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    When Is Your Steam Deck Due? POLL

    So when is your Steam Deck Due?
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    Got My New Mac...

    Mac LC that is! Estate sale. Best I can tell, this system was bought, upgraded to 4MB of ram, had old Mac SE files transferred, and then boxed and never opened again. It came with the System 7 disks but it's running System 6. I've already ordered 512KB of VRAM and 8MB of DRAM in order to upgrade...
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    Asrock Fatal1ty X299 Professional Gaming I9 Memory Issue

    Hey everyone. I'm hoping someone might have some experience with an issue I'm having. I have a Asrock X299 Professional Gaming I9 motherboard. It's been working fine for years with a 7820X and 64GB of DD4-3200 Corsair Ram on the P1.40 BIOS. The ram ran on the XMP profile in Quad channel with...
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    RTX 3070 10 Bit Color Issue

    I recently got a Gigabyte RTX 3070 OC. I have it hooked up to my LG 34GN850-b. When I turn on 10 bit color in the Nvidia control panel, the system black screens with an occasional flicker. Same thing happens when connected via HDMI or Displayport. Cables are confirmed to be good and working as...
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    Ryzen R5-1600 AF

    Gamer's Nexus just benchmarked the R5-1600 AF. It's basically an R5-2600 for $85. Quite possibly the best CPU bargain I've ever seen.
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    What Is Your Personal Favorite Video Card of All Time?

    Out of all the video cards you've owned and used, which is your favorite? Which one hits you in the feels? Favorite: 980TI. I played and replayed more games then any other time in my life thanks to this card. Powerful, inexpensive, and still able to hold its own in 1080P. Runner up: Voodoo...
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    I7-8700 Turbo Issue

    I have an I7-8700 NON-K that has worked great up till today. All of a sudden, the only turbo boost that works is the all core 4.3GHZ. It should boost to 4.6 on 1 core, 4.5 on 2 cores, and 4.3 on three cores. Instead, I only get 4.3 on all cores. I checked the BIOS. Multicore enhancement is off...
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    InWin 301 Fan Test

    I decided to do a little testing on my InWin 301 today. The heat generating portion of the setup is as follows: 5820K at 4.5GHZ at 1.3V EVGA GeForce 980TI at 1400+ mhz with Nvidia blower cooler set to Quiet. Asrock X99 Fatality Killer MATX board. For CPU cooling I'm using a Corsair...
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    Something I notice about Windows 8...

    I was looking at pics of old online services when I saw something from AOL 3.0 that reminded of Windows 8. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. :D