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    If only...

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    Evga sent me a black lipped shroud to replace my red lipped shroud.

    Now I have two 3090's!
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    MSI X299 GAMING M7 ACK Being a Dumbass

    So is there a way to get the board to stop ignoring my manual VCCIO of 1.115v and setting it to 1.016v so it can pleasure itself with it's failed over clock press f1 fetish? XMP or manual, makes no difference.
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    Sony Bravia XBR X900F

    I am contemplating this for a pc monitor... Triluminous 49" 10bit 1000nit 4:4:4 Chroma FALD 2160p @ 60 Hz: 24.1ms 1440p @ 120 Hz: 13.3 ms 1080p @ 120 Hz: 12.9 ms Thoughts?
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    Pondering doing per core overclock and overclocking the whole cpu to 4.2ghz, then the first four favored cores to 4.5+ and using process lasso to direct games to those four cores. Since the 4 favored run colder than the rest of the 12 cores.
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    Corsair 600t revisited

    Using the 600t again after changing a few things. Made it possible to use easier to replace fans: Added ssd mounts: And replaced the firewire and pass through usb3 with dual direct to motherboard usb3:
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    Buying a new monitor...

    Anyone know of a place that does like ncix used to do so I don't have to go through 10 monitor returns, I'd pay $3000 for a monitor if I didn't have to play the dead pixel back light bleed game.
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    And this is how Square Enix handles activation limits

    I guess the lesson here is use Steam and never ever purchase games directly from them.
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    Going to do the unspeakable

    Recommend me 2 enterprise class 4tb high performance drives and a controller for $600-700 total so I can raid 0 them. The data going to them is religiously backed up, so no need to scream about the dangers of raid 0. I am thinking something RE4 or Ultrastar.
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    980ti: GTX8800 reenactment

    So my zotax 980ti amp extreme is spamming tdr's. I discover nvidia's drivers are raising the boost way out of spec, almost to 1500mhz from the default 1355 factory overclock So I under clock the card so the boost meets 1355 and the tdr's stop. I see alot of screaming about the TDR's on...
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    5960x and gaming

    I was thinking how long ago I had to go from 2 cores to 4 cores so GTA4 coming from the 3 core 360 to the pc wouldn't run like a dog. Think this will ever repeat with a game coming from the 8 core Xbox One/PS4 to the 4-6 core PC?
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    Pondering an upgrade centered around this.

    It has everything I need/want, but Asrock seems to suffer from a negative bandwagon effect. Not as many reviews, but has more eggs than the Asus X99-Deluxe. Opinions on it?
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    Has anyone upgraded from GTX 580 to 7970 Ghz?

    Was it worth it? How was your overall feeling, woah or meh? Or should I just wait?
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    Changing video cards recently must have been the last straw to expose it. Reinstalled Windows 7 because of enough hardware changes over the months then started getting alot of bluescreens, first usbuhci.sys, then dxgmmsl.sys, then nothing at all just d1 bluscreen. Discovered I had...
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    Upgrade direction.

    I pondered the GTX580, but seeing the 580 verses the 5970, I wonder if it would be best to get another 5870 when the price falls and just crossfire. But is a 850w power supply enough? I'm thinking no.
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    7mb DSL

    Verizon has only up to 3mb for residential at my address, but strangely if I go commercial it can be 7mb. I'm 4000-5000 feet from the CO. When I was 5000-6000 away at my previous address the signal strengths were very strong. Is it worth talking verizon into trying to give me 7mb residential...
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    Hard Drive Arrangement

    Opinions on... 30-80GB SSD for the os/settings 600gb Velociraptor raid 0 array for games 1-2TB drive for media.
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    i7 920 Overclock

    Does this seem reasonable? Testing with easytune before setting permanent in bios. Been noticing the vcore goes up to 1.32v when the cpu is idle. -edits- Set all voltages from auto to default, temp so far has dropped 10 degrees to 69c still seems stable. far. All the...
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    Having trouble choosing an i7 cooler.

    Mostly because the reviews have the coolers all over the chart from review to review. And recommendations for taking a 2.6ghz to 3.6+? Like the Zalman CNPS9900-LED for hardocp has the cooler at 45c OC'd, another site has it at 58c stock, another has it at 47c OC'd, so 40's seems to be...
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    So Electronic Arts sends me this survey.

    A "EA Customer Support Survey" After almost a week not resolving an account issue I have. Should I be gentle filling it out?...
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    Alrighty, I have a 4870x2, would I be insane to spend $440 for that 5870 from xfx that's overclocked with warranty? Part of my brain is going get it, get it,get it while the other part is saying NO, YOU FOOOOOL!
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    Left 4 Dead 2 Issue

    Any ideas what L4D2 doing that it's not supposed to? Out of 250+ games, it is the single only game that causes a random total hardware freeze, no bluescreen, no crash, just a total lock requiring the press of the reset button which causes the pc to power down, then power up to reboot like it...
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    Raid 0 Data Integrity

    Is it any different in raid 0 pressing reset when a program goes rogue as opposed to a single drive? Just chkdsk and go on about my business as usual?
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    Strange Raid 0 Error. Probably my fault.

