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    VPNs Are Now Banned in Russia

    There are different 'version's of VPN types that occur at various levels of the OSI stack ... Example: They might be able do some kind of filter on L2TP/IPSec, but things like SSTP or PPTP (which is broken and susceptible to man in the middle/replay attacks) are above the network layer... They...
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    Petition Asks Adobe to Open-Source Flash for the Sake of Internet History

    There are some significant differences between Flash! (.FLA exported to .SWF) and HTML5... Flash had layering that it could load and unload from memory, basically like stacking sever sheets of paper... , adding/removing different sheets/presentation material in the stack... Pre-loaders for...
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    NASA Recommends Safety Tips to View the August Solar Eclipse

    This thing is basically going to be in my back yard... Warm Springs res around Mt Hood... / Madras / Bend / Prineville... The highways traveling thru central Oregon in this area are 2-lanes (been there)... It's a 3G area with spotty 4G. But when the cloud of folks show up, and decide to...