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    X9SRH-7TF's LSI 2308 prevent me from booting

    I have a PC with X9SRH-7TF motherboard that i don't reboot very often. (a few times a year at most) Yesterday i did it and the boot is now stuck on the "LSI Corporation MPT2 boot ROM successfully installed!" message. (The mobo has some LSI 2308 controller connected to the drives) I tried...
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    NCASE M1 watercooling choice

    I'm planning to build a M1 based config using 6700K and next gen (polaris or pascal) gpu, but i wonder what's the best choice for a full watercooling cpu+gpu : 1/ classic single side 240mm radiator with two NF-P12, i would use a EK EVO CPU wb, a DCC+EK top (does it fit?) and probably the...
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    5PX2200 UPS cooling & noise management

    I bought a 5PX2200iRTN UPS some time ago but the two 80mm fans make some very loud noise, even when the batteries were fully charged the fans slowed down a little but the noise is still unbearable for a quiet desk environment, so it's currently unuseable and lay here till now. I suspect the...
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    10Gb SFP+ 10GBASE-T ?

    So i have 10Gb ports on my computers (X9SRH-7TF and X9SRL-F + X540-T2) I also have a SG500X-24 switch and CAT6a cables. How to make them work together? I guess i'll need some sort of adapters between the SFP+ ports of the switch and the RJ45 rear end of the computers?
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    What's the biggest AMD GPU that can be passively cooling?

    I plan to build a quiet general purpose desktop/gaming config, using : E5-1620 + Thermalright True Spirit 120M X9SRH-7TF 32GB DDR3 ECC registered Xonar ST + H6 HVR4400 tv tuner SSD intel 520 Seasonic P-660 All in a Rosewill RSV-L4000 case with Gentle Typhoons AP-12 800RPM (or AP-13...
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    Gentle Typhoons, static pressure and CSE-M35T + 5900RPM hdds

    I would like to build a quiet 10*hdds nas config, using: -RSV-L4000 case -2*supermicro CSE-M35T filled with 10*5K4000 For the hdd cooling, i'd like to remove the noisy 92mm San Ace from the M35Ts and use instead the case fanwall of 3*120mm filled with GT for their good static pressure and...
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    PCI-E 4x GPU bottleneck

    I'm planning to build a config using a X9SCM-iiF mobo, which has 2*PCI-E 3.0 8x & 2*PCI-E 2.0 4x. Does using one of the two PCI-E 2.0 4x port for the graphic card will hurt the performances ? I plan to use 7750 or 7770 graphic card.
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    ZFS build check & hardware RAID

    I wanted first to build my fileserver using an expensive areca ARC-1882ix-24 controller. Then, after reading lots of threads about ZFS, which seems to be much more safer about all the silent data corruption problems than hardware RAID. So i changed my mind and rethink my build. First...
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    RAID HDD Choice

    What HDD would best suit a 24*4TB hdd RAID 6? -Hitachi 7K4000 Ultrastar. -Hitachi 7K4000 Deskstar. -Hitachi 5K4000 Deskstar. -WD Red. -WD Green/Black, or whatever else. -Another HDD brand, but i think there's no others 4TB hdd. (i know Toshiba announced some) The hitachi...
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    30bits videocard

    I' m currently searching for a small videocard able to output 30bits (3*10bits) colors to plug with a futur PA301W for photographic and desktop usage. I heard 10bits require a displayport and won' t work with DVI. I don' t need enormous power, but if i can launch old 3D games it would be...
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    SLI/CF 2560*1600 silent WC gaming setup, requesting help.

    I' m planning to build a silent (watercooled) gaming oriented config which can handle heavy games on the heavy 2560*1600 definition of a 30" (PA301W i plan to buy) About GPUs, i thinked about three setups: -3*6970 2GB CF -2*GTX580 3GB SLI -3*GTX580 3GB SLI Obviously the best remains...
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    24*drives RAID setup requesting help

    Hi, i' m planning to build a noisefree 24*3TB RAID6 homeserver setup, i already made some research but i need some help: The case & racks : I was first thinking using a LianLi PC343B cube like here filled with 4in3 LianLi hdds racks, but the case when using EX36B (with silent 120mm fans)...