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    Search Engine Indexing

    I've noticed that the [H] forums have been dutifully reindexed by Google since it has been resurrected. Is this by design, or will there be a robots.txt added in to kill off the spiders eventually? One advantage of cutting out search engine spiders is that the traffic they generate by eating...
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    Nix the thread description mouseovers

    The javascript mouseovers that show up when looking at a list of threads is incredibly annoying! The mouseover shows the first few sentences of the thread.. but the constant popups are annoying as hell. I can't think of any good reason to keep this in. It must increase load on the thread...
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    WTB: 1U-4U Rackable Server (Complete, or Close)

    I am looking to purchase a 1 to 4U rackable server for my network. The ceiling on my spending is around $300, the more complete the system the more I will be willing to spend. Some baseline specs: P3-500mhz 256mb RAM 10-20 GB HDD CD-ROM and Floppy (preferred) 200-300W Powersupply 1...
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    Packaging when shipping computer parts (pic)

    Well, I guess I have learned my lesson buying from non-Newegg/MWave types. I ordered a USB Pen Style Wireless adapter, along with a PCMCIA Wireless adapter from MR. Tech ( ) because the prices were very attractive and they had both items I was looking...