. Is there a particular type of monitor that is better suited for live security camera viewing? Trying to find find something matte screen, 40". Need...
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    Security cameras and HDMI degradation

    Hi guys, I am not sure where exactly to post this question, if this sub forum is incorrect, let me know and I will repost. I have a security camera NVR (recorder) with 2 HDMI and 1 VGA. I am trying to pipe video to 3 TVs. I would like to pipe audio as well but that won't be possible with VGA...
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    CAT6 for exterior application

    Would it be ok to use regular CAT6 UTP ( to run on the outside of the house under the eaves? Was going to run it behind the overhang so shouldn't see much sun or rain. This is for a camera install.
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    NIC died on DS214+

    Anyone replace their NIC on a DS214+ device? My NIC died last night and I need to replace it but I dont know what part to buy. I looked up compatibility parts on Synology's website but there wasn't any NICs listed for the DS214+. I bought this NAS about 8-9 years ago and it has been running...
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    Camera question

    Any recommendations for a high quality camera? I've been told of IDIS and MOBOTIX Also looking for a forum dedicated to physical security if anyone knows a good one. thanks guys
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    Issue with “date” command in MacOS Mojave

    I think this is a "Full Disk Access" problem. I have added "Terminal" and "cron" to Full Disk Access. Problem is when I am trying to use the below command, it works from Terminal but not with cron. cp -n LastSession.plist /XYZ/LastSession.plist.$(date +%F).txt It works in cron if $(date...
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    best way to auto backup one file?

    Keep losing Safari history on osx because of user error. The current LestSession.pslist is cleared and I have lost all of my tabs. I want to backup this file to prevent loss in the future. I don't need to run a full backup like with Time Machine, I just need to copy one file. I am thinking of...
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    openVPN getting different gateways assigned

    I am testing access to my home network over wireless and wired connections. Over both connections, I can access internet. However, over wired connection I can't access my internal LAN devices. I can ping over both but cannot ping device over wired. The wireless AP must be...
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    pfSense VPN compression algorithms

    This may be getting into the weeds a bit but I am trying to determine the difference between compression options for VPN so I can figure out what is the best option for me. The book doesnt really go into it and google is failing me.
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    Recommended guide for pfSense VPN setup

    The netgate site doesn't have a very thorough guide on how to setup VPN on pfSense. Can anyone recommend a good online guide for setting up a VPN? I am running 2.4. **edit: openVPN
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    Trying to secure network card

    Can you guys help me figure out how to secure this cable to the network card? Apologies for crappy pic.
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    Default pfSense install no internet connectivity

    installed 2.3 and it gets WAN address and I can connect to LAN and get assigned a 192 address. I can access the web interface, however, there is no internet connectivity. This should work out of the box, I havent changed/added any FW rules. This problem is so general google wont help me here...
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    pfSense box for home

    I have a 8 year SuperMicro board I have been using to run pfSense but I think it may have developed some issues due to heat. I am getting a lot of network anomalies such as TCP Retransmission and TCP DUP ACK packets. I would like to look into replacing with a small form factor box such as the...
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    Mysterious Issue with pfSense

    Hey guys, got a question. so it all started last night, streaming TV stopped intermittently and web pages wouldnt load. Only certain webpages though. For example, I can't access hotmail. I haven't changed any settings in pfSense. Matter of fact, haven't logged into pfSense for months. Has...
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    using tshark and want to parse output

    Using tshark to analyze pcap file. tshark -n -r capture.pcap -Y 'http.request.uri.query contains "some search string"' -T fields -e ip.src -e http.request.uri.query OUTPUT: r=4&f=3&s=400:585&query=this+is+what+I...
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    Can't get Suricata to work offline with PCAP

    Can't get Suricata to work, been researching and messing with the conf file for two days. I have been wanting to get experience with network forensics using the NETRESEC tutorials and running pcaps through Suricata using -r option. suricata -r /opt/samples/zeus-sample-1.pcap -c...
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    Passive Network Tap

    Any recommendations for a passive (inline) network TAP to monitor traffic? It is for personal use and learning. Willing to buy used to save money. I have seen a few of these on eBay but not sure what brand/model to purchase. I am running 1G network, was going to insert the TAP inline after the...
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    Opinions on Portal router

    Looking to replace dying DDWRT WRT54 router. I've read some great reviews and some not so great reviews on the the Portal router. The access to all four DFS frequencies "fastlane" concept seems interesting in theory. Anyone have opinions on it or can recommend a router for home use? Got 60...
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    Unable to transfer music from ipod (for free)

    Howdy, been researching a way to transfer music off a ipod nano 6th gen. So, it looks like there is no longer a free version of software which allows transfer of music from ipod. Anyone come across a way to do this for free? Stupid that I can't control my own music. I have access to Windows 10...
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    Collecting network traffic over a hub

    Need to run this by you guys to see if I am going about this the right way... I have a pfSense box connected to a wireless AP which is connected via ethernet to the smartbridge. The pfSense box is doing all the routing. I need to do some network diagnostics and would like to collect network...
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    Cracked and Locked Screen on a Galaxy S5

    EDIT: SOLVED, SEE POST #2. Howdy all, I've googled this and tried everything I could think of so I am posting here in hopes someone has some insight on what I can do. I got a cracked screen on a S5 and I am trying to recover data. The only method I have found to be able to do this is to...
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    suggestions for a network tap

    Been trying to find a network tap but they seem to be prohibitively expensive. I am running a 1G network with low traffic. I can downgrade to 10/100 if I can find a decently priced tap. I am trying to analyze traffic via Security Onion and need a tap because SO doesn't support inline networking...
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    HELP! I'm an idiot

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    Security Onion

    Hello, so it looks like the layout of this place changed a bit. Going to take some getting use to. Anyway, I hope this is in the right place. Not sure if this is a software or hardware issue. I tried to install the latest version of Security Onion, march 13, 2016 via DVD. Once it...
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    pfSense and DNS

    So from my understanding pfSense has several ways to assign DNS servers. There is a "General Setup" tab where you can put in DNS, there is also the "DHCP Server" page where you can push DNS to clients. I don't want clients assigned DNS via DHCP, so how can I make clients use the DNS servers...
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    Two Networks One IP

    Hello, I am trying to figure out the best way to create two separate networks using one external IP address. I don't want the networks to be able to communicate with each other. I read about cascading and also read where you get a 3rd router and connect two routers to it. Taking off DHCP and...
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    This can't be good...

    For some strange reason, my Airport extreme is assigning my laptop a routable IP address. The internal address range is set to 10. My Airport (router) is being assigned a 169. I discovered this the other day when I was trying to connect to my Synology and I couldn't find it...
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    Question about network wiring

    : Hello and Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays/etc etc.. :D I wanted to run a question by you guys. There is a cable designated as "Main" in the picture which is bringing internet into the house, 4 lines of main are connected to the power supply and 4 lines are connected to 4 lines of a CAT5e...