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    Help me choose my 1st smart phone? (Mostly for efficiency/productivity)

    i phone 5 or s4. did you see the new blackberry z10?
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    For my 1st smartphone I am considering a Windows phone.

    i would get an s3,or i phone 4s,5. Did you think about the new blackberry z10? it good. i had a blackberry before my i phone.
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    Moving from IOS to Android... Desktop music question

    i would upgrade your iphone 4 to a 4s and up
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    AT&T Unlocks

    try the rsim
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    Anyone have Straight Talk or can suggest a good carrier?

    Do not get att. They are bad. i have them. I would get metropcs/tmobile and metro is not expensive.
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    get the samsung galaxy s4
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    Unlocking ATT phone

    what phone is it? if its an iphone try rsim 7+
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    Best Smart Phone out for Verizon?

    i would get a iphone 5,or 5s ios is good i have an i phone i reccomend it. or i would get a galaxy s4.
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    looking to buy a new laptop?

    Im basically gaming typing documents browsing internet email video etc
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    Can we expect better 24" monitor tech in 2014 or buy now?

    if you can get it at a cheap price i would say get it now.
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    looking to buy a new laptop?

    I currently have a core i3 laptop 8 gb ram,500 gb hard drive. so should I get another i3 or i5 processor pc? my budget $450. thanks
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    looking to buy a new laptop?

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    Unlocking i phone 4s?

    how can I unlock my 4s I want to leave at&t and go to metropcs/tmobile. let me know thank you!
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    bb os 7?

    Hi,so my friend gave me his bb bold 9000 can it run blackberry os 7? let me know thanks
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    samsung galaxy s2 vs i phone 4s?

    im staying with my 4s right now ill get a 5 soon possibly to work on tmobille/metropcs thanks!
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    samsung galaxy s2 vs i phone 4s?

    so i currently have a iphone 4s. my friend is giving me his galaxy s2. so whats better the phone i have now or the s2? i only like the s2 cause of the screen size. But i love the i phone for everything. im thinking about upgrading to the i phone 5,5c or 5s. But i have no contract with at&t...