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    On The House: Sim City 2000

    Right now you can grab Sim City 2000 for free on Origin via their "On The House" program. I'm sure most of us have played it to death by this point and maybe even still have their copies kicking around, but I'm adding it to my library and figured I'd let [H] know it was available.
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    Krater - A gorgeous post-apocalyptic action RPG

    I just heard about this game from a friend and started playing the beta on Steam, and it's really good so far! The game launches in a few days and will be getting a patch to add co-op play on July 10th. You control a squad of 3 different characters in fairly familiar dungeon-crawler style...
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    Can't choose higher than 720x576 over component via VIVO, HD4870

    Just like the title says, when I try to use the VIVO cable that came with my 4870 to output component, the highest resolution I can choose is 720x576. Shouldn't I be able to choose at least 1280x720? Can't figure out what's wrong here :/
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    Wouldn't it be nice if you could buy every Rockstar PC game for $42.49?

    Apparently Valve thinks so too, because you can! This means you get Bully, GTA, GTA2, GTA3 +Vice City +San Andreas, GTA IV, GTA: Epsiodes from Liberty City, Manhunt, Max Payne 1 and 2, Midnight Club 2 and Wild Metal. Not so interested in the last two(mainly because I've never heard of Wild...
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    Yahtzee's new video is hilarious It's not the usual. It gets super funny at about 4 minutes lol
  6. S <---Anyone used this, or using it?

    Seems pretty awesome to me. I've already suggested a few apps to go onto their list; Avira AntiVir(the free personal use edition), nVidia nForce and GeForce drivers, and ATi Radeon drivers. Creating the install file takes almost no time at all. I'll definitely be using this site before the...
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    Weird Half-Life 2 Ep2 HUD problem?

    No, not the one where the HUD isn't being drawn in the right spot, and the values are off the screen. My HUD just isn't updating ammo values. Health and Suit are both working fine, but my ammo counters don't change. I've tried loading a few previous saves, changing graphics settings...
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    Multi-rail PSU question

    Ok, so it's been a while since I bought a new PSU, and the last one I bought was single rail. The box for my 9800gtx+ says it needs a psu with at least 26a on the 12v rail. PSU I've got coming is dual-rail, 16a each. Do I need to hook each rail into a dual-molex ->6-pin pcie adapter so the...
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    one for the audiophiles...

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    Is there such thing as too [H]?

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    A8R-MVP fresh install of XP SP2 on SATA drive

    I followed the instructions regarding modifying the windows XP install to include the board's SATA drivers. I did this because I don't own a floppy drive. It worked, to a point; windows installed, but now will not load to complete the installation, giving me error code 0x00000007B. This...
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    WoW on an Xpress 200(256MB)

    Right now I'm trying to build a system for my brother, primarily he plays console games but he wants to start playing WoW with his friends. My laptop has an Xpress 200M(I think M? not sure), and with only 64mb of video memory runs eve-online at 35fps or so. With 1024 system memory and 256 of...
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    Bananaphone midi file?

    I've searched all over, but I can't find one :/ Anyone even know what I'm talking about? :P lol, I've tried a couple of "conversion" programs, that are designed to take the mp3 and make a midi out of it. They work alright in some situations, but they really fail to capture the essence of the...
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    one for the audiophiles...

    How much power is a 1/8" stereo jack supposed to/able to supply?
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    Logitech wheels/pedals for PS2 RE: Force feedback

    I'm looking for a steering wheel/pedal setup for my PS2 that uses the belt style force feedback, rather than the ratcheted style, but logitech's website doesn't specify how the force feedback is accomplished, just that it is. Can anyone suggest a good wheel/pedal combo for what I want?
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    Plexi-glass etching q's

    Now, I know if you cut into a piece of plexi glass, like scoring the surface or grouting out a pattern, and then shine an LED in from the edge, the pattern will light up. What I want to know is, could I use some kind of fairly transparent paint, and white LED's, to get a coloured pattern?
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    Rotating LED's

    Basically what I want to accomplish is to have a set of rotating LED's in my case, kind-of like a light show. I was thinking about picking up a low rpm 120mm fan, wiring in a resistor, and then running it off the 5v rail, to make it run real slow, and then putting the LED's at the edges of the...
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    Dynamat; cheaper alternative?

    Is there anything simliar to dynamat that I can buy that isn't at the same kind of price premium that dynamat or the computer specific version of dynamat is at?
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    Tornado Owners: Do you need earplugs?

    I have this MONSTER delta 60mm fan that a friend gave me. He gave it to me because it's quite simply too loud to actually use. Well, I got ambitious and looked up the specs on delta's website. Apparently, it moves a good amount of air for a 60mm fan(I think 50 some cfm), but is 5dB QUIETER...
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    Case window etching at home, DIY

    What can I use to do this? Taping/cutting out the design I want is easy enough, but what can I use to actually etch the plexi-glass that I might have sitting around at home? I was thinking maybe model glue?(As it works by dissolving a bit of the plastic, and if used in a thin layer, should...
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    Mosfet heatsink size recommendations

    I've got an old socket 360 heatsink that I had nothing to do with so I cut it up. Problem is, the fins are *just* a bit too big to use 3 fins per MOSFET. 2 is a bit smaller, but not a lot smaller. Think it'll still be sufficient to help cool them? They don't get *that* hot(they're not super...
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    AXP Mobile overclockability

    Is the 2400+ a *better* overclocker than the 2500+? Or are they basically just the same, and it's just not worth the extra money to buy the 2500+. Just asking based on availability of the 2400+(for me, anyway).
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    Is there such thing as too [H]?

