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    Keyboard Missing first Input after 3+ minutes idle

    I bought a new keyboard a couple months ago. It's an IQUNIX OG80. It can be operated in wired or wireless mode, and has a switch to toggle between them. I am primarily concerned with wired mode, as it's what I use 95% of the time. My issue is if I don't use the keyboard for a few minutes, then...
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    Anyone else fed up with PC gaming?

    For the first time in decades, I haven't owned a console in the last 18 months. I upgraded my PC and have been using it for gaming, but I think maybe I made a mistake. Don't get me wrong - PC gaming is great - when it works. The issue is I find myself spending more time diagnosing problems...
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    Display Driver Uninstalled Itself Overnight

    I was using my PC last night with no issues and left it on when I went to bed. When I got up this morning, PC was still on as expected, but I couldn't get any signal from either of my displays. Connected it to my LG OLED and was able to get a 1024x768 signal which allowed me to figure out the...
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    Looking for Gigabyte X570 Ryzen Memory Overclocking Guide

    I have some B-die sticks I've been running at XMP since I got them, but I thought I'd like to try some overclocking to see if there's any measurable performance difference. There are some useful guides floating around about how to use Typhoon Burner and Ryzen DRAM Calculator to figure out which...
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    Seasonic FOCUS GM-750 750W 80+ Gold Semi-Modular Power Supply for $96 + Free Shipping & $30 pre-paid card

    It's annoying because it's a mail-in form for a pre-paid card, but still a pretty solid deal for what looks like a good PSU. $120 - $24 w/ code 86WK3BTS82 = $96 Rebate form...
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    Drawing Tablet as Mouse Replacement?

    Is anyone using a drawing tablet in place of a mouse? I've been thinking about getting one to use in Lightroom and Photoshop. Just curious what peoples thoughts on them are.
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    SOLD: NCASE M1 v4 Silver

    Selling one of my NCASEs. Good shape, only modification I made was a small cutout in the PSU bracket to make room for a fan cable. Case includes ODD top panel as well as regular top panel. I just made a Heatware acct: SOLD
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    ITX! Epos7 Liquid Cooled NCASE

    Starting this thread as a build log now that I'm close to breaking ground on my next project. My current system is built in an M1 v4. I plan to move those parts into a v6.1 and incorporate liquid cooling. I'll also be attempting custom sleeved cables. I made my current cables but didn't sleeve...
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    WTB - Aquacomputer Quadro Fan Controller

    Trying to find one of these but they're sold out everywhere. If anyone has a spare sitting around I'd love to buy it.
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    DDC Pump Questions

    I'm working on sourcing parts for my first water cooled build (and first custom loop). For the reservoir, I ordered the following. It's specific to the NCASE M1 and comes without a pump. IceManCooler Ncase DDC Reservoir ,Small Water Tank for Ncase M1 Cabinet V4 V5 V6,Support 8cm 9cm Fan Holes...
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    $85 - Noctua NH-D15 SSO2 D-Type CPU Air Cooler w/ 2x NF-A15 PWM Fans

    Normally $100 and I don't think these go on sale too often. Noctua D-Type Premium CPU Cooler, x 2 PWM Fans -
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    I'm planning to use DI water in my upcoming build. Just curious what the recommended biocide agents are? Do I need to do any pre-flushing/cleaning of all the components?
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    NCASE m1 Water Cooled Build

    I got lucky and have an EVGA 3080 XC3 on the way, and I think in a month or two I might take the plunge and water cool my m1. A lot of good info on Optimus Tech's YouTube channel. Much of my build is based on what has been shown to work in his videos. So far I've come up with the following...
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    WTB XSPC TX240 Ultrathin Radiator

    Looks like these are sold out in the US for the time being. I can order one from Europe, but it comes out to about $100. If anyone has one they don't need, I'm happy to pay a fair price.
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    Rubber Type for Reducing Drive Bay Vibration

    I have a NAS in a Fractal Node 804. It's a nice case, but the aluminum tends to vibrate with a lot of mechanical drives in there. I'd like to stick some rubber strips onto the drive bay and a few places on the chassis to quiet things down. What type of rubber should I be looking for for this...
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    Unexpected Shutdowns (Windows Error Code 41) - PSU Issue?

    I've been experiencing some random shutdowns that happen maybe once or twice a month. Windows Event Views shows code 41, but the event details contain no bug check codes. I think this points to a PSU issue, but I'm not sure how I can confirm. I have not been losing power when this happens...
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    First Watercooled Build - Feedback Wanted

    I've been running on air happily for a while now, but I'm toying with the idea of building a custom loop. I think it would be a fun project, but my hope is it will be quieter than my air-cooled setup while keeping my GPU significantly cooler and letting me wring a little more performance out of...
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    Witcher 3 4k/60 Success Rate

    Just got a 2080 Super and have been tinkering with it in Witcher 3. I installed the HD Reworked mod, and it looks great. I still can't seem to get a consistent 60 fps however, and it seems like it should easily be doable on the 2080 Super. I've got hairworks disabled, sharpening set to low...
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    GPU Repair

    I've had an EVGA RTX 2080 since launch, and I think it may have had hardware issues from the beginning. It never performed as well as it seemed it should, and I recently figured out the boost clocks don't work. Originally I mistook the poor performance as thermal throttling, so I installed an...
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    RAM Causing GPU Issues?

