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    OCZ's IBIS ssds

    OCZ3HSD1IBS1-100G OCZ's IBIS are those new ssds winners, or not?
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    installing windows in usbkey! possible?

    can u install windows7 in a usbkey?
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    i need help

    what computer magazines are there that are like the maximum pc magazine? thanks!:)
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    how long does an i7 920 oc at 4.0ghz last?

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    what browsers have the same new features that ie9 has?
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    mac file open

    i have this file "MacOS 9.2.2 Classic.toast", what do i need to open this file?
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    Revodrive I am buying this at the end of this month. WOOHOOOO!!!!!!!!:)
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    best place for benchmark your pc
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    hdd off?

    i have a ssd and one hdd. the os is in the ssd, and when i access my hdd i get a 5 second "delay" like the hdd is off and takes about 5 seconds to "wake up." is there a way to keep the hdd always awake?
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    monochromatic laser printer vs color laser printer...

    what do you guys think about buying a b&w laser printer instead of a color laser printer?
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    i7 + h70 or h50 cooler?

    what would you guys buy the h70 cooler or the h50? and what do you guys think i can get with turbo mode on, in bios? ps corsair cooler!
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    intel x25-m 80gb G1 ssd vs ocz vertex 2

    is it or is it not? is the ocz vertex 2 faster than my intel x25-m 80gb "G1" ssd?:(:)
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    dell u2410 rev A01

    which is the newest dell u2410 revision out? and does anyone know, how can i update my u2410 firmware?
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    quantum computer

    what the heck is a quantum computer?
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    Nec MultiSync EA261WM-BK-R is this monitor any good?
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    international processors...?

    how come there are not chinese or japanese, or europian made, computer processors? how came there are all american, intel, amd, etc.??
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    why are they making less and less games "demos?"

    is the industry stoping making games "demos?"
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    Element 32" Class LED-LCD 1080p 120Hz HDTV, ELEFT321

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    next generation of intel i7 1366?

    can someone please tell me if intel is planning on stoping the 1366 i7 series? please tell me no!:(
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    how can i make my text/docs icons files show a preview like when you are brownsing pictures files in a folder?
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    OCZ Vertex 2 OCZSSD3-2VTX180G

    what do you guys think of this ssd?:)
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    does samsung makes ips monitors?

    do they?
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    cooling stuff 1. what does this do? 2. do i need anything more? 3. it work with water? correct? 4. can i use this with my gtx 470 video card cooler also? 5. if i use this, will all noise stop?!?
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    does anyone still thinks harddrives are better than ssds?

    do you think hdds are better than ssds? if yes, why?:)
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    installing ms-dos on an usb key?

    is there a way, to install ms-dos in a modern pc? like in a usb key?
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    windows wallpapers

    has someone noticed that when you "preview" pictures (jpeg) the pict. looks good and when you set it as a wallpaper, it looks different/horrible on the desktop? is there a fix for that? probably not huh?
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    Post your Computer desk/workstation here please

    Focuse on computer desks/workstations and not on Computer itself!!! Thanks! Thinking about buying a new desk, and i don't want to see ikea desks only...
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    what do you guys think of the new Multi-Touch mouse?

    i once bought the older apple mouse, and it sucked hard. but what do you guys think about this new mouse, better?
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    Post here your glossy lcd or crt displays picts shots?

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    those icons dock?

    didn't apple invent those, and we use them in windows?
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    Apple 24" LED Cinema Display, better than the dell u2410? Apple 24" LED Cinema Display Mini DisplayPort 178°/178° Viewing Angle 330cd/m2 Brightness 1000:1 Contrast Ratio 14ms Response Time 16.7 Million Colors 3-Port USB 2.0 Hub 2.1 Channel Speakers iSight Webcam with...
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    How big is your SSD?

    I want to know about ssds only, this time. How big is your SSD?
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    trim without trim?

    i have an old g1 intel ssd, and it doesnt support trim. are there software that do the same as what trim does?
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    anobit ssds. anyone know something? how much are they going to cost? the 200gb version?
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    how do i burn a 7gb iso file into 2 dvds?

    how can i burn a single 7gb iso file into 2, 4.7gb dvds?
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    what were the logical reasons for...

    in the beggining, everything was beige, then white, then gray and now, everything is black. what was the logical reason why every computer component is black, now? i really like, i miss, beige.
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    whats the "roadmap" for intel procs?

    i think i'll be buying the 980x cpu in the next couple of months. is anything better coming in the next 2-6 months?
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    which is the fastest ssd there is? faster than intels?

    does intel makes the best ssds yet?
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    write protection on an usb key annoying...

    i am trying to install "dos" on my usb key but i cant because it says the key is "write protected." how do i disable the write protection???
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    using compression on a ssd drive?

    ssd drives are fast. how good of an idea it is to use compression on my 80gb ssd? bad?