    I got my vantec iceberq kit in the mail, to replace the failing fan on my gf's gf2 mx card(causing the card to overheat LOTS), and it also came with two small heatsinks, one for the northbridge and one for the southbridge. Northbridge already had a heatsink, but I popped the SB heatsink onto my...
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    Space heater(no really, this is about space heaters) RE: Efficiency

    So, from looking around, I've found there's basically three kinds of space heaters you can get. Either A) Traditional high-resistance wire type heater, B) Ceramic based heater, or C) Quartz based heater. What I'm wondering is, which kind is most efficient at creating heat?
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    Tweak related: How much ram does your system use?

    On a clean boot, how much ram does your system take up? List your OS, total amount of ram, and the amount used on a fresh bootup/login to the OS. Me: WindowsXP SP1 512mb total ~150mb used on a fresh boot I'm thinking that's a lot, and I need to try to optimize things. I plan on...
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    Watercooling flow restrctions; the lesser of two evils?

    So, I've basically got two choices. Force my tubing to bend to the point of pinching down, OR put in a 90' elbow fitting. Now, I can minimize the flow restriction of the 90' elbow fitting by using an oversized fitting(1/2" barb, but the inside of the elbow I plan to use is much larger than...
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    Voltage Fluxuation; how to stabilize it?

    I'm currently running prime95, stress testing my cpu. In my bios, I have my vcore set to 1.775, but MBM is reading that currently, it's at 1.79(not a *huge* deal), the lowest it's been is 1.73, and the highest is 1.82. My PSU is an antec true power 430w, and my motherboard is an asus a7n8x...
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    DDR voltages; how much is too much?

    Basically, just like the topic says: how much is too much? I know overvolting a cpu reduces it's life, but cooling helps prevent that from happening. I've felt my ram modules from time to time, and they've never even been warm to the touch(even after a few hours of benchmarking/torture...
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    How much are diodes?

    Are they like resistors with respect to cost? I need 5 1N914 diodes, should I be able to get those with the spare change I have lying around my room? Or are they generally like a dollar or two a piece.
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    mbm diode vs socket temps

    So, based on some fiddling around with mbm5, I was able to get my cpu diode sensor to "work". However, it appears that at least on my asus a7n8x with a barton 2500+@3200+, the diode isn't good for much. At idle, the socket read 32, diode read 38, I thought sure, could be true. I started up...
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    SNES to PC adapter

    I remember a long long time ago reading about something along these lines. Anyone have like, a how-to or something? I googled it but I can't find anything useful :/
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    Fully passive cooling

    So, the first day I had my watercooling setup hooked up, I forgot to plug my pump in when I turned my machine on. At this point, I wasn't overclocking though. I realised what I'd done wrong after a few hours of wondering why my temperature was sitting at 38/39'C at idle. However, this made...
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    Unoid unoid, wherefore art-thou uniod?

    I have the day off tomorrow, and I Know you said you don't have any pics of the sapphire 9600 pro, so I'm planning on taking my card out and taking a couple high-res pics of both sides for you. However, I don't know where to send them. PM me with your e-mail address and I can either e-mail...
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    XP 2000+ underclocked?

    My friend was telling me about how his XP 2000+ by default was underclocked. Normal I thought, all XP's do this right? Because the bios sets the FSB to 100, when it should be 133, correct? Well, when I told him that, he said that's what he had already been told, but he couldn't raise the fsb...
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    Too high core oc; symptoms?

    When you OC video memory too high, you get artifacts. What's the sign of a core that's been OC'd too high?
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    PSU modding...

    If one were to mod the output of the 3.3v rail on their PSU to put out more than 3.3v, would that in-turn up the voltage of everything on the motherboard?(vcore, vchipset, vdimm, vagp etc)? Can any mod to the PSU do that?
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    sapphire 9600 pro; memory issues

    Are all of the samsung 2.8ns ram chips BGA style? Because my sapphire 9600 pro, which *supposedly* has 2.8ns chips, are definately not BGA style. Did I get ripped off, and get sold a np?
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    windows file cross-compatibility(win95/98)

    Can windows 95 use windows 98 files, namely, networking files? A friend of mine has a REALLY old system with like, a 400 meg harddrive in it, and it came with win95 installed. Problem is, I don't have a win95 cd, and I can't install win98 on a harddrive that small, and the computer doesn't...
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    Watercooling RE: y-fittings and GPU blocks

    So, it seems like my XP 2500+ is topping out at 2200mhz. I'm somewhat happy with that. However, even with a couple of major kinks in my tubing, my watercooling system is capable of keeping that under 39'C 24/7, with a case temperature of around 27-28'C. Basically what I'm thinking is that...