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    iPhone 12

    iPhone 12 Mini starts at $699 (64 GB, 2 rear camera sensors) iPhone 12 starts at $799 (64 GB, 2 rear camera sensors) iPhone 12 Pro starts at $999 (128GB, 3 rear camera sensors) iPhone 12 Max starts at $1099 (128GB, 3 rear camera sensors) All will have 5nm A14 (50% faster than A13) and 5G All...
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    Next Generation Battery Tech Finally Arrives 2020?

    Huawei’s P40 Pro is about to launch with 5500 mAh of graphene batteries, charging from 0 to 100% in 45 minutes. So not only will we get a more pocketable phone from Motorola and other copycats like Samsung, we’ll finally be getting new batteries. 2020 is going to be a good year.
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    Motorola Razr

    if this is $799 and using flagship chipset, I’m in.
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    Surface Duo (Christmas 2020)

    Microsoft just announced a dual screen android phone (“partnership with Google”) that’s coming in Christmas 2020, more than a year away. It’s currently not a foldable screen, but rather a dual screen thing. So it’s not competing with the Galaxy Fold 2. Are you looking forward to it? me, I...
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    Android 10 released!

    Day 1: Google Pixels Essential Phone Redmi K20 Pro No Q dessert name. Google claims they are no longer naming Android desserts. But we'll see if they go back to a name with R.
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    State of Samsung Mobile

    Today Samsung finally announced their foldable phone, which is way too big for the pocket and it's basically a 2 screen device: one ugly small outer screen when the device is closed and a large inner foldable screen. I for one will not be an early adopter. Then came the bigger announcement...
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    OnePlus 6T

    Similar specs to OnePlus 6. Differences includes an underscreen fingerprint scanner, a small selfie notch, no headphone jack so they can use a bigger battery, and most importantly it will be for sale at T-Mobile stores, first time an US carrier will carry an OnePlus product. Launches October...
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    Xiaomi Mi8 Explorer Edition Cheaper than the OnePlus 6 with same specs (SD845, 8GB RAM) As compared to OP6, Pro: In screen fingerprint reader. Pressure sensitive display. 3D face unlock. Dual GPS. And most...
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    Google Pixel 3

    Here's our first look at the upcoming post-HTC full-Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL I like the look of the smaller model render better. I never liked notches with chins.
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    Huawei P20

    I know how some folks here don't trust Huawei cause government conspiracies, etc, but looks like they have built a winner.
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    Razer Phone

    Razer is expected to be unveiling their new gaming and entertainment centric phone on Nov. 1. I'm going to take a wild guess that it'll look very similar to the Pixel 2 XL with front facing stereo, and probably the same internal hardware too, but thicker with a 3.5mm jack (to hook up to Razer's...
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    WTB: Z97 mITX motherboard

    I'm looking for a Z97 mITX motherboard. My ROG Maximus VII Impact got a bent pin, and it's now a missing pin... So I'm looking for something of similar capabilities to replace it. And if you're looking for parts for that non-posting ROG Maximus VII Impact, let me know too. Thanks!
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    Google Buying HTC's Smartphone Business

    Reports are coming right now that Google is looking to acquire HTC's smartphone business. HTC's Vive division will supposedly remain as part of HTC, although there are rumors that Google may want the Vive too after hiring the designer of the Vive away from HTC some times back to work on Google...
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    Thermaltake Releases Two SFX 80-gold PSUs

    Thermaltake Releases New SFX PSUs: 450W and 600W, rated at 80 PLUS Gold
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    Battery: The Weakest Link

    Battery technology hasn't made a major improvement in a while or at least not something that could be produced in the immediate future, but this might be the biggest news I've heard in a while, and it might be achievable rather soon, due to the fact it's not fundamentally doing things any...
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    Fire TV (2015) vs NVidia Shield

    Since I got both, I thought I share my opinion of both of them. (I don't have Roku 4, but I do have a Roku 2, which is slow...) I gotten both of these partially because they were both on sale; one is for $150 and the other is for $75. The other reason is that I needed wireless-ac for that...
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    Samsung "Turtle" Glass

    Looks like Samsung is about to ditch Corning for their own patented glass tech call Turtle Glass. And the new spokesperson for Samsung is Megan Fox. (One of which is a joke...)
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    OnePlus 2

    SoC: Snapdragon 810 v2.1 OS: Oxygen Connector: USB Type-C RAM: 4 GB LPDDR4 Expected/Rumored Specs: Display: 5.5" 1080p Internal Storage: 16/64 GB Back Camera: 16 MP Front Camera: 5 MP Expected Price: Starting at $349
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    TMo: Dish or Comcast?

