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    Ebay Deal of the Day - Samsung KS8500 4K 65" SUHD Curved TV - $1697

    Excellent deal through BuyDig via Ebay on the 65" Samsung KS8500 for $1697 with $300 in saving plus no tax to most states except NJ. Does 4:4:4 in 4K @60Hz over HDMI 2.0 Samsung UN65KS8500 Curved 65-Inch Smart 4K SUHD HDR 1000 LED TV AVS Forum Owners thread here: Official Samsung...
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    [H]ard Question: Two Surface Pro 2's in a dual monitor setup?

    [H]ard Question: Is there any way to use a Surface Pro 2 as a secondary monitor for another Surface Pro2? I could use 'Mouse Without Borders' or Synergy but it's really important that I'm able to move application windows between the two displays as in a normal dual monitor setup. Maintaining...
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    Power Cover for Microsoft Surface

    According to this Reddit thread, the Power Cover will be available on either March 19th (Online) or March 20th, 21st and 31st (In Store) depending on who they asked. Preorders can be made in Microsoft stores for $25 today...
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    Newegg 10% off coupon w/ V.ME by VISA

    From Slickdeals: Newegg has a promo code VMEPROMOMAR13 that will take 10% off (up to $50) when you pay using V.ME by VISA (alternative to PayPal or Google Wallet). It will work on all items except those products that come with free...
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    Corsair H60 $39 AR

    Newegg has the Corsair H60 for $39.99 after $15 rebate (Prepaid Visa Card) + $2 three day shipping (presumably UPS). The lowest NE has had the H60 sell at was $50 after $15 rebate back in April 2012. The turn around time for the rebate...
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    Samsung 830 256GB - $162 w/ FS @ B&H Photo

    From Slickdeals: B&H Photo $162.36 with free shipping (Tax in NY :() Going by recent reviews of the Samsung 840 and 840 Pro, the 830 soundly beats the plain 840. So, not unless you're dead set on paying the 30% premium for the 840 Pro's superior performance, I would try and snag a good...
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    Seasonic X650 for $89 w/ FS Newegg

    Posted on Slickdeals: Newegg will have the Seasonic X650 for $89 w/ FS after promo code* EMCYTZT2318 *Promo code becomes active at 3AM EST on October 8th. This is the lowest price I've ever seen for the X650.
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    Samsung 830 256GB for $168 FS - BuyDig

    For those who missed out on that special $169 Newegg promo code few weeks back, BuyDig has the Samsung 830 256GB for $168 with Free Shipping and no sales tax except NJ. Come on 512GB deals...
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    Does the HP ZR2240W have the same panel as the ZR22W?

    Hey [H], I have two HP ZR22W monitors at the moment and would like to add a third for a triple monitor setup. Unfortunately this model has been replaced by the ZR2240W and I'm unsure if they share the same IPS panel as the ZR22W or not. On the oft chance that someone has a similar setup...
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    Boot off of a USB 3.0 Flash Drive plugged into a USB 2.0 port?

    Hey [H], Is it possible to boot off of a USB 3.0 flash drive if it's plugged into a USB 2.0 port? Theoretically it *should* work but I'd like to get a confirmation from someone who has done this successfully. Thanks! -S
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    Samsung 830 256GB - $219 w/ FS @ Newegg

    If you don't feel like ordering from BuyDig and/or prefer Newegg: Samsung 830 256GB - $219.99 w/ Free Shipping Promo Code: EMCYTZT1682
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    Corsair Hydro & Noctua Fan Push/Pull Question

    Hey [H], I'm looking at purchasing a pair of Noctua's for a push pull configuration on either a H60 or H80. But I'm a bit confused as to which Noctua models to purchase and in what order to place them: - NF-F12 (Push) + NF-S12B (Pull) - NF-S12B (Push) + NF-F12 (Pull) - Two NF-F12...
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    What are the benefits of the Z77 over Z68 boards?

    Hey [H], I've read and re-read a bunch of Z77 preview articles and I'm having a hard time figuring out what new features they have over the Z68 boards. From what I can tell: - Out of the box Ivy Bridge support - Better phase design - Native USB 3.0 And I'm not sure what else. --- Also, to...
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    What's going on with Samsung's 2TB HDD pricing (HD204UI)?

    Samsung's 2TB EcoGreen Drive (HD204UI) has routinely sold for $59 online (Newegg, Frys, SuperBiiz, Mwave...) over the past year. Today I noticed that the price has shot up across the board by nearly fifty percent and in some cases 100%. Newegg for example is now selling the drive for $109 with...
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    Will a Xeon E3 work on a Z68 with non-ECC memory?

    Hey [H], Was thinking about using an E3 series Xeon on a normal Z68 board. But I just wanted to confirm: Will the chip work on a Z68 and can it run with plain non-ECC memory? Thanks!
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    Wireless between 2 buildings?

    Hey [H], I have a work shed on my property that is about 100ft away from the house. I'd like get my laptop in the shed to connect wirelessly to a yet to be purchased Dual N Router located by the back window of the house. Would it be unrealistic to expect a decent connection at that distance...
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    Intel HD 3000 vs Dual 1920x1080 Monitors

    Hey [H], In a non-gaming setting, would Intel's HD3000 (i3-2105 or i5-2500) be enough to drive two 1920x1080 monitors (HP ZR22w)? If the HD 3000 isn't enough and I do need to pick up a video card, could you suggest some cool and quiet models (preferably Nvidia, though I'd take an AMD if makes...
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    Newegg and Privacy.

    Hey [H], I wanted to know what you guys think about this: About a week ago, I placed an order with Newegg and then logged out once the purchase was over. Yesterday I was looking up prices for HDDs on Newegg but did not sign in to my account. Today I get a "shopping helper" email from Newegg...
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    Spanning dual screen wallpaper across both monitors?

    Hey [H], I just picked up a second HP ZR22W (1920x1080) but I'm having trouble getting any dual screen wallpaper (3840x1200) to span both displays in Win 7. I did do a google search but the suggestion to 'Tile' the background remains local to each screen. Both monitors are running off of a...
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    Skeezy websites showing up in my DNS cache.

    Hey guys, I have my computers at home setup to use OpenDNS as my DNS servers. When I check my DNS cache (ipconfig/displaydns in Windows) I get a list of the following sites: Is this to be expected when using OpenDNS and is there any danger in this? Thanks! -Safety
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    Is it safe to delete c:\nvidia?

    Hey guys, There seems to be conflicting advice on the topic. I did a search and most threads before 2006 say that you can delete the folder and all of its contents. Most threads dated after 2006 recommend not deleting c:\nvidia. I'm having a hard time telling if it's just a temp folder or...