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    Anyone get their Steam Deck ordered?

    I ordered at 10:03, Confirmation email at 10:07 and haven't got an Invite. Previously I was in Dec 2021 batch. Anyone get an invite and manage to get their order in?
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    WTB: Outer Worlds - EPIC game code.

    Bought an AMD, don't care for boring RPGs? Hook me up! $40, PM me! Thanks!
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    WTB: Anthem Digital Code

    Anyone selling? PM me plz! Edit: Done! Thank you!
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    [WTB] Destiny 2 PC - Nvidia promo code - Completed

    Completed - Thank you Aztlan
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    Fry's Steam Cards promo codes.

    I usually buy Steam Cards at Fry's whenever they have a promo code for them, $40 for a $50 card. So basically a 20% discount on the stuff I buy already on sale. I used up the last of my Balance a few weeks back and I keep looking at their eMails to see if they're on sale but I'm either missing...
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    Advice on a new display, please

    Hello, Recently I did a few upgrades to my Gaming PC Mostly to accommodate VR, almost a whole new PC in that I changed out my CPU/MoBo/RAM and GPU. 6700k @ 4.6Ghz 16 GB G.Skill TridentZ DDR4 3400 MSI Z170A SLI Plus Gigabyte GTX1080 So now I'm thinking I need to upgrade my desktop display to...
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    Upgrade suggestions please

    I have an old Nvidia ION2 / Intel Atom that I bought when it was first resealed running in a small shoe sized case under the TV, Windows 7 Ult. It’s been doing 1080 since I built it ~6 years ago. It’s been on almost 24/7 with few exceptions. Part of what I like is it seems to consume very little...
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    SB6183 + zero latency router??

    Recently TWC had me replace my SB6141 with a SB6183, although the SB6141 is supposed to be rated up to 320 Mbps, I couldn't even get the 200 Mbps I was paying for. When I replaced the modem and then directly connected PC did a speed test, I was getting now 220 Mbps and surprisingly, it was...
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    good card for 1080 gaming.

    I game at 1920x1080 on a nice IPS panel and have a pair of 460 cards now. They are ok. But they are the ones that came with 768 of RAM, So playing some of the newer games I can't load the higher resolution textures without performance just being dismal. I had been waiting for the new Keplers...
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    Hard Drive Recommendations? - Long Life

    Hello, Building a simple mail server for about 60 users. Using a Dell PowerEdge R210 with no on board RAID. Any Recommendations for a Hard drive that's reliable and has a long life. Speed and such aren't important. Any recommendations? 250GB or greater SATA drive... Thank you in Advance.