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    FS: EVGA 2070S (blower) SOLD

    1x EVGA 2070S blower-style GPU: $SOLD shipped (UPS or Fedex - your choice; insured to $SOLD). The GPU is a little over a year old, saw about 3-4 months worth of moderate gaming use last year. No mining, no abuse, no overclocking. The GPU was registered w/ EVGA by me for a 5-year warranty - good...
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    WTB: S939-era waterblocks (Swiftech Apogee GT 2x, DD TDX AMD64, Swiftech MCW-60, others too)

    I am looking to pay (significant $$$ if new/excellent condition, but also interested in any/worse condition) for the following S939-era waterblocks: Swiftech Apogee GT for socket 939 (I need at least two of them) Swiftech MCW-60 Danger Den TDX AMD64 for socket 939 ...and/or any other...
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    WTB: Reference RX480

    UPDATE: I realized my RX 480 waterblock actually fits a WX 7100 I already have with some small modifications - so I no longer need an RX 480. Looking for a reference PCB RX480 (_must_ be the reference PCB for watercooling), don't care about 4GiB vs 8GiB. I am willing to pay up to $250 (not...
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    [FS] 2x16GB DDR4-3000 Ballistix Elite

    Parting out my gaming PC - all parts were bought new over the last 1-2 years, actually used for maybe 6-12 months. No overclocking, no pets, cleaned fan filters twice a month. Recent ebay feedback: Ancient ebay feedback...
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    WTB: Thermalright XP-90 K8/S939 bracket

    I bought a Thermalright XP-90 to use for a nostalgia build and of course it doesn't include the K8/S939 bracket... So, if anyone has one laying around (or a complete XP-90) I am willing to pay a bit for either + any shipping costs :) Thanks!
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    WTB: [FOUND!] DFI LanParty nF4 S939

    Going through a nostalgia phase, so I'd like to recreate my first ever PC build :) I am looking for a DFI LanParty nF4 S939 board (Expert, SLI-DR, etc exact model doesn't matter). Looking for non-smoking environment, all accessories + box + manual. Board has to be functional (post+boot/passing...
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    "Server RAM" for Ryzen 2700X?

    I am able to purchase some of this RAM -> quite cheaply, does anyone know if it is compatible with an X470 motherboard and a 2700X? I can't find any reason why this wouldn't work, especially since many AM4 boards list...
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    [FS] i5 4590s, GTX 460, watercooling gear (rads, fittings, pumps), etc

    heatware -> schoolslave ebay -> werewolfdestodes Shipping: USPS first class/priority (if it fits in a flat-rate) w/ tracking, will ship the next day unless I let you know otherwise (CONUS ONLY) Payment: Paypal (non-cc preferred, but doesn't matter) Note! All items sold on a...
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    FS: Evga GTX 680 SC 2GB

    heatware: schoolslave ebay: werewolfdestodes (started account deletion process due to Ebay's shitty security) For Sale: Evga GTX 680 2GB This was the second (bottom) card in my SLI setup. Never really used it during gaming though, mostly just to connect two other monitors (I game on 1080p, so...
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    GTX 680 -> 4GB 770 or 780?

    Looking to upgrade/sidegrade my GTX 680. Primarily for Skyrim + mods @ 1920x1080, should I get a 4GB 770 or a 780? I am actually content with my 680, the problem is Skyrim with a ton of texture mods tends to stutter like crazy when turning around in a new area. Once the textures are loaded...
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    FS: 2x Dell U2412M (REV A03) $190 shipped each

    Heatware: schoolslave Ebay: werewolfdestodes Payment: paypal Item location: State College, PA 2x Dell U2412M IPS monitors Both are gently used, no dead/stuck pixels, REV A03. Each includes monitor, stock monitor stand, power cable, dvi cable, original packaging. Purchase dates (newegg)...
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    Recommend me a 27" AMVA /PVA/non-TN/non-IPS monitor for casual gaming

    I am finally getting fed up with the IPS glow on my U2412m. Ideally, I want to upgrade to a 27" @ 1920x1080 AMVA panel monitor which can play games like Skyrim/FPS singleplayers/etc without any noticeable input lag/ghosting ( I do not notice any ghosting on my U2412m, even in games like CoD...
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    FS: Watercooling Gear (gene-z/v blocks, supreme hf, etc) cheap.

    Heatware: schoolslave Ebay: werewolfdestodes (can send ebay message to verify) Payment accepted: Paypal (non-CC preferred) Shipping: Item cost includes priority flat-rate shipping; will ship within 2-3 days of receiving cleared payment FOR SALE: EK Supreme HF *custom* CPU Waterblock...
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    NV Surround (3x 2412m) GTX 680 or SLI GTX 660 TI

    Hello all, I am thinking of trying out NV surround gaming on my 3 Dell 2412m monitors. Currently I have a single GTX 680 2GB. Would I be better off keeping this single card or selling it and purchasing 2x GTX 660 TIs in SLI?
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    Issues with PSU "sag" in my Lian Li v350

    For whatever reason, when I mount the psu in my v350 it sags and it looks like shit. Has this ever happened to anyone else? I am currently modding the case, and just recently put it back together. However, this PSU sag issue has been present since the beginning....:(
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    PMs not working

    Hey all, It seems as if my PMs are not working :( I tried sending a message and it does not show up in the sent folder.