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    New HTC headsets. Vive PRO 2 and Focus 2

    HTC ViveCon was yesterday and today and they are releasing two new headsets. The HTC Vive Pro 2, basically an updated Vive Pro they are also releasing a Quest 2 like headset for business called the Focus 3. What do...
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    litle help needed understanding a network sharing problem.

    Hi, wonder can anyone help me with his. The layout I have 4 computers with windows 8.1 pro on them, one is wireless, the others are wired. there is a shared folder on one of the wired computers that the other 3 connect to. They all connect back to the same router. They are all on the same...
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    My Creative sound blaster Z arrived today

    Well, totally got a surprise today when DHL arrived with my new creative Z sound card. Installed it earlier today and have been testing it in games and with music. It's really good so far. ANy questions, just ask, will write more about it later.
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    creative sound blaster Z

    I have just checked the online store on the European Creative website and I see that the sound blaster z is now available for sale. Very surprised that there are no reviews or anything yet. I am very tempted to buy one and try it out.
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    streacom tl1, Fatman iTube MkII, little dot mkiii. Valve AMPs

    Does anybody have any experience with any of these amps? I have been thinking a lot lately about trying a tube/valve amp. All the ones listed are nearly the same price, I know first one has no way to plug headphones in, but if I get it I hopeI can use it as a pre-amp to my receiver and plug the...
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    dual display problem on AMD 6950

    Hi guys, Just pulling my hair out here trying to setup a dual display the way I want it. I have two displays, one is a HDTV with 1920x1080 resolution and the other is a CRT and I want to use the resolution of 1280x1024. The problem starts when I use the CRT as my main monitor. The problem is...
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    SSD performance on SATA 3 controller card connected to PCI Express x1 slot.

    Hi, I am thinking of getting a SATA 3 controller card with two 6Gb's ports. It's a PCI Express card, but my motherboard has only one PCI-E x1 slot available (250MB/s, 500MB/s concurrent) Will using a SATA 3 card in this slot severely degrade the performance of any drives I attach to it? I...
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    overclocking with a Foxconn P67A-S

    I have got the Foxconn P67S-A motherboard and am wondering has anyone got a guide for overclocking a sandybridge cpu with it? In the bios there are the following in the CPU tuning section with the default values shown. Non Turbo Ratio override - 33 Host Clock Override (1/100 Mhz) - 10000...
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    GTX 560's Any word?

    Hey, Has there been any news lately about the 560's? I am still curious where they will fit into Nvidia's line up of cards. I am holding out on buying a card for my brother until these are released, they are taking ages!!
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    4870x2 owner upgrading to AMD 6950

    Ok, I know there was thread earlier asking was it worth it to upgrade from the 4870x2 to any of the 69xx series. Well, I went through a lot of thinking there recently and decided I would actually update my system this year. I have the 4870x2 for two years and when I heard that the next...
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    Have to change my phone, wondering which HTC phone is best

    I lost my phone last night and I have to upgrade sooner than I planned to. The two phones that I am thinking about are the HTC Desire and the HTC HD2. Of the two phones can anyone give me an idea as to which would be better? Over here there is still no sign of the incredible been released...
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    Wireless network setup issues with WDS

    Hi Everyone, I am having some problems setting up a wireless network for client a local school. I have been a few evenings at it, but, am getting no where. Ok, I purchased 4 draytek ap-700 access points to extend their network to some outbuildings. I have one of the four setup in the main...
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    Thinking of returning to an old favorite

    Well, I am thinking of buying a microsoft intellimouse 3.0. Had one years ago and loved it, maybe I'm looking to the past through rose tinted glasses, but I think it was the best mouse I have ever owned. I have used a lot of mice since my IE 3.0 broke down years ago. Here are some of the...
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    windows 7 and mouse acceleration

    Just wondering has anyone found a way to turn off mouse acceleration in Windows 7? In XP there was a CPL mouse fix, that really helped with games like Counter strike. I hope that somebody finds a way to turn it off for windows 7, as the vista fixes didn't work.
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    ATI stream

    Will the new ATI drivers with the new Stream function work with the 3870?
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    Hi all, can some of you give me advice speakers. A friend of mine from the states has asked my advice, but, I am in Ireland and not sure what to way to send him. He has a budget of $200. He has an Onkyo Sr606 receiver and a subwoofer (don't know what make) He was thinking of getting 5 Polk...
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    Need advice on Headphone amp or DAC.

