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    WTB - Cheap ESXi server

    Looking to keep it under $500, trying to see what my options are in the used market. Would absolutely love to have a hotswap chassis. Other than that, SATA is my only requirement.
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    HOT - Seagate 7200.11 1.5TB $79.99 Free Shipping (no rebate!)

    $50 coupon code - DEAD Enjoy!
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    Configure QoS for gaming on DD-WRT?

    Hi, I have a WRT 54G running DD-WRT for my home network hosting a 10MB cable connection. I use this connection for downloading frequently, but I always throttle my speed to the neighborhood of 500kB/s to prevent ruining my roommate's online gaming experience. However, it seems that for some...
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    HTPC w/ NAS

    Currently, I have a Q6600 with 4GB of DDR2 and an 8800GTS as a workstation and have recently acquired a large 1080p LCD. Would it be possible to build a cheap HTPC and leave the decoding to the workstation? 1080p is a must. I'm trying to build an HTPC as cheaply as possible for 1080p and...
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    Sharing audio/video with PS3?

    Currently, I have a 20" 2005FPW monitor which would be my main display until I get a HDTV in the Fall. I'd like to have some kind of KVM to swap between my computer and a 60GB PS3 without having to move any cables around, how can I accomplish this process? The rest of my system is in...
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    Erasing metadata on a raid array?

    I'm just curious, if I erase the metadata on my Raid 5 Array, is it possible to restore the data within intact? I'm assuming the usage of some third party tools is necessary. In order to create a new array using the same drives, I would have to initialize the drives, ie: formatting them...
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    Help - Network boot for a variety of applications?

    Currently, I'm running a PXE boot server for the various distributions of Linux that I test, but a large majority of the applications we receive are large ISO files, is there a simple way to boot ISOs via the network? I'm looking for something similar to PXE/RIS in that, you'd boot to the...
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    Need cheap car amp for AUX -> Nano

    As the title implies, I am looking for a cