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    Xbox and PC

    For Xbox and PC crossplay the game has to be a Xbox Play Anywhere title. A few examples, Forza Horizon 4, Forza Motorsport 7, Gears of War 4, Gears 5, Sea of Thieves etc... From my understanding, going forward all first party Micrososft titles will be play anywhere titles. Third party titles...
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    Games that should be revived...

    My pick: Amped Delta Force Quake (quake1 world instead of the strogg)
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    Gears of War 5

    Just be warned that there's some pretty bad bugs in the campaign right now. I just saw my wife lose over an hour of progress due to some saving/checkpoint glitch where it would just hang on saving and prevent you from doing anything until you reset the game. There's a few threads on it on the...
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    Older system graphics card upgrade?

    Your CPU should hold it's own for a while. I'm running a 4670k@4ghz with a gtx 1080 and seems to be handling it just fine. Your 580 should go nicely with it.
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    Not again plz

    I wonder if Jack Thompson will start making headlines again. I haven't heard anything from him in a while.
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    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019

    This. I barely touched multiplayer in any Call of Duty game. I enjoyed their campaigns.
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    Anyone here collect classic/vintage PC games?

    I think I still have the discs and cases for some old pc games lying around. But I'm likely to just keep getting them digitally from GoG. I don't have the space to collect more boxes as cool as they are, lol.
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    Not again plz

    I've observed so many people that fall deeply into the stereotypical categories that it's nice come across people who are a little more balanced as your beliefs seem to be. As far as guns go, I'm not for just banning them all and I don't want to punish responsible gun owners but I think we...
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    Not again plz

    That doesn't make my point any less valid. Anyways, it's not my battle. I'm not American, thus far less worried that my children will be gunned down at school. But I see no problem changing gun regulations if the public keep abusing their "right" to own firearms. When car accidents you often...
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    Not again plz

    I think it's worth noting that guns have come a long way since the 2nd Amendment was written...
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    XBOX ONE X folks, check in here!

    I'd check out game pass if you're new to Xbox. There's a pretty decent library of games to choose from and they release first party day 1 exclusives on there as well.
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    The NEW Doom Trilogy Console Ports: There's Good News And Bad News

    Brutal Doom is awesome. I played it a couple years ago. I think it's been updated since so I'll need to play it again.
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    Looking for advice on a home VM box

    Are you planning on running a single VM at a time or all at once? If you run ESXI free you can only assign 8 virtual cores to a single VM at a time so you'll have to keep that in mind if you plan on stacking all resources to a single VM. If you plan using more like a mulitboot system Unraid...
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    Wolfenstein: Youngblood

    Well that's disappointing to hear. I had somewhat high hopes for this game. I just want a fun campaign to playthrough without any needles grinding.
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    The NEW Doom Trilogy Console Ports: There's Good News And Bad News

    It's a shame they botched the classic Doom port. Though I'm likely to just keep playing it on PC using GZDoom anyway. I did play the 360 port a while back and had fun playing that local coop with the wife.
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    Monster Hunter: World

    The repetition in this game doesn't bother since the fights are really fun. They can get very chaotic and go very differently from your last encounter. Sometimes the monster you're fighting will bump into another monster on the map and you have to duck as they both start brawling.
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    Monster Hunter: World

    The closest comparison I can think of would be Dark Souls boss battles. Each monster has a moveset that you need to pay attention to you and pretty much dance around and dodge like crazy until you get a chance to go in and take a few swings. And some monsters put up a pretty good challenge...
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    Monster Hunter: World

    To me it's like doing endless Dark Souls style boss battles. I have yet to get bored of this game.
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    Shadow of Tomb Raider for $19.79 on Steam

    As tempting as this is I should probably beat the first two before pulling the trigger, haha. It might be even cheaper by then...
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    87 year old shows off Animal Crossing town

    Time enjoyed isn't time wasted. I see no problem with this.
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    Wolfenstein: Youngblood

    Haha, we actually met on a Zelda forum years ago (like year 2000 or something) so I lucked out there. So I've been gaming with her since day 1. She does watch stuff like house shows on hgtv and wedding shows on TLC which I sometimes have to sit through... But we've always enjoyed coop...
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    Wolfenstein: Youngblood

    Looks like you need to buy the deluxe edition for the buddy pass. I'm not sure I'll buy this game right away (big backlog reasons) but I'll likely grab the deluxe edition so I can coop with the wife.
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    Wolfenstein: Youngblood

    There was definitely some cringe listening to the dialogue in the trailer but the gameplay looks promising.
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    Final Fantasy XIV Official Release Thread

    Crystal - Diabolos Currently at level 63 on my Ninja.
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    Letting a game mature 1-2 years for mods?

