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    Home Server - Backup Strategy (ZFS, VMDKs, File Level)

    Hi guys, For context - I set this ESXi whitebox up some time ago and it was always a test bed; until it wasn't. It now stores a whole bunch of non-critical content (backups, audio, ISO images). Recently my brother somehow installed CryptoWall which nuked about 800Gb of files and we were only...
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    OpenIndiana + Nappit - No Free Space

    Hi all The other day my napp-it/OI box went down and couldn't come back up. It was because snapshots had filled the disk so it was in an unusable state. I fixed it by adding -s to grub (not sure if this even did anything), zfs list -t snapshot, and then deleting old snapshots using zfs...
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    Critique ESXi Build

    Hi guys, I'm planning a new server build that will run ESXi 5.1, Windows Server 2012 Essentials (Plex, Sab, Sick), OpenIndiana and PfSense. Hardware: Intel Xeon E3-1230v2 (174.25) Intel S1200BTL (159.21) 16GB (2x8GB) Kingston ValueRAM ECC KVR1333D3D4R9SK2/16G (119.54) 3x WD RED 3TB...
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    ESXi Whitebox Backup

    Hi guys, Brief rundown: ESXI 5.0, Intel Xeon 1230, 16GB of RAM, 3x 250GB HDD's for VM's. Hardware passthrough PCIE Sata Card to Open Indiana - 5x 1TB HDD's. 1x Server 2012 Essentials 1x PFSense 1x Open Indiana What's the best backup solution? I have just bought another 3TB WD RED to...
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    Backup ADSL on Cisco Router?

    Hi guys I have a Cisco 861 which connects to a BTnet connection using FA0 I would like to connect FA1 to an existing ADSL router which will have no security on it at all, and simply forward all ports to the Cisco (technically a DMZ?) Then when the 861 fails I would like to make the ADSL...
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    Weirdest USB Error Ever / Mercedes Benz

    This is a 32gb micro sandisk usb memory stick thing, plugged it into my PC after 4 months in the car: Just a WTF moment, going to format it and start over :S
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    Server 2012 Standard - Backup Clients?

    Hi all I have 2012 standard trial and I want to use it to backup my client machines - what WHSv1 does for me at the minute. Is there a way to add essentials like functionality to standard? I don't want to purchase any licenses as this is for a home testing environment. Looking to...
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    Dell U2711 DisplayPort Shens

    Hi guys, I have a Dell u2711 plugged in using Displayport, great. I also have a Panasonic ST31 television plugged in via HDMI. The issue is, when I turn my Dell off and the Panasonic off, Windows thinks all hells broken lose and reverts all of my applications to 640x480 (or as small as...
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    Dissertation ideas?

    Hey guys, I'm in my final year at University over here in the UK - and I need to write my thesis/dissertation. All the ideas I've had put forward suck balls, so I'm wondering what you guys would like to be researched in a semi-advanced level to do with networking? Hardware encryption...
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    Edit: Nvm, found guide - fail thread.
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    PfSense + ESXi 5 = 10Mbit Limit

    Hi guys, I do have another thread regarding this but thought I'd clear it up to get some more targeted help if possible. Background: Intel Xeon 1230 DQ67SW 16GB non-ECC 2x 10/100/1000CT Intel NIC's Running PfSense, 32bit or 64bit, Monowall 32bit - I hit a brick wall of 10Mbit when...
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    Virtualised PfSense - How to PPPoE?

    EDIT: Got it working via passthrough and using a vSwitch - however I am maxing out at 9mbit?? Is there a way to test my connection speed to the router incase it's the LAN interface? Hey guys, I have virtualised my PfSense 64bit install, all is fine, installed VM Tools as we speak. I bought a...
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    ZFS/OpenIndiana Home Server/Windows 7 Slowness

    Hi guys, I thought i'd create a seperate thread to stop spamming up the main one. I have the following setup: Intel Xeon 1230 Intel DQ67SW 4x4GB Kingston RAM 5x1TB Hard Drives I am running OpenIndiana ZFS RAIDz with all 5 drives, passed over using ESXi. All is well. I have set up my...
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    ESXi Noob Guides

    Hey guys, for the noobs amongst us I made some videos, most are relating to installing Open Indiana/ZFS file share on an all-in-one. How to make a bootable ESXi 5 USB - How to license ESXi - How to...
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    Quick ESX5 question

    If I want to add an additional network card, can I just power down the ESXi whitebox, add the card, reboot and be good to go?
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    WHS + 5TB + ESXi

    Hi all, please ignore my previous threads and posts. I would like to get some advice if you don't mind on my home server install. It will be as so: Intel DQ67SW motherboard 16GB Kingston (non-ECC) RAM 5x 1TB drives (3x Samsung, 2x Seagate) ESXi5 (second SATA card and 2x intel NIC's) I intend...
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    PPPoE through switch?