    Ran into a weird problem last week where applying any OC in Afterburner or Precision X1 would make my computer unstable. Backing off the RAM speed and timings resolved that, but I'm still seeing decreased performance in benchmarks and games. GPU isn't going over the base 1510Mhz, and GPU voltage...
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    6Mhz Overclock Makes System Unresponsive

    I've had an RTX 2080 for a couple years. Previously I was able to apply a modest overclock without issue, however I had been running the card stock for some time. Now I'm finding that with either MSI Afterburner or EVGA Precision X1, I can launch the program without issue. As soon as I apply an...
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    3900X Temps - 95C in Prime95

    Running Prime95 for 5-10 minutes, my CPU hits the 95C limit and slowly throttles down to ~3.5Ghz. Just curious about what sort of results others are getting as there's some mixed information out there regarding if this is normal behavior. I'm using the Gigabyte X570 ITX board and a Noctua C14...
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    EVGA RTX 2080 XC Fan Connector

    I'm planning to install an Accelero III on my 2080, and ideally I would control the fans with the GPU fan header as I could then set the fan curve based on the GPU temperature. The 2080XC is a reference board, and the reference boards use a 14-pin fan header which is hard to find. The cable I...
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    Game Forced out of Full Screen on Second Display

    I have my 4K TV set up as a second display. 4K monitor is primary display. I have custom resolutions set for both in nVidia control panel. Running Witcher 3 at one of these custom resolutions is fine on primary display. On secondary display, no matter if I extend desktop or use secondary...
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    3900X Good Upgrade over 5820K?

    Current system: i7 5820K 2 x 8GB Vengeance LPX DDR4 2666 EVGA RTX 2080 1TB HP EX920 m2 The HDD and GFX card I've upgraded over the last year, and now I'm starting to consider a CPU upgrade to 3900X along with 32GB RAM. I game on a 4K monitor at resolutions from 1440p to 4K depending on the...
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    Bad WiFi Bluetooth Card?

    I've run into an issue I'm not sure how to diagnose. I have a system built in an NCASE that uses an Intel 7260 WiFi/Bluetooth card. I've had a mouse and an Xbox controller connected via Bluetooth for a while without issues. Just a few days ago I started having problems with devices randomly...
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    Xbox One Controller Causing Slowdown

    I built a computer for a friend a few years ago. He wasn't using it for gaming, but now wants to play Destiny 2 on PC, so we added a RTX 2080: ASUS H170-PLUS D3 LGA 1151 Core i7 6700 16GB RAM 750 watt PSU He's playing with an Xbox One Elite wireless controller plugged into a USB port. He's...
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    Affordable 4K Timeline Check

    I built a new computer almost three years ago with what were fairly high end components at the time - i7 5820K etc. I do mostly productivity work, so I bought a Dell P2715Q 4K monitor, which is awesome. I was also interested in some light 4K gaming, but at the time 4K capable cards only existed...
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    MX Master Wireless Interference

    I have a computer I built in an NCASE a couple years ago. I have always had issues getting my mouse to work well. There are two options to connect the mouse - bluetooth and the Logitech unified receiver which plugs into a USB port. My issue with the unified receiver is that it works well until...
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    USB3.0 and Wireless Device Interference

    I recently built my first computer with USB3.0 ports. I'm finding that Bluetooth connections are so slow as to be unusable, and my wireless mouse (MX Master) is similarly spotty when using the 2.4Ghz receiver. We know that USB3.0 ports emit radiation in the 2.4Ghz spectrum...
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    Any Galaxy S6 Owners Having Success with USB OTG?

    I have a Galaxy S6 Edge, and a few months ago I built an O2/ODAC headphone amp/DAC. I mostly built it to use with my computer, but also intended to send digital audio out from my GS6 to the ODAC on occasion. I bought a USB OTG cable, but have had no luck getting my phone to recognize the DAC...
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    Help Needed Diagnosing Startup Issue after Power Disconnect

    I first noticed this problem a few weeks ago, and initially thought it was an overheating issue, but I don't believe that to be the case. After a power surge, I returned to my computer to find it powered on, but with no image on the display, and with the graphics card fan spinning at 100%. I...
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    Computer Overheating after Power Outage

    I posted this over in the ASRock X99 thread in the SFF forum, but I'll probably get more views here, and it may not be specific to the motherboard. Last week, my power flickered. Not enough to reset any of my clocks, but enough that when I returned to my computer it was acting strangely with...
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    CTRL & Shift on Logitech K740

    I bought a Logitech K740 a few weeks ago, and have noticed an issue with the CTRL and Shift keys on the left side of the keyboard. The two keys overhang the keyboard casing fractionally, so that when they're depressed with any amount of leftward pressure, they hit the casing on the way down. It...
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    Upscaling 1080p to 4k

    I have Dell P2715Q 4K monitor, mostly for productivity work, especially photography. The image looks great, and for desktop applications the extra pixels are very welcome. Being that my computer is an ITX build, and that I don't want to shell out a small fortune for GFX cards, I'm running a...
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    MX Master Range

    Picked up an MX Master to replace my aging G7, and am having some issues with the range. The bluetooth connection is completely unusable, and the USB unified receiver needs to be within about 18 inches or that connection is pretty bad too. My G7 needed to be within 2-3 feet of the...
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    SM951 NVMe Availability

    I'm interested in picking up a 256-512GB SM951 for a build I'll be putting together in the next couple of weeks. The NVMe version of the SM951 appears to have some substantial benefits over the AHCI iteration as far as I can tell, but availability is limited despite the NVMe iteration being...
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    Upgrading from Logitech G7

    I've been using a Logitech G7 since 2006, and it's been wonderful. I'm not a huge fan of the scroll wheel, but otherwise it's a fantastic mouse that is still going strong almost ten years later. The batteries don't have the juice they once did, however, and in an effort to clean up my desk I'm...
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    mITX: 1151 or 2011-v3?

    I'm sitting here with an NCASE m1 v4 trying to figure out which path to go down. I've had a Core i7 920 since 2009 that has served me really well, but it's time for an upgrade. Moving from an Antec P180 to the NCASE is going to clear up some serious desk space. It looks like ASRock supplies...