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    8800gt running hot?

    when playing games my 8800gt is hitting 108c and at idle sits at a cozy 81c is this normal? also the fan is ridiculously loud when playing games, but acceptable while at idle. when i get some extra cash i might try and pick up a new card, maybe one of those new amd 6000 series cards that's...
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    has anyone played this game? its really addictive. if this is spam please delete, but i really do think its a good game. see if you can beat me
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    w2207 or l2410nm

    I am debating on which of these two monitors would be better. I can get the hp for 399 and the westinghouse for 429 at bestbuy. as for the use of the screens i would be using them to watch tv shows and play games on them as well both of my computer and my xbox 360. I saw the w2207 running in...
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    creating nas need raid help

    Hi, i am thinking about making a nas for my mom's work(she works at home). The nas would be used as a central server for all of her work files that would be uploaded at about a gig at a time. i would also be putting some of my video files on the system(no not pron :P) and be streaming them to my...
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    live previews

    how do i get it so that folders have live previews and possibly live previews in the window list. here is what i wanted it to be like. and yes i realize that linux is not windows but it should still have some of the same features.
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    ubuntu theme?

    i saw a theme and i decided to try it out how ever i am unable to get it looking exactly the same, how do i get the menus that say applications, places and system to be one button like in this screen shot, and how do i get the transparancies window. btw i am using ubuntu. thanks...
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    server side backup

    i was wondering how i would go about creating a server that would automatically backup my files over the network once a week, in the network there would be a laptop and two desktops. they are connected via a linksys router. i also work the same files between one of my desktops and my laptop...
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    wow intel extream graphics

    i wanted to get into world or warcraft but am unsure if my computer will be able to handle it mainly my graphics card. i currently have a intel extreame graphics 82845g, 2.8ghz celeron processor and 512mb of ram which is shared with the graphics thanks