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    WTB - OFFICE Key

    Looking for a Legit Office Key PM please.
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    SOLD: Mini ITX Server - ASROCK 1150 / XEON E3 / ECC DDR3

    Up for sale is my previous home server setup. Mobo/CPU/RAM : Great setup with good flexibility. Note this is a true 'server' mobo with a 1 or 2 advanced features like IPMI. Motherboard: ASROCK E3C226D21: BADAXX (fanatastic board, has IPMI - connect to your motherboard at its core level outside...
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    Upgrading My PLEX Server - advice needed

    Hi guys, thoughts needed please. PLEX headless server up grade. Current setup is MITX and would like to re-build into a mATX, etc. The MITX case is full and need to go bigger and room to grow with. Here are the items that I have: CPU – i7-8700 (already have this) PSU – already have a newer gen...
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    2 Asus Routers and Smart DNS Question

    I have an Asus 87AC and rt66 and have been using a smart DNS service for 4-5months without issues The asus RT66 is the main router with the DNS on it, and the asus 87 AC has been setup as an AP, getting an IP from the RT66 along with DNS. The smart DNS is for region unblocking from a 3rd party...
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    WTB - Xeon E3-V3 (4C, 4HT=8 threads)

    Looking for a Xeon E3-V3, preferably a low power series chip, but open to what you have. EG (need 8 threads, so 4C, 4HT): E3-1265L V3 E3-124X V3 E3-127X V3 PM me thanks for looking :):);)
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    FS: SuperMicro X8SIL-F, LGA 1156, Intel Xeon L3426 and 6GB ECC RAM

    SOLD - please close
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    PSU for Lian Li PC-Q18 - Need a New PSU ASAP!

    Hi guys - running a small server with this case and my PSU that I was going to use for my build luck. Anyways I have 4 x 3.5" HDDs (require 2 x 4pin power) and 2 x 2.5" ssd which require sata power. What PSU would be a good choice for a 24x7 setup as it never turns off - budget...
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    Rocket Raid 2680 and 4 SAS HDDS - Replacing drives

    A bit of a noob question. I have the below setup for quite some time now and have never had a Drive go down. I have a rocketraid 2680 card that has 2 volumes: 1) OS volume has Win 8.1 and is 2 x HP SAS 146GB HDD (Raid 1) 2) Scratch Volume has 2 x HP SAS 146GB HDD (Raid 0) In volume 1-OS, 1 of...
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    Advice Needed - DIY DAS (Direct Attached Storage)

    Looking for a cost effective way to add move storage for my growing media needs. Most likely to use Flexraid going forward. Right now I have a small home server: Win 8 pro Supermicro mobo/x3440/dual nic/IMPI/10GB ECC ram/Rocketraid 2680 with 2 x SFF-8087 for 8 SATA/SAS 1 set of the SFF-8087...
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    Low Profile Gaming Card for Light duty gaming

    Good day. I have a HTPC with i3-2100, intel SSD, 4 GB ram, using XBMC 12 going to my Onkyo 807 to Epson PJ on 120 inch screen. I would like to do a bit of light gaming, perhaps 1hr a week, etc. Primarily racing games, or FPS. Again, I dont need anything krazy with only time enuff for 1hr a...
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    Recommend - 24 port GB Switch for the home

    Hey guys. I need to upgrade my switch to something that has 24 ports. This is for home, simply to sling media around the house, etc. So 3-4 computers, boxes, AVR's, HTPC's, blah blah blah - just the usual stuff. I was looking at the Trendnet TED-S24DG and the Netgear JGS524 (both are under...
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    Triple Display setup (non gaming) 20/24/20

    Hey guys, I am thinking of moving to a triple monitor setup. This is non gaming setup. Primary usage is daily BS, editing some video (non critical - just family vids), and have the option of multi-tasking a few other items..... I would like the center monitor be an 24inch but do not want...
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    My next Desktop - Input Required

    Hey, need some direction. Upgading from an Aopen MiniPC (MODT)....need some advise for the next build. I have a 12 TB win 2008 r2 server that has all my media, etc. Would like to build a SFF PC that I can do some basic stuff with. Thanks for stopping by. 1. What will you be doing with...
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    Need some help - Looking for a 24 GB port managed switch

    Hey guys (gals), looking for a 24 GB port managed switch for home use. Price wise, looking for something on the cheaper end of things. Mostly used to sling data around the house, and everyday BS(downloading, surfing, etc) along with hosting a very small website. Also, as I live in Canada, I will...
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    Supermicro X8SIL-F and Raid Card problem

    Hey guys, I was using a Supermicro X8SIL-F(i3-530, 2GB ram) for a 8TB WHS setup. I decided to move to 2008r2 and a Raid card and 4 SAS HP HDDS. I found a OEM rocketraid 2640x4, installed the card and SAS HDD's System boots up fine, but i cant get into the raid card bios to setup the...
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    Copy program

    I am looking for a free program that copies files that preserves the file/folder creation dates. thoughts?
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    Supermicro X8SIL-F read/write HDD speed internally

    Hey guys, after some research I built my WHS around: Supermicro X8SIL-F I3-530 2 GB ram ECC 4 - 2TB Green WD HDD's Everything is setup and works, reads work great but: When I transfer files from share to share (and to some extent internal disk to disk on the WHS). ie download share...
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    Need suggestions on a Modular PSU for a WHS setup

    Guys, I built a WHS in a Lian Li 354 mATX case. My existing PSU (Cosair TX750) is too big for the small case. Looking to clean it up. Looking for a good modular PSU. Here is what I have in the case: 6 HDD (will add 2 more later) no ODD future add on sata card 4-5 fans Mobo - supermicro...
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    WTB - Intel I3-530

    Hey guys, I am looking for a I3-530 cpu. PM is key, and note that I live in Canada. I have HEAT and Ebay feedback along with being a paypal verified member for many years. Thanks S
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    ITX/MTX WHS Build recommendations - 1156/i3/6HD's/Small Case

    Hey guys: I am thinking of building a new WHS that is ITX/mATX based and need some suggestions: My current one is 775 and is in an Antec P183 that I am not using to its max ability. too much space for me. 1) The WHS must be relatively quiet, power efficient, relatively small case that...
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    WHS build - Low Power 775 CPU (64bit, dual core, 45nm, WHS)

    Hey guys, I have a 775 mobo with an old dual core pent D 930. I would like to get some advice on which 775 cpu to get to lower the power being used. This is for a WHS setup with 4.5TB of data. CPU should be 64 bit, dual core, and 45 nm process cpu. using WD Green drives once in a while i...
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    WHS Build - Low Power 775 CPU (64bit, dual core, 45nm, WHS)

    Hey guys, I have a 775 mobo with an old dual core pent D 930. I would like to get some advice on which 775 cpu to get to lower the power being used. This is for a WHS setup with 4.5TB of data. CPU should be 64 bit, dual core, and 45 nm process cpu. Using WD green 1.5 drives once in a...
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    HD Webcam advice for Video Conferencing

    Hey guys, looking for some webcam advice for HD video streaming: I want to do some video conf between two 54" plasma's. Both plasmas have HTPC's (one is atom based, dual core, the other). both connection speeds are at 25down/3Mb up. Price range - Not more than 125 CAD each (hoping to get...
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    WTB - DDR2 Ram PC2-5400 or higher

    Got Some - thanks. Would like some solid ram - good timings, memmory tested(if used), must ship to Canada. OCZ/Corssair or major brand is a must. 1GB or more please =333998]]HEAT EBAY PM is the best option to contact me. Bumps appreciated. Thanks.