    Is this possible? WAN would have to be plugged into same switch as LAN though. Or should I just run a 30ft ethernet cable to my modem?
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    Win Server 2k3 Audit

    I have a log/audit file from a Win 2k3 server - I have no access. How do I check it is up to date? All the KB's are listed.
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    Intel DQ67SW - SATA Controller

    Does anybody know if the eSATA and SATA on this mainboard share the same controller? Reason I ask is because I want to pass the SATA to a host on my VMWare install - however if this includes eSATA I have to rethink my datastore for the VM's. Many thanks
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    6TB + ZFS + ESXi5

    New thread:
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    ESXi for Home

    Looking to purchase: Intel Xeon 1230 Intel BOXDQ67SWB3 (Cheaper, integrated Intel Gigabit) Kingston HyperX 4x4GB 1600Mhz I need to do VT-D to pass disk IO as Im running a file server @ hopefully 100MB/s Running ESXi5. Many thanks. Also, where can i install ESXi? Only 4 sata ports, don't...
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    Better performing Home Server

    Hi guys, I currently run: Intel Pentium E5200 2Gb DDR3 Corsair XMS Ram 6x 1TB Seagate/Samsung HDD's (7200rpm, some have bad sectors) Looking to create a way to get much better throughput, atm I can transfer max 100MB/s but this slows as the server stays online longer. My plan is...
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    ESX3.5 - How to cluster?

    I feel like a dick asking a question I should be able to Google. But seriously? Wtf am I doing wrong. Do I use vSphere? vCenter? Do I run it as a VM? Is there a good ESX 3.5 guide that teaches the fundamentals?
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    PfSense Installation - IDE HDD (60Gb) + MaxTerm 8300B

    Execution of the command /sbin/fdisk -v -f /tmp/new.fdisk.ad0 Failed with a return code of 1. Anybody had this issue? Trying to install by configuring PfSense then hitting 99 at the dashboard. I'm using a MaxTerm terminal PC, with a 60GB IDE Hard drive using a laptop IDE > PC IDE...
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    ESX3.5 + HP DL380G3

    So I have 4 DL380's, I have successfully configured the easy bits such as iLO and the management network for ESX. I have the infrastructure software installed and it connects fine. What software do I use or is there a tutorial/document on how to cluster these together? How do I share...
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    Project Case Cleanup

    So I was 15 and an avid user of, I ended up using my skills to make over £1000 on it. There I was, 8 or so months ago and decided to buy my first pc. I built it myself. I started with glitsy lights and bells, buzzers and the works. I ended up with a crappy Lcd case, and...
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    Best memory for 4000+ San Diego

    Going to buy a San Diego 4000+ and I need advice on ram, I game alot and currently have 2x512mb Corsair Xms sticks. Should I stick with this or get 2gb of value select ram from Corsair?
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    Single/Dual Am2/939 - where to go?

    I have a bit of money coming in for a budget processor but this is UK prices, so around £200 @ will get me a 4000+ San Diego s939, 3800+ Am2 (max speed I can buy for some reason) so around that. Is it best to go dual core or single? Am2 or 939? I will need a new...
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    Wtb: Corsair Xms Pc3200 512mb Ram

    esperate. Name your price shipped to uk (around 8 bux).
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    Timing question

    Is it better to have my 1 stick of Corsair Xms 512mb Pc3200 run at; 200mhz - 3:3:3:8 166mhz - 2.5:3:3:7 133mhz - 2:2:2:6 is it better to have a higher fsb and high timings or lower bus and shorter timings?
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    I just rebuilt my pc to clean it out, plugged the case usb ports into the pins and they are only working on 1.1 usb, not 2.0. Do you guys know how to put it upto usb 2.0 again? thanks sp2, msi k8n neo4 platinum sli, winxp home
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    Wtb: 512mb SoDimm Pc2100

    Need to upgrade my laptop. I have £20 to spend ($40) I need 2 sticks if possible. Thanks.
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    Laptop Mobility U1

    I have no idea where to get drivers for my graphics card, Mobility U1. The manufacturers website (compaq) isn't working for me anyways, I tried changing DNS servers and flushed the hosts file and it made no difference. Please help :(
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    Wtb: Laptop ram/hdd

    So after using my laptop for 3 days due maintenance on my pc I thought fuck, this is harsh. I would like: 80gb or more laptop hard drive (5200rpm) and 1 stick of DDR266 SODIMM laptop ram (512mb or more). Thanks.
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    Horizontal pc cases

    I have a space under my monitor which is also a tv for a pc case, ideally matx but my mobo is atx and i dont partically want to go through the hassle of selling and finding a mobo, where my vcr is. I would like an atx to go under there that is 14 cm high (horiztonally) but can't find any decent...
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    Wtb/Pif 20 to 24pin atx adapter

    No longer required.
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    Corsair Xms 3200 500Mhz

    So I built this pc about 3 months ago and I still don't think the ram is running at the correct speeds. It shows 200mhz in bios and Msi recommend to do the timings yourself as they sometimes may not be correct. Does anybody know the timings for this ram and how I can change them in bios to...
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    On the fly brightness adjustment

    So Cs Source runs really dark on my monitor for some reason, is there a programme I can get for my Msi 6600gt that will on the fly make the brightness a bit higher? Thanks. (pita to keep changing monitor settings)
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    Nv Silencer on my 6600gt

    I took the original heatsink off and i t covers the main gpu and then 4 small things (ram), the new nv silencer 6 rev.4 made for 6600gt's doesn't cover them at all???? have i done something wrong? is this how it's supposed to be?
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    Noisy Psu Heatsink

    Current fan on there is doing 32.6dBa @ 39cfm can anybody recommend a quieter fan that would be just as good??? thanks alot. edit: highest panaflo do in that size is 32cfm @ 28dBa