    If Comcast gets TMo, my one account on TMo will be dropped immediately upon the news. I'm not even going to wait to regulators' approval. Right now, the only big 4 networks whose politics I could somewhat agree with is Sprint and a little bit okay with TMo. With Comcast, hell no TMo. Even...
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    BlackBerry is making an android phone

    With a pop out keyboard? Thoughts?
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    Google MVNO

    According to Bloomberg, Google may be launching its dynamicly switching cross-network MVNO this week. Google will dynamically switch mainly between Sprint and T-Mobile; some other regional carriers are also rumored to be part of the dynamic network. Although any phone such as the Nexus 5 with...
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    LG G4

    Although the official announcement for the G4 is scheduled for April 28th, LG has already released information about the phone. It seemed like the LG display arm is not talking to LG Mobile. And LG's camera division has also announced their in house camera sensors for the G4. Display: 5.5" QHD...
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    PSA: XPosed Framework for Lollipop Working

    rovo89 has announced that XPosed framework for lollipop has made significant progress. He is claiming that it works, there are just some bugs to work out and additional features. IT IS COMING! When...
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    Any thoughts on these Eero Mesh AC WiFi?

    Not that I have any problems with my single Netgear Nighthawk, but I'm considering this as recommendations for my nontechnical friends, and also myself when I'm seeing what it promises in terms of security and notifications. What you guys think?
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    Samsung Galaxy S6

    Don't have a legitimate source for leaked hardware specs yets but I think it's safe to assume this: 1440p 3GB of RAM Now for the exciting news from legitimate sources...
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    LG 34UC87M - First IPS FreeSync (and curved ultrawide too)

    Got fooled by CNET once again... I will now fact-check CNET on all their CES coverage. Provantage has it already listed for a little more than $1200. I don't know if it's just a place holder.
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    ACER XB270HU - First IPS G-Sync Monitor
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    ACER XG270HU is "the world’s first gaming monitor with an edge-to-edge frameless display for seamless viewing and quick 1ms response time."
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    HTC One (M9)

    Time to actually get excited again on smartphones. A huge hardware evolution is coming. Obviously Samsung, LG, and others will have this too, but this is the first leaked specs. The HTC One (M9), code named HIMA, is scheduled for March 2015 release. Rumored Specs: S810 2.0GHz*4 + 1.5GHz*4...
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    Nokia N1

    Nokia made an Android (intel) x86-64 tablet with USB Type-C connector. Yeah, this is a good sign that we'll also get Type-C on devices next spring!
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    Tin Foil Hats or Real Concern? There goes corporate greed again. They'll be making even more money by "helping you" get tracked by advertisers, without lowering the cost of your service and without any additional...
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    Official Android 5.0 Lollipop Thread

    Wanna talk about Lollipop? Wanna talk about the Material Design? Project Volta? Other features? Make fun of the slogan, "Be together, not the same.” ?!? :) Update Path: Nexus - 5 and 7 (2012) will get the update in coming weeks; 4 will get it later. HTC - within 90 days of release Moto -...
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    Samsung listened? TouchWiz Replaced? I welcome this news with open arms!
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    Vizio 4K TV

    The Vizio 4K TV's Performance Series are out. The current pricing for the 50" is under $1000, which is the reason why this TV would likely be extremely popular. Early reviews shows good image, contrast second to only OLED, and high color quality. As this is [H], how good is it for gaming? The...
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    LG G Watch R

    Not to take over the other rounded watch thread
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    Ergonomic Keyboard and Mouse

    I need a suggestion for keyboard and mouse for suffering from carpal tunnel. I'm not even 30 yet... *Sigh. The Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic set (~$75) seems to be popular, I'm looking for other alternatives. I don't mind going up as high as double the price of the Sculpt if "justified." This...
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    zLauncher by Nokia From TechCrunch:
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    Kairos Smartwatch Mechanical Hybrid

    If real, looks like Moto 360 has competiton. A transparent screen!
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    HTC One Prime,26830.html Other rumors indicate a 18MP camera with another smaller "UltraPixel" camera. The logo bezel is actually small enough to not hate it... I'm going to guess a bigger push for wireless charging Rumored release date...