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    Full Crysis Retail, leaked onto the Internet

    Where did you come up with this? It couldn't be further from the truth.
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    Crysis preorders.. nov 9!

    Crytek didn't choose EA, EA chose Crytek...they own Crytek.
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    Crysis SP Demo Benchmark_GPU Results

    Shuttle-- e6750 @ 3.0ghz 4gb ram 8800gt I got 48.45fps @ 1600x1200 -- no AA, Everything on high except shaders, shadows, and post processing on medium...
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    Will these components work together?

    Nice thanks for the quick reply and good info, I think I'll go with the different ram and cpu...however I don't really like that case, maybe ill look for another one as I can save ~$100 by not getting a shuttle.
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    Will these components work together?

    I've been out of the PC Hardware game for the last few years, wondering if these components will work...specifically wondering if the ram and motherboard are OK for the 1333fsb processor. - Shuttle barebones...
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    Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts - preview

    Can't wait...COH is the only game I play right now...the multiplayer is awesome.
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    PS3 and 1080i ... did they ever fix it?

    It's a hardware problem with the scaler, it can't be fixed by firmware. Another royal fuckup by Sony.
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    PsP question

    Why did you spell it PsP instead of PSP or psp? And yes, you get all the features.
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    Best turn based strategy game...

    He said turn based, not real time.
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    Best turn based strategy game...

    Rome: Total War Medieval 2: Total War Great turn based strategy games.
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    Square Enix confirms..... Uh Oh.

    Exclusives sell consoles, which one is one reason the PS3 is selling poorly so far. There just aren't many exclusives for the PS3 that warrant the higher pricepoint, and the 360 has some very good exclusives itself, including the best next gen game out, Gears of War, and surely one of the best...
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    PSP homebrew question

    If i were you, I'd downgrade to 1.50 and then upgrade to the newly released 3.30oe-a firmware, which has all the benefits of the new firmware as well as homebrew working, and it lets you play backups of games.
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    Do Xbox Live game demos (of crappy quality) generally look like the final product?

    madden 07 looks significantly better than xbox and ps2 versions.
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    dx10 games, when? =)
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    Free Oink Invitiations

    I have joost invites if anyone wants to trade me for a oink or demonoid invite.
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    Gear's Update - Has it dropped yet?

    GRAW2 more impressive graphically? Yeah right.
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    PSP: NBA 2007 Demo

    As if it's hard to do right now? I played the demo and was actually pleasantly suprised. It was very fluid with nice framerates, although I never really figured out offense that well, I was just hacking up 3's.
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    60gb PS3 at Gamestop for $500.00

    Or you can get a 360 and 4 games for the same price, the ps3 doesn't even have 4 games worth playing yet.
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    CnC 3 Strategies

    COH and WC3 are real strategy games required great micro skills. CNC3 requires almost no micro, its just "lets mass tanks and have a large battle." Looks cool, but gets boring quickly. Play COH competitively online, I see new viable strategies every week.
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    Need Help Choosing PS3 vs Xbox360

    There isn't even a question here, it's the 360. 360 already has a significantly better lineup and it's lineup for the foreseeable future look significantly better as well. PS3 has hardly any exclusives left, while the 360 has several big ones.
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    CnC 3 Strategies

    Played COH? How about Warcraft 3?
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    PSP or DS

    I've got a PSP (bought on launch -- running 3.10oe-a custom firmware) and a 4gb memory stick I just bought and have 8 psp games, about 50 mp3s and a movie on the stick, plus whats in the drive. Never have to switch umds and games load faster off the memory it.
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    CnC 3 Strategies

    You just figured out how C&C3 sucks...there are no strategies, you just mass units. So lame.
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    GTA:4 // PS3:X360:PC ?

    None, the GTA series sucks.
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    c&C3 Vs Supreme commander

    company of heroes > both
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    C&C3 is Actually pretty cool..

    C&C3 is ok, but as a rts, it doesn't hold a candle to company of heroes, one of the best rts's ever.
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    UK PS3 Launch is a disaster.

    I think many of them will come to the realization that they spent $200 more on a console that won't end up being as good as the 360 when its all said and done.
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    Piracy is NOT pushing Epic & id from PC gaming

    And who said anything about the PC version that nobody plays?
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    WOOT OFF!!!!

    This camera is lame.
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    Great prices on MP3 players - 2GB Ipod Nano rip-off for only ~$45

    Are you referring to the 1.5inch nano clone? If so, where do you get the firmware you're talking about, and what changes does it have?
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    The game that started it all!

    Original DOOM on my 66mhz 486, good times.
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    Free Oink Invitiations

    I'd also like invites to whatever you can get me on, thanks in advance :) hibitchass AT yahoo DOT com
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    Halo 3 Slanted for September.

    Exactly. They'll consoles and millions of copies of Halo 3 and then 2-3 months later sell even more copies, september is really the ideal time to release halo 3.
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    Starcraft vs Company of Heroes

    Both are *great* games. It's too bad COH doesn't get the recognition it truly deserved, even though it did make IGN's list of 25 best PC games ever. COH is the best pc game I've played since HL2, and I've played COH significantly mroe than HL2 or CSS. Online in COH is just awesome.
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    What games are currently installed on your computer?

    CS:Source C&C3 Demo Company of Heroes Short and Sweet :)
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    Great prices on MP3 players - 2GB Ipod Nano rip-off for only ~$45

    On their website it says the nano clone uses a 3.5mm jack. If it doesn't, then I won't get it, and will likely get the one you got.
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    Westinghouse 37" LVM-37W3(999+99$ shipping)

    I want this tv, its a great deal. I can't justify it when i already have a 42" plasma and 32" lcd though.
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    Free Vista Business / Office 2k7 pro

    They didn't send an email out, it says it on the website.
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    best barton heatsink/fan

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    Vista Open GL

    Play in D3D.