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    FS: New 9600GT OC 512mb PCI-E Video cards

    selling one new Galaxy 9600gt video card. Bought two from dell but decided to use just one.... I dont really game much selling for 60 shipped. feedback info in the sig.
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    FS: New Ipod touch 8gb 2nd gen 185

    Like title says. I got one to sell. Brand new, never used. Still sealed. 185 shipped. Feedback information inside sig.
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    WTB: Apple gift cards (any amounts, prefer large amounts)

    Looking to buy some apple gift cards. any amount is okay but i prefer large amounts (over 100). Would like to save some money on new macbook pro :) heatware and ebay feedback in my sig. Please PM or post here
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    FS: dell 20" widescreen 2005fpw

    Hi guys. I havent really been an active member for a while and now i have a lot extra PC parts. Price does not include shipping. Buyer will pay for exact shipping and i will discount for buying multiple items. Feedback: heatware: ebay...
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    Stop vista from scanning my ext HDD

    I have a 1tb external HDD and ever since ive switched to vista, it get's scanned every time i boot up. vista scans it like right after that circle with the windows logo appears during bootup... it shows like a blank black screen for like 2-3 mins afterwards. I was wondering if there was anyway...
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    Weird Search results in FS?

    Okay so in the past, the way i usually quickly go to my threads in FS to bump is just to search for part of the title. For instance, the current title of my thread is "FS: Older and working computer parts CHEAP! Under 10 dollars!" I would search something like "computer parts cheap" to quickly...
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    FS: DFI LP NF4 Ultra-D, Athlon 64 3200+, 2g ddr400, Thermalright XP-90, 500watt PSU

    Hi guys. I havent really been an active member for a while and now i have a lot extra PC parts. Price does not include shipping. Buyer will pay for exact shipping and i will discount for buying multiple items. Feedback: heatware: ebay...
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    FS: Older and working computer parts CHEAP! Under 10 dollars!

    Hi guys. I havent really been an active member for a while and now i have a lot extra PC parts. Price does not include shipping. Buyer will pay for exact shipping and i will discount for buying multiple items. Feedback: heatware: ebay...
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    FS: New Seagate 1TB SATA HDs, 30gb 7200rpm HD, more

    Everything Here is SOLD. THANK YOU!!! Hi guys. I havent really been an active member for a while and now i have a lot extra PC parts. Price does not include shipping. Buyer will pay for exact shipping and i will discount for buying multiple items. Feedback: heatware...
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    Ipod acting weird

    So yesterday, i added about 80 more songs to my ipod. Afterwards, when i try to browse by artists, it doesnt show any artists but instead just shows songs in random order. If i go to songs, it shows songs in abc order. Anyone know how to fix this? Could this be because theres too many...
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    FS: 1gb and 2gb Flash Drives NEW!

    I got 1gb Memorex, 1gb Sony, and 2gb Corsair flash memory drives for sale. 4x 1gb Memorex flash memory drives: 48 shipped each 4x 1gb Sony flash memory drives: 53 shipped each Sold. no more availible 1x 2gb Corsair flash memory drive: 105 shipped Sold. no more availible These...
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    Ipod screen is already cracked...

    Omg! My ipod screen already cracked. When i received it, it already had a small crack. Now it developed into a bigger crack...
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    Getting USB 2.0 on DFI MB

    How do i get usb 2.0 on my dfi lp ultra4 mobo? I know its 2.0 capable but when i plug in devices into the usb ports in the back, the message pops up saying something like it will go faster if i was a usb 2.0 port. I tried all the ports and none seem to be usb 2.0. Is there a driver i have to...
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    Nano or 30gb 5th?

    Well, im ready to buy an Ipod now. Since those ebay coupons came out, ill just purchase it on ebay. Im not a noob to ebay and i know what to check out about the seller before buying. Im still debating whether to get a 30gb Video or a 4gb Nano. 4gb is enough for me... for now... i think. I...
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    Digital camera under 200?

    ive done some research and im probably going to purchase the SD200 soon. I've found that i can get it on ebay for under 200 brand new. Its only 3.2mp but its fine for what ill use it for. Ill rarely be developing any pictures and ive heard that 3mp is fine for 4 x 6 pictures. Are there any...
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    Mass resize?

    I got a lot of pictures that i just took but they are all in 4mp resolution. Is there a program that i can use to resize all of them at once so i could upload them onto photobucket? if this is not the right forum for this, please move it. thanks!
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    FS: 2x 246 (2.0ghz) Opteron and Tyan K8se Dual CPU Mobo

    For sale two (2) AMD Opteron 246 CO stepping, 940 K8, 1MB Cache chips. These will come in a black "jewlry" case. They are brand new. I would like 180 shipped USPS priority mail for each. Or 355 for the pair. Also availible is the complementing K8se motherboard. more info can be found on...
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    want to learn php and asp

    ive had a lot of experience working with html and have even found a part-time job for the summer working with it. now i want to expand my knowledge to asp and php. Do i really need to get a windows 98 or NT machine?
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    what are screen savers for?

