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    Will these components work together?

    I've been out of the PC Hardware game for the last few years, wondering if these components will work...specifically wondering if the ram and motherboard are OK for the 1333fsb processor. - Shuttle barebones...
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    best barton heatsink/fan

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    HELP! windows/system32/system/config corrupt or missing!

    windows/system32/config\system corrupt or missing! I get that error when I try to log onto windows. It tells me to try and fix it through the recovery console, but I have no idea what to do once I'm in the recovery console. Any help would be appreciated. Sigh, one of my partitions for my...
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    Any new HL2 Mods out or coming out?

    Are there any good HL2 Mods out yet or what? I haven't seen anything on this and would like to know.
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    Rome Total War... the best strategy game ever.
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    WTB: CS:CZ cdkey or ati hl2 voucher (preferably the voucher)

    I can pay you or trade you keys or something. Some games I have are WC3, WC3 Frozen Throne, BF1942 and a few others. Id be willing to give all 3 of those games for the ati hl2 voucher (i want to play cs:source).
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    I also have 1 Gmail Invite, first reply also gets it

    leave your email, and dont ask for one if u already have an account please
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    Farcry with BFG 6800GT?

    I noticed on the mainpage of that BFG will be including Farcry free with their 6800's starting 8/15/04. I was wondering if people that already own a BFG 6800GT could get a free copy of farcry as well, or if we are just SOL?
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    athlon 64 motherboard

    What would you recommend for an athlon 64 motherboard? I plan on overclocking, and plan on using a 3200+. How much better is the nforce 250 supposed to be than the 150? When is the nforce 250 supposed to come out? Thanks in advance
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    New AMD Computer

    My friend and i both built new computers (motherboard/amd combo from frys for $80 - ECS Elitegroup K7VTA3 and AMD 2500+), and both of our computers will turn on and appear to be working, but the video wont come on. There are no pc beeps or anything either. I can't seem to figure out what the...
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    best barton heatsink/fan

    what is the best heatsink/fan for the 2500+, i plan on overclocking it to 3200+. I dont really want to spen more than $30 for it.
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    OCZ Ram and P4 System

    I found some Ram I'd like to put in my current P4 System (2.8C), and I plan on overclocking it. Will this ram work well and let me overclock? I have corsair xms 2700 in it right now at 229 fsb 5:4 ratio. Will I be able to get more out of it with this ram?
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    9800 SE modded to 9800 Pro?

    I have a saphire radion 9800 SE (modded to 9800), but in 3dmark01 it says my graphics subsystem is 9800 PRO, does this mean there is a way for me to mod this card to a 9800 Pro? Any help would be appreciated :)
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    Fried Motherboard?

    My friend went to flash his bios and ran the setup utility to do it. He got the flash off the alienware bios for his 875P Motherboard. It ran the flash and said he had to restart so he restared. After his computer restarted the screen went blank, he left it like that for about 10 minutes. He...
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    Connecting Computer (via DVI) to HDTV Projection TV (Mitsubishi 65")

    I was wondering if i connected my computer (ATI Radeon 9800) and my tv with a dvi to rgb adapter i would get an actual 1920x1080 resolution on the tv or would it be like 640x480 or 800x600. I know my TV supports 1080i and 720p. There is no dvi input on the tv, so i know i need an adapter, which...