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    What's the first video game you ever played?

    I was reading through the 'what's the oldest video game you still play thread' and got to thinking that it might be fun to see what game first pulled you into gaming. First game I ever remember 'playing' was Uninvited on the Apple II. I was 3 years old at the time and one of my earliest...
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    VR Roller Coaster at Six Flags

    Don't know if this has been posted or not, but Six Flags has introduced VR on it's Superman Roller Coaster. It's a pretty novel use of the technology, but if they don't get the timing right there is going to be a lot of puke to clean up...
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    Windows Server 2003

    I've set up a file server at my school running windows 2003. When its working it works great but several times a day it stops working correctly and some or all users find themselves unable to connect properly. Some users are still able to access the shared folder but are unable to open files...
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    Inspiron 1520 questions

    I just bought an Inspiron 1520 and was wondering if the 8600m GT uses DDR2 or DDR3 memory. My confusion stems from the fact that a Dell Canada Tech told me it was DDR3 but most of the reviews I have read state that it is DDR2. If anyone could shed some light on this I would be very appreciative.
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    ASUS Maximus Formula VS SE

    I've been looking at the ASUS Maximus Formula and its SE version and I can't seem to tell the difference between the two. Can anyone give me a hand?
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    Putting together a new gaming rig

    I've finally decided to bite the bullet and lay my current machine to rest. It's served me well over the years but it simply can't handle any new games. My problem is that I know what I want but I don't know exactly what hardware I should get to meet those needs and was hoping for some...
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    HDMI to DVI vs VGA picture quality

    I'm using a 32" LCD tv as a monitor for the moment and was wondering if I could improve the picture quality by using a HDMI to DVI cable rather than a standard VGA cable? Monitor is a ViewSonic N3252w and is not capable of 1080p. Thanks
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    Problem connecting 4 IDE drives

    I'm attempting to connect 4 drives to my computer. 2 of the HD's in my sig, a new 320GB Western Digital Caviar and a new samsung burner to replace my dead pioneer. Here is the problem. I can connect any 3 of these devices in any combination (I'm not moving the HD with the OS on it) Yet the...
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    Need a sound card!

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    Zalman CNPS 7000AlCu and P4P800

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    19inch LCD - need quick response!

    Buying 2 of these in the next 20 minutes, seems like a really good buy to me but if anyone has had some bad experiences with these please post now.
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    CPU problem?

    I booted up my computer today which usually takes seconds, and for some odd reason, this time, it took about 10 minutes. Futhermore, when it does finally load everything is extremely sluggish. In task manager it continuously says that my PC usage is exactly 50% or higher. My question is this...
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    Dual channel not working?

    Booting up my computer today I noticed that after it gave the frequency of my ram (400MHz), instead of saying dual channel it stated single channel or virtual single channel. I'm 100% sure that my mobo is capable of dual channel and am equally sure that last week the ram was running in dual...
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    Whats the fastest CPU for me?

    My CPU is getting kind of old and tired and I'm looking for something to replace it in the near future. The thing is I don't really have the money to replace my motherboard at them moment so I want something that is compatible with the ASUS P4P800 I currently own, and if possible something that...
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    Ati 9500pro fan replacement

    My dad just got a new computer and I want to put my old 9500pro in it, however, there are some problems. First off, the fan is broken and I can't seem to find a replacement anywhere, secondly, I'm not willing to spend more then about 10$ to fix this thing. With this in mind my plan is to...
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    Frustrating network problem... please help

    ok here's the deal, last night I lost my connection to the internet, However, I can still connect to my local network perfectly with that computer and all the other computers on the local network are still connected to the internet. I've tried connecting that computer directly to the modem and...
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    9500pro stock fan

    The fan on my 9500pro is dying and I wan't to replace it with an identical fan that works properly. I don't intend to overclock nor do anything else with this thing, all I want is for it to run properly. Does anyone know where I can purchase these fans, the ATI site doesn't seem to have the...
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    Strange problems

    For the last week or so, maybe once a day, my computer locks up for a few seconds, the screen goes all f'ed up with artifacts and stuff and then it 'sort' of goes back to normal. By sort of, I mean that everything works but it goes really really slow until I reboot. My cpu and ram are...
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    HL1 Total Conversion

    I was just googling around looking for some mods for HL2 when I came across a rather ambitious plan for a total conversion of HL1 to source with updated everything (not like HL:Source) Looks really cool.
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    Rumble Pad 2 in Splinter Cell: CT

    I got the demo of Splinter Cell: CT and wanted to play it using my new and relatively unused Logitech Rumblepad 2. It works great except that I cannot control the camera, therefore I can't see where I'm going, or aim the gun. Ideally, I want to attach the camera to the second analog joystick...
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    2.4c Cooling

    Exactly how far should you be able to overclock a pentium 4 2.4c before you need to replace the stock cooling. I'm looking for a ballpark figure here as I know it will vary given case temperature and other factors. Reason I'm asking is that I've never overclocked a processor before and I don't...
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    AVI to DVD

    Does anyone know of a good, FREE, program that will let my convert an AVI video file to a DVD?
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    Movies based on games are in for a rough couple of years.