    What are screen savers for? Are they just to look "good" when your not using the comp? is there any other purpose to them? I actually find them quite annoying especially when im watching a movie and if im not using the computer, its turned off anyways.
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    item took 3 weeks to arrive... what feedback?

    ok i bought something from a forum member here. He shipped it and i received it about a week after payment was sent. I open it up to find some parts were missing and contact the seller. He then says he had bought it off another forum member and he never knew there were parts missing. He...
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    HDTV is broadcasted for free?

    ive been hearing that HDTV is broadcasted along with the analog channels. I live by LA and i can receive the analog signals fine, do you thing i could get the HDTV signals too? I just ordered a 2005fpw and im ready to use that as my tv too and i heard that regular analog tv looks like crap...
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    TV to VGA box and 2005fpw

    I just bought a 2005fpw off a forum member and now i was wondering if i should give my sister my old TV as well to get rid of some space. I was gonna buy the viewsonic n5/n6 (not sure of the difference) or this Kworld box. the kworld looks like its a better deal right now. all 3 boxes can...
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    which wireless desktop adapter?

    which wireless desktop adapter receives router signals the best? ive been trying to set up a server at the edge of my backyard to extend my uncles internet into my house but the signal aint so good. sometimes it would not respond for a few seconds. was wondering which was the best wireless...
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    FS: Intel Pro Wireless 2100 LAN 3B Mini PCI Adapter

    They're back! hi everyone. ok im selling 20 of these pci cards. they are oem and come with no software or drivers but thats not a problem. if you use windowx xp, drivers, i believe are already include in your system or can be easily downloaded through windows update. But if you insist, i...
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    new video card for 2005fpw?

    well after looking through the forum, it seems that the 2005fpw is really good and im thinking of buying it the next time i see it under 400 with coupons. well im using a 6600gt pci-e (560/1.2) card right now and im afraid it wont run the games i play at the lcd's native resolution well. I...
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    buy this now or wait for next 1905fp sale?

    when going through some monitors on newegg today, this monitor really caught my attention. the specifications look good and has a nice price too after rebates. for my this would be around 318 total with tax and ship before rebates. Assuming the rebate comes back, itll be 268. ive been...
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    16ms 19in. 500:1 w/ DVI 249 AR from the egg good deal? AOpen F90JS Black 19" 16ms LCD Monitor Built in Speakers - Retail Brand AOpen Model F90JS Cabinet Color Black Display Panel Active Matrix, TFT LCD Screen Size 19" Display Type SXGA Maximum Resolution...
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    will this work? complex "range extender"

    i was wondering if my plan would work: theres a house between my house and my uncle and i can only detect his wireless signal from some parts of my house so i thought id make a range extender. i would have a lower power PIII computer w/ wireless adapter that i would use as a...
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    memtest86+: test 5?

    im just wondering why is test 5 so important? when looking around forums (this one and others) people seem to always do a quick test 5 before each memory frequency increment. also, are a couple errors every hour okay?
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    recognize these chips?

    anyone recognize these chips? i just want to know whats max volts i should run this at. so far, 215mhz, 2-2-2-5 @ 2.8volts. no errors in memtest
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    can i sleep with 5 tornados in my box?

    If i were to place 5 high-output vantec tornados in my box, do you guys think i could sleep if i left it on at night? id have 2 80mm front intakes, 1 80mm back and 1 80mm top exhaust, and a 92mm on an xp-90. at 12 volts, exactly how loud are these fans? would i be able to sleep? what if...
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    need help with BlueJ quick!!

    ok i have a programming contest my teacher entered me into (as part of a 5 person team) to go to tomorrow. the problem is the people hosting the contest suggests that we use BlueJ and i dont know how to use the dam program... At school, we use jcreator and jj2. my question to you pros...
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    FS: 1GB (2 x 512MB) DDR400 Dual Channel Memory new

    NO LONGER AVAILIBLE Brand pqi Type 184-Pin DDR SDRAM Capacity- 1GB (2 x 512MB) Speed DDR 400- (PC 3200) Cas Latency- 2.5 Timing- 2.5-3-3-7 (SPD reports 2.5-4-4-8) Voltage- 2.6V ECC- No Registered/Unbuffered- Unbuffered Manufacturer Warranty- Lifetime used only for a...
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    FS: 1GB (2 x 512MB) DDR 400 (PC 3200) Memory

    Brand pqi Type 184-Pin DDR SDRAM Tech Spec Capacity 1GB (2 x 512MB) Speed DDR 400 (PC 3200) Cas Latency 2.5 Timing 2.5-4-4-7 (advertised as 2.5-3-3-7 but cpu-z SPD reports as 2.5-4-4-8) Voltage 2.6V used only for a few days. asking 84 shipped for these. paypal or money order...
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    1T + divider = no windows

    ok my system doesnt seem to want to go into windows at 1T. im forced to use 2T unless i want absolutely almost no overclocking. with 1T, im unable to go into windows with a memory divider. my ram the gayest PQI turbo 3200 DAH, will not overclock whatsoever. only with 2T am i able to use a...
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    non-SLR digital with quick shutter speeds

    are there any digital cameras that arent SLR with faster shutter speeds like 800 or maybe even 1000 and above? i'd just like one that has a quick shutter speed without having to pay the price of the SLR ones.
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    bought 2 cases, only need one... what to do?

    well i bought a lian-li pc65b and a wave master because i couldnt decide which one i wanted so i was gonna look at both and decide in person but im still torn between the two... what should i do?
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    looks like im going venice

    well after having tried the 3000+ winchester, i was disapointed with my overclock, only being able to reach 260 * 9 @ 1.664 volts. anymore than that and it would cause errors in prime95. well, to cut it short, its on ebay now. well back on topic. im planning on getting the 3000+ venice...
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    FS: 3000+ oem winchester; heatsink also availible

    hi. selling my 3000+ oem winchester. ive only used it for about 48 hours so far. ive only benched it and over clocked it. max volt was 1.664 and temp never went above 50C. it can probably go over 2.4 with better cooling. im gonna ask for 119 shipped for this and will be only accepting...
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    memory voltage

    whats the max i should raise my voltage to? im using this ram which is rated at 2.6. so far ive sucessfully gotten past one pass of memtest at 235mhz @ 2.8v. should i raise this higher? i dont have any water cooling for the ram.