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    Dual monitor on an A-Series motherboard?

    I'm buying my SO a desktop which is much easier to troubleshoot and it makes it easier for my SO to do graduate school on two monitors. Lately my SO was using my desktop while the Surface Pro 3 is in the shop getting replaced by Microsoft (it won't turn on for some reason despite instructions...
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    Criticize my replacement proposal.

    I'm replacing my main machine which it's way dated. I'm planning to purchase on Amazon with their 12 month 0% financing program when paid in full. My current set up: Phenom 9950 MSI K9A2 Platinum Kingston HyperX 4GB (2x2GB) Gigabyte Radeon 6950 1GB Western Digital Raptor 300GB 2x...
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    Remotely collecting ALL patch information via powershell

    I've already looked at a program called PoshPAIG which unfortunately this tool does not work for me (due to firewall issues). My powershell knowledge is very very limited and I'm trying to figure out how to remotely extract patch information from thousands of servers. While I can do Get-HotFix...
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    Low power consumption build help?

    I have an older system which is the AMD Phenom 9950 / Gigabyte K9A2 Platinum, Radeon 6950, etc for the last 3 or so years. The thing sucks down around 700W or so which I'm looking to cut that down a lot. I'm in South Carolina which energy prices are really high whereas being back in Washington...
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    Power Shell - Adding/Removing users

    Does anyone have experience with power shell in removing or adding users from a list of 2003 / 2008 servers? Scenario: Group: portland\pornaddictgroup Server: The pornaddictgroup is in the Portland Domain which has Administrator privileges on the server...
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    Remote Management - 2003/2008 / Access Check

    I have a strange issue here at work and was thinking of a way around it. If one was to log onto any 2003 server through remote management and use Server Manager into another server whether it's 2003 or 2008, it works fine. If I do it from 2008, it doesn't due to the policy of disabling Server...
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    FS: 2 x 1TB Western Digital Black Caviar & RocketRaid 2300 Controller Card

    I have a wedding coming up so I need to part with the drives that I own. Western Digital 1TB Caviar Black - $140 via Amazon Payments I have 1 used hard drive and 1 new hard drive sealed in the bag. Uploaded with
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    Bitcoin market possible crash

    Mt. Gox/Bitcoin Prices has been falling consistently for a while now and I thought to let you guys know that there has been an influx of video cards on ebay and possibly other sites as well as some sellers here changing their minds. This is the best time we need to start forcing video cards...
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    Retard building first HPTC

    I've never built an HPTC, so I'm laying it out here on what I've figured to build for my system. Case w/ remote deal: CPU: HD...
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    13"~ laptop recommend?

    I'm helping out a friend of mine build his laptop for corporate related purposes and he's asking for the following. 13"~ monitor PC (Apple's not an option) Excellent screen resolution / quality 300GB hard drive with or without a CD/DVD expansion. I'm probably taking a stab that his...
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    Need AM2+ Cooler for K9A2 Platinum board? Help?

    I'm not exactly sure what CPU heatsink will work for my motherboard. It's quite hard to find one that may seem compatible with my motherboard. It's just so that I don't want to purchase a CPU heatsink that will end up not fitting in the motherboard due to the positioning of the CPU so close to...
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    WTB: Visiontek 900244 Radeon HD 4870 512MB 256-bit card

    You can find the specifications here that I'm looking for I'm hoping to upgrade my primary card to crossfire so I can be able to add a 3rd monitor / HDMI connection. Send me PM's on what your price will be. I do paypal and...
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    Looking for a new laptop

    I'm looking to buy a laptop for school but not a netbook. They're nice but I'm not looking to get a netbook. My budget that I'm putting down for a laptop is going to be about $1200 give or take. I previously had bought the Dell XPS M1530 off Dell Outlet but gave it to my dad to use for his...
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    Red / Green pixels issue (Samsung 2243BWX)

    Well I was working on a computer for a client of mine and used my secondary monitor's analog output to the computer I was working on so I can just hit "Source" to switch back between digital and analog sources. Then at some point when I was working as I was switching sources between...
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    iPhone alternative

    I'm a user of the iPhone which is provided to me by my company until I leave to go back to school and I'm looking for an alternative. The Samsung Impression came out the other day which I went to look at it but it's extremely neutered which they should have included Wifi or even an exchange...
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    Need a reliable DSL Modem

    So I stupidly went with Qwest's option of buying their DSL modem only to find out that the piece of crap sucks and there's no option for upgrading the firmware on it. I was reading engadget today and saw that Netgear had the Wireless-N router out called the WNR2000 supposedly with a built-in...