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    Fallout 4

    load times are really slow for me, 20-30 seconds (occasionally more) when fast traveling, even 10-20 with the black screen for going in/out doors. win8.1 4790k/16GB ram/crucial SSD/980, so not a wimpy system. Not sure why its so slow. Its annoying.
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    Nexus M ( 2015 ) Smartphone

    the unboxing videos are all from the nexus india launch event, apparently there was a room where they're all unboxing the same phones they havent shipped there yet
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    Waterproof phones

    The just announced moto g 2015 (3rd gen) is rated at IPX7, so 30min@1meter immersion. I wouldn't say thats water proof, but should be fine if you drop it in water or something.
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    Prime Day is Coming 7/15/2015

    yeah, wanted this deal too, oh well. 2015 nexus 5 for me in the fall i guess.
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    Prime Members get MX100 512GB for $160

    make sure to upgrade the firmware on the mx100, MU01 had issues, MU02 seems okay.
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    Is copying steam games from one computer to another no longer possible?

    the backup/restore functionality works pretty well, without messing around with the files. It does take time & space for the backup to be created however.
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    Understanding Spam Scripts periodically posts an example analysis of some server side scripts. There are different ways to obfuscate/minify the files, so it takes some practice/expertise to figure out how to decode them properly.
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    Hash Functions/Tables

    A Hash function takes any input and reduces it to a fixed (smaller) hashvalue in a repeatable way. It could be complicated like MD5. It could be as simple as odd/even. oddhash(x) = x % 2; A keyspace of 2 is very small and will yield lots of collisions(items with the same hashvalue). Which is...
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    GTX 970 SLI or single 980 for 1440p gaming

    970's are the cheaper &faster choice, but then you can run into SLI issues. If you have the money and just want reliability, go for a 980.
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    Far Cry 4 set in the Himalayas

    the harpoon gun is ridiculously overpowered also. sends enemies flying on impact. not very practical to use. on a side note, i have the escape from durgesh prison now on my menu for my steam copy of FC4. Was missing until they patched something sunday.
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    Far Cry 4 set in the Himalayas

    yeah, i sometimes tote around the buzzsaw special LMG and its way overpowered. like 3 bullets to take out a heavy, vehicles explode super fast, rhino's are down effortlessly, etc. with the grenade launcher sidearm, im not sure of the point of the regular grenade launcher, or toting around an...
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    Far Cry 4 set in the Himalayas

    I'm progressing through the story, just took over the 3rd fortress when you are supposed to after its weakened via story mission. And, just unlocked the fancy rocket launcher +cluster upgrade from Longinus, so im thinking about going after the 4th fortress early even though its "very hard"...
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    How to boot from a cdrom drive connected to a pci sata card?

    The option rom for the sata card would be what configures the booting. In your motherboard bios/uefi you'll need to look for any settings to enable/disable option roms. Then you'll need to get into the rom config for the card and set that up, to boot to the right device. This should be done...
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    Trying to catch Bittorrent users with Wireshark...

    as mi7chy says, you'd mirror a port carrying all the traffic to the external internet, or out of your area off to the external connection, all the traffic will go through the one port.
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    Existing coaxial/BNC/S-Video camera -- possible to give RTSP stream?

    there are svideo capture cards for computers, with appropriate software you can get it onto the network. I don't know if there are any dedicated network devices to do this.
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    10Gbe group for my C6100

    if the machines are closer to each other, just go cat 6/cat7 rj45 10Gbase-t with a netgear XS708E for under $1k. $350 per intel X540-t1 10g nic. reviews say the netgear switches are extremely loud, so i hope you have a server closet.
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    HDMI ARC or Optical to sound bar

    ARC if both support it. The TV may downgrade all audio running through it to stereo/DPL over optical. My previous samsung did that with optical. Dont run out to buy an hdmi cable, order from amazon or monoprice and save a ton of cash.
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    IDE's or editors?

    IDE, eclipse for everything. I dont create new projects for most throw away code though, i just keep a "scratch" project for different languages that fills up with small scripts. This is for languages that allow multiple 'main's. The CDT i havent fussed with enough to allow multiple binaries...
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    SQL noob query help. I always forget how to join correctly.

    which sql database are you using?
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    Compiler/IDE for beginning programming

    c/c++ are not very forgiving. they're about the last thing i would recommend for learning to program by yourself. python is nice, but i dont write gui's in it, i dont know how difficult they are. its not compiled, and even has an interactive interpreter so you can get results as you type...
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    HD digital tuner

    be careful, i expect you will need cablecards for the roamio if you want digital channels. Cox assuredly charges for those, which may alter the financial aspects.
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    Laptop HDMI to 52'' LCD

    120hz/240hz televisions don't accept 120hz input. They accept 24/60hz input and feature video processing to interpolate the video frames up to 120hz. Some gaming specific computer monitors can accept an actual 120hz refresh rate input. I would try the tv in game mode, which disables all the...
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    Sharing Tuner over network

    windows media center doesn't support pcs as an extender which is a huge oversight in my opinion. You'll have to check if the ceton software supports it, otherwise you could get another xbox extender.
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    Can I get to UEFI settings on a notebook without Windows 8?