    It looks like Uwe Boll has been given the rights to direct a number of movies based on videogames in the near future. If his 'masterpiece' house of the dead is any indication of his directing talent then I might as well stay at home and NOT forever ruin the memories of some of my favorite...
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    9500pro reads as 9800?

    I don't know what this is all about, but in dxdiag under the display tab it says my chip type is a Radeon 9800 AGP. Why is it saying this? I'm using the latest omega drivers and it is softmodded to a 9700pro.
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    Something Very Wrong

    For the last couple of days my computer has been acting really weird. First, if I try to google hijackthis, or run hijackthis, or try to visit any page with the word hijackthis in it, my browser automatically shuts down without a warning or anything. Furthermore, I can't see my processes...
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    Targeting With GTA:VC

    I got the new logitech wireless control for christmas and I wanted to give it a workout using GTA:VC (amazing game) but for some reason I cannot get the targeting to work. In fact I can't get it to work with ANY button on the keyboard, mouse, controller, joystick or my ati remote control. This...
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    Half-Life: Source Upgrade

    I while back I was looking for a high def pack for Half-Life: Source and I stumbled across this site where a group of people were completely revamping Half-Life: Source to make it look as good as Half-Life 2. The problem is I forgot to bookmark the page and no matter how hard I look I can't...
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    I need your input on a plasma

    Alright, I've been looking for a big screen TV, either projection LCD or Plasma for both movies and a little gaming. I found this deal on this plasma TV from a company called ORCOM and I while I'm a little wary about buying from a company I'm not familiar with, 2000$ (deal is at compusmart) CAD...
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    6800GT vs 6800Ultra

    As I worked it out I can get a 6800GT in Canada for 517CAD (eVga) or a 6800Ultra OC from the US for 580CAD. Which would be the better value?
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    Help me find cheapest 6800GT available in Canada

    I really need to upgrade my video card but good video cards cost so damn much in Canada, for example the cheapest 6800GT I could find is 567$, which is 107$ more then the exact same card on newegg taking the exchange rate into account. If there is anyone who knows where I can find this card for...
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    Steam Validating Files... WHY?

    What the hell is Steam actually doing when its validating these file? It takes forever for it to do whatever it is doing and its a royal pain in the ass. Don't get me wrong, I like Steam but WHY? At first I thought it was updating shit or something, but unless its dling half a GB every time...
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    Ultra MP3 player any good?

    I'm looking at MP3 players (under 200$ CAD) and the one that seems to offer the most features is the Ultra 8 in 1 MP3 player. Since I generally trust the opinions of people on this forum I was wondering if anyone could provide me with any reason not to buy this MP3 player, aside from the fact...
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    Ballistix PC4200 vs PC5300

    The Ballistix PC5300 only costs a little more then the PC4200, but whats the real difference between the two. I'm thinking of putting a couple of 1GB sticks of Ballistix in a new gaming rig I'm putting together in the near future.
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    New Egg dead pixel policy

    Whats the deal with New Egg's policy that there needs to be 8 dead pixels for you to rma a lcd monitor? I don't know much about lcd's having used crt's all my life, but it seems to me that if there is something broken on my new monitor that negatively impacts the display even a little then they...
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    How can I fit more then 2 HD's or Optical Drives in my case?

    I seem to be running out of HD space on my two 80GB's and want to get a 160GB Drive, and I already have 2 DVD drives (one pioneer and the other a Liteon combo drive) and want to buy a dvd burner. What do I need to make this work?
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    Far Cry movie will probably suck

    It's unfortunate that someone decided that Uwe Boll, the director of the House of the Dead will also be directing the Far Cry movie. House of the Dead was so abysmal that I can't believe he is still allowed to direct anything more then commercials. This is a sad turn of events for a movie that...
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    X800Pro or 6800GT?

    Quick question: which is better for the price Celesta X800pro @ $533 Chaintech 6800GT @ $575 Prices are both in Canadian dollars and the shipping cost will be exactly the same.
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    Best Wireless game pad

    What is the best wireless game pad, i don't care how much it costs, I just want to buy one that doesnt suck. Please someone tell me.
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    Logitech Cordless RumblePad II

    Does anyone know if this product is available yet? and if not when will it be available?
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    Some Quick 6800GT Questions

    1) What is the absolute cheapest 6800GT I can get in Canada from a Canadian Store? 2) Are there any compatibility problems between ATI tv tuner cards and nVidia video cards?