    I'll add that I've never intentionally waited on a game for it to be improved on. I've waited due to a growing backlog.
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    Maxine Waters wants to ban tech companies from making cryptocurrencies (closed)

    While I don't feel that any group is immune or exempt from racism, you're gonna have a better time in US if you're white. If Brock Turner was black, you can be sure he'd be serving a 10 year sentence, not being released after only 3 months despite being caught in the act.
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    What games do you have preordered?

    I might preorder FF7 Remake but that's mostly because my wife will make me, haha. Otherwise I wait until it drops in price as I already have a major backlog of games. The games are usually patched with some DLC by the time I get around to playing them.
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    Your home ESX server lab hardware specs?

    Installing the Xeon x5680 on my T3500 was a success. I was already on bios A17 so it worked with no issues. Now to think of what VMs to install to actually make use of these extra cores and threads, lol.
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    Final Fantasy XIV Official Release Thread

    Duty Roulette? If I'm thinking of the same thing it's just a random daily duty that you queue for. You get bigger bonus than queuing for a single dungeon. There's trial roulette, guildhest roulette, dungeon roulette, low level roulette. Just incentives to run a duty. Each reward is once a day.
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    Monster Hunter: World

    The dynamic difficulty scaling would be nice. I was halfway through a full team battle with Teostra then got disconnected and ended up having to solo him the rest of the battle while he was probably at full 4 player health, lol.
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    Nintendo announces Switch Lite handheld, $199

    Ever since the kids continuously dropped the wii-U pad to the point of borking the touchscreen (I ended up sending it in to Nintendo for repair) the Switch in our house is only played docked. I've never really been into handeld gaming. I'd rather have a controller in my hand and my 65" tv in...
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    Your home ESX server lab hardware specs?

    I'll make sure to check the bios version before I upgrade. This used to be an old work PC of mine so I think I kept the bios up to date. My 5680 should be coming any day now so I"ll report back if it works. So far It's been a capable minecraft server for my kids. I just need to decide what...
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    The problem with Call of Duty is... Call of Duty

    I think I stopped caring about Call of Duty after Modern Warfare 3. I mostly played for the campaigns anyway. Call of Duty 2 will always be my favourite CoD.
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    Final Fantasy XIV Official Release Thread

    Yeah, this game is definitely story driven. Want to do the expansion content? better get on those story quests, lol. I did enjoy the Heavensward story content though and Stormblood looks like it's going to be good too (I'm still in the beginning of Stormblood).
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    Uplay outage, etc

    I was spammed with a whole bunch of two factor code emails a couple days ago. Not sure if it's related, I changed my password just in case.
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    Final Fantasy XIV Official Release Thread

    After another break I finally resubbed again. I'm still sort of in the beginning of the Stormblood story line content so I won't be diving into Shadowbringers right away. But I'm just playing it at my own pace. It feels good to play again, I've always like this game.
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    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    Probably going to play FFXIV and Monster Hunter. Hopefully gonna play Ghost Recond Wildlands as well.
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    Letting a game mature 1-2 years for mods?

    I usually wait on price. I have little time and too many games on the go so I usually try ask myself what the game will actually be worth by the time I get around to playing it. That helps me hold off. By the time I buy it they've often patched up the problems and included some dlc with it.
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    Steam Summer Sale June 25th

    My steam list is so large now that I don't get too excited for the sales. Too many games I still have to finish on my backlog, haha. Unless something is dirt cheap I won't bite. If I buy it now, it'll probably be dirt cheap by the time I get around to playing it.