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    FS CPU, GPU, 2230 NVME M.2 ssds (great for steamdeck), HDDS

    FS Parts: AM4 AMD 200ge $35 OBO low profile Dell Radeon PCie R5 430 $20 OBO 10x 2230 M.2 256GB MS Surface pulls($15 ea discounts on multiples) (great for steamdeck upgrades) 3x Dell 4g Adapters ($20ea) Laptop So-Dimm DDR4 8GB Sticks 1x 2133mhz $20 1x2400mhz $22 1x 2666mhz $25 Server Memory...
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    FS ASRock b450i ddr4, m.2 nvme, storage

    FS AM4 ITX barebone $200 below Low profile Radeon R5 430 Dell oem ASRock B450 itx board 16gb 2x8 Crucial Ballistix 2666 Ddr4 1tb Intel nvme ssd Amd wraith cooler unused 250w 1u flex psu Additional Parts 1x low profile Radeon R5 430 $35 shipped 1x6tb wd purple sata, $70 2x 4tb wd purple $40ea...
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    Raspberry Pi 4 vs x86 Emulation

    Questions does hardforum have a singlebard computing area? But actual question for Raspberry Pie 4 vs say a i7 3770s or a 6600 i5, in regards to gaming and speed which would you recommend starting down the path for a Retro Pie / Windows retro gaming experience, assuming x86 or rPi 4 are...
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    Supermicro X11DPi-NT Help Stuck at AF Initializing

    Long story short with power failures in DFW recently lost 2 servers with X11DPi-NT Dual 3647 boards similar issues. The board shows super micro and initializing AF. I think this might be causes from trying to update firmware and ipkvm a while ago through the ipkvm interface. Since these were...