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    FS: New 360\PC Games, G.Skill 2GB, Skullcandy Ti MultiMedia, Klipsch 5.1 SUB...

    eBay and HEAT under: davismatson10 I got all of these games from Microsoft's ExpertZone site, so they are all brand new in the shrink wrap. Shipping for games is $4, Shipping for Lips and Scene It? will be $8. EVERYTHING WITH JUST A FEW MINUTES LEFT ON EBAY...
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    Klipsch ProMedia 5.1 Sub -> Kenwood receiver?

    So I have this receiver/amp, and I want to hook up the sub from this. Can someone help me out? I'm confused because the sub has it's own amp just built in, but I just want to have it run through my amp I'm already using. Also, I don't have the volume control thing from the 5.1 system, do I need...
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    FS: Skullcandy Ti Multimedia Headphones with Mic / ComTi

    These are in basically new condition and sound great, I just cant justify owning $80 headphones when I have like $40 in my checking account. I can take some pictures if anyone needs them, but they look just like brand new ones. I'll include extra grey ear pads and a little silky black skullcandy...
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    Which MoBo to buy?

    Gigabyte GA-EP43-UD3L or ASUS P5QL PRO? I have an E4300 c2d cpu and some g.skill DDR2-800, both of which I want to overclock. I was leaning towards the Gigabyte because of the 1200 memory FSB, which could be nice if I ever upgrade memory. I'm looking at these two boards because they are some top...
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    Basic/Possibly Stupid question about MoBo's in general...

    I have an E4300 C2D which has 800 FSB, and some G.Skill DDR2-800. My motherboard died so I need to buy a new one, so my question is... On all these new C2D boards that say they support a FSB of like 1066 and higher, will my CPU and RAM be compatible with them? Or do I have to find a board that...
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    FS: Hauppauge HVR-1600 TV Tuner Card

    In like-new condition, I think I still have the original box, and I will include everything it originally came with, including the Windows media center remote. Asking $60 shipped. I payed $105 about a year ago, and it's still $99 on Newegg. I can take some pictures if anyone wants, but it really...
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    WTB: Original Antec Sonata Front Door + Parts!

    I'm looking for the front door, 2 normal bay front cover things, and 1 floppy-size bay cover for the original Antec Sonata. Please let me know if you have any of these parts :D:D
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    Best (Least bad?) Bookshelf Speakers for ~$60?

    Any ideas?
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    Kenwood KR-V7070 audio/video thing?

    I picked it up from the thrift store for like $10 a while ago, and just started using it for my computer audio. I know it's kinda old, but I read that it was like $600 when it came out, so I'm just wondering if it still has any value today?
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    FS: Ratpadz GS and Samsung 226BW "S" Panel

    I've want to sell my Ratpadz GS, I've been using it for a few months, and I decided I want to go back to a normal cloth/foam pad. Asking $10 Shipped. I'd also like to upgrade my Samsung 226BW. It's an S panel, (the good one) had to make customer service at CompUSA open up a bunch to make sure I...