    While hot swapping one archive drive for another, the Intel Matrix Storage Console said that an error occured and to back up my data from the Raid 0 Array. I'm guessing the raid portion of the controller doesn't take kindly to drive swapping or I bumped the sata/power line. ICH10R Ports...
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    Spinpoint F1 HD103UJ

    I have two of these for general use, one of them has started vibrating and giving off a hum that even travels through the vibration dampening gromets. It'll be used for backing up stuff then powered down. Live with it, or concern for RMA?
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    Velociraptor WD3000GLFS Stripe Size Raid 0

    What's the best stripe size for gaming for two WD3000GLFS in raid 0? Since I put Windows 7 on USB for install it only takes moments to test. I've seemed to notice 16k and 32k seems like the sweet spots. 128k seems ok, 64k seemed like it was not so good. What have those here using these...
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    Unforseen Consequences

    So what really can happen when pulling cards from the motherboard or plugging the atx 24pin plug in with the psu switch on and plugged in by mistake? All these years I've had this happen now and then (need to learn patience) and never had hardware failure. Is hardware more durable than...
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    HDMI Madness

    It is possible to feed two televisions with two dvi to hdmi cables from a 4870x2? Or do I need to use the hdmi adapter with a hdmi to hdmi cable for the main television to maintain audio and the dvi to hdmi cable for the secondary television? Or is dual hdmi impossible and I have to use...
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    Advanced Contrast Enhancer (ACE)

    Is there any real way to disable this on Sony Bravia televisions? When set to off it still runs. I have found setting pixel format to YCbCr 4:4:4 in CCC and setting ACE to off reduces it kicking in considerably or bumping the brightness up a bit in CCC then lowering it a bit on the monitor...
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    Opinions on this hard drive configuration.

    2 1TB Spinpoint F1's in raid 0, partitioned to 100gb for os/programs, the rest for games. 2 750gb Seagate 7200.10's one for video, one for music. 1 1TB My Book Backup for important stuff from the raid array.
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    Am I pushing it?

    Am I pushing it for a 700w psu? Four 7200 rpm hard drives i7 920 4870x2
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    EX58-UD4P eSATA Backplate connector.

    I have a My Book 1TB drive with eSATA, When I got the EX58-UD4P and it had the eSATA backplate, I was like cool, then seen the cable was eSATA on one end and Sata on the other. My question, is will an eSATA cable on both ends work with this drive and motherboard's implementation? Or will I...
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    GTAIV 5min wait before loading.

    Since going i7/6gb ddr3 GTAIV has gone from almost instantly loading to scrolling through the animated characters for up to 5 min with no hard drive activity then when done daydreaming suddenly loads the saved game. Rockstar released a patch at the same time too, so it may be that, any ideas...
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    One of those what the heck things.

    Everything is fine, no issues, no crashes in any games, ever. Tonight I finally get Crysis, upgraded it to 1.2, it runs fine, no problems. In task manager is says "- Crysis DX 10 - Feb 27 2008 (17:28:02)" so I assume it's running in Direct x 10 at 64bit. Crysis plays for hours stable...
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    Vista Key Shenanigans

    Will a Vista Home Premium retail key work with a Vista Home Premium OEM 64 SP1 disc? Or am I still doomed to the 30min of installing sp1 and post install cleanup?
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    Speed Differences

    If the 4870x2 2gb is 100% speed, what in your opinions, percent is the 4870 512mb in crossfire? Asking because $170 to go crossfire is alot tastier than $409 for the x2. My only concern is the lack of memory, then again the only game complaining about memory is GTAIV. And I have that in...
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    Realtek DTS Connect suspends with no active audio

    I recently converted to ALC889A. My only grief is when there is no active audio, the digital out suspends dts encoding which causes windows sound cut off when clicking links, etc and occasional discontinuity when manually changing tracks in the media player while the dts is...
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    4870 Questions

    Dipping lower than 60fps in Quake 4 while the gpu only has 45% activity instead of staying above 60 and boosting gpu activity? Far Cry unable to start if lighting quality is set to very high? IRQ 4294967294? At least it's not sharing irq 16 with the usb controller like the old card...
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    Contradictory Temperatures

    Which should I believe with my E6600 OC'd to 3+ghz, Sisoft Sandra saying the cores are 61c, or the bios saying they are 33c with the heatsink on the processor barely getting warm at all? Gigabyte's Easy Tune5 agrees with the latter too. Gigabyte 965P-DS3 Rev 3.3