    Well, I have just got myself a new pair of headphones, the JVC RX900's. They sound really good. Currently I have my computer connected by optical cable to my Martanz SR8001 receiver and I have my headphones connected to Marantz receiver. I am considering buying the Zero Dac to connect the...
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    New headphones, need advice

    Hi all, I am looking for advice on new headphones. My main use will be gaming and movie watching, but there will be some music listening too. I have read lots, but, I am in Ireland and most of the headphones been discussed here on the forum are not available where I am. So I can't really test...
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    ATI 4870x2 questions for other owners

    Hi, I have a 4870x2 a few days now and don't think I am getting the best out of it. I am on Vista 64, with 4GB of ram and a Q6600. first, since installing the 4870x2 I have a service called svchost.exe running at around 15% cpu useage all the time. Also explorer.exe keeps flicking between 1%...
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    My First Overclock. Went ok I think.

    Hi All, This was my first attempt at overclocking an Intel CPU. After running all the tests like Prime and that I decided that this is stable. I just wonder could I get an even better Overclock. I had the CPU vcore voltage at 1.42, but lowered it to 1.36 and it was still stable. I might try...
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    temp monitoring on Vista 64

    Hey, I am currently using three programs to measure temps on system. Cpuid hardware monitor, Speedfan and Fox one which came with the motherbaord. I have a foxconn X38A and a Q6600 chip, with a Scythe Ninja Rev B cooler. Currently using 1.36vcore and running at 3.2Ghz. I wanted to use...
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    Q6600 and CPUZ

    Hi, I have a Foxconn X38A motherboard and an Quad core Q6600 CPU. My memory is from OCZ, it's DDR2-800 from the reaper series. I am just finished building and installing the system and everything seems great, except for one thing. When I start CPUZ it shows my core speed as 1600 and my...
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    anybody ever network a hotel?

    I don't know if this is the right place to ask, but, has anyone here ever done any work for a hotel? I mean installing broadband connectivity for each room, and also supplying video on demand features. Either using the coaxial TV cables or the phone lines that are already installed in each room...
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    Need some advice on New system please

    Hi ALl, I am fed up waiting for AMD and decided to put together a system. What do you all think of this? I am a little clueless about DDR3 and DDR2, but I know I need an x38 because I have one HD3870 already and want to setup my system with crossfire. Here is what I am getting:- XClio...
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    New gaming and HD movie system

    Hi ALl, I am fed up waiting and decided to put together a system. What do you all think of this? I am a little clueless about DDR3 and DDR2, but I know I need an x38 because I have one HD2870 already and want to setup my system with crossfire. Here is what I am getting:- XClio Windtunnel...
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    AMD 790FX motherboard

    Hi, I currently have a DFI lanparty UT NF4 motherboard with an opteron 170 CPU installed. I am very happy with the service, but I recently bought a Radeon HD 3870 and it blocks the chipset fan from turning. I have went looking for other cooling solutions for the chipset, but there are none...
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    Radeon 3870 on AMD motherboards

    Hi All, I am just trying to put together a new system, and I currently have a Radeon HD 3870 and am very happy with it. My problem is that I am torn between getting a new Phenom CPU and motherboard or go for an intel solution. My question, Will the 3870 perform better on the new 790fx...
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    Help with Choosing LCD TV for PC use

    Hi All, After looking through the various threads and stuff here, I decided I wanted to buy a westinghouse 37 inch LCD, the LVM-37W3 one. But, it is not available in my country and I don't want to risk getting it delivered from America. There are several choices for me from Benq, dell...
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    DVI or VGA port faster response

    Hi All, I looked through the forums, but couldn't get any definate answer to my question. I just wonder is the DVI or VGA port better for gaming on the DEll 2407WFP?? I am not in a position to test this on my system for the next week or so. If anyone out there has noticed there FPS gaming...
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    Need advice for monitor purchase

    Hi All, I am currently the owner of a dell 2407WFP (A02) and it is a really nice monitor. I haven't noticed most of the issues that effect some of the other people. Banding can be seen in some instances, but you really have to be looking for it to notice it. No ghosting in games or anything...