    BIOS/UEFI are before you boot the OS, so the os doesnt matter. Now the bios/uefi may have a setting to change which of those you boot into (bios/uefi). Changing which firmware boots after the os is installed may render your OS unbootable however. I don't know what you mean by "CSM".
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    Clarify HDMI with ethernet for me.

    I haven't seen any devices that support HDMI with ethernet yet. I'd expect once they do start to come out, there will be varying capabilities/support.
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    Couple of java SE programming questions

    I'd also do this, however depending on the timer it may end early, so you need to see if you still have more time to sleep before its actually time. Also make sure that whatever timer you use causes your program to go idle, and not busy-wait @ 100% cpu. The api documentation for the...
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    Multi-Threading in Python - Not re-running a thread that's already going

    try something like: #earlier in your code getLed_thread = None #define the variable, so you don't get a Name error when checking the variable #elsewhere if getLed_thread is not None and getLed_thread.is_alive(): pass#allready running else: pass#run a new thread
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    Multi-Threading in Python - Not re-running a thread that's already going

    Keep the reference to getLed_thread around somewhere you can access it from the button. The simplest, but possibly least robust way would be to use threading.Thread.is_alive(). to see if the thread is still alive. Or you could use locks that the thread holds, and your button checks, which...
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    Where to buy a Network Hub? (Not a switch)

    before you spend $100 on a hub, look into the cheaper semi managed switches, like the netgear gs108t. My gs108t supports port mirroring. Still around $100, but more functionality, and gigabit. I would check the manual for the current gs108t-nas model though.
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    Network toys?

    i'd be sure they are 10/100/1000 on all ports before bothering. Googling reveals several 2948G versions that are 48 port 10/100 +2 gigabit ports.
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    DirectTV tuner + Synology?

    no, the hdhomerun is a tuner for over the air and cable hd. you'd need something to capture from component or hdmi. but with component you will have hdcp issues.
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    Interesting MySQL and JDBC Issue

    Is that ip in the error message your friends external ip? ( so he can tell. If it is, he's been blocked like the message says. He could try rebooting his router to try and get a new ip, or he'll have to get someone at the school to run the listed mysqladmin command.
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    Python question

    in the future you could do something like print repr(newip) to look for unexpected control characters in the data. it will show them escaped, like you would do in a string constant. also, if you didnt know, .strip() on strings is handy for cleaning up any leading or trailing whitespace.
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    Commercial Skipping on MCE

    like tmillszero1, i just use the +30s/-5s ffwd/rwnd buttons on my xbox 360 remote to zip through commercials. Its not automated, but not really a bother.
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    Trouble is ARC, Samsung Smart TV and Yamaha Receiver

    When you adjust the volume on the receiver, do you get the tv's volume overlay on screen? Or does the tv volume control work for the receiver? If HDMI-CEC is working, both should be true.
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    What does it take to make my own extender?

    they can build it because microsoft gives them the software/specs & keys to do so. You don't have the agreements with ms to do so. Just get a xbox360 slim +remote, works great as an extender.
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    What does it take to make my own extender?

    in short you can't make one, which is lame. You would think a full copy of windows media center would be able to act as an extender, but it can't. You have to buy a manufactured extender.
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    Windows XP and swapping motherboards

    disks plugged into the same ports as on the original? If they are plugged in a different order the bootloader could be trying to boot an incorrect partition.
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    Anyone running multiple USB tuners?

    when you do the setup you in wmc you can exclude channels from certain tuners. The signal strength test gets run per tuner and there you can disable channels. i never had much luck with the hauppauge usb tuners though, the install would get lost every other month and i'd have to unplug them...
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    What will happen to my second partition if I re-format Win7?

    if the 2nd partition is NTFS you'll have to take ownership of the files after you reinstall. Right click, somewhere in properties, take ownership, so you own the files instead of the previous account. if its a 2nd disk with the data, you could unplug it while you format to be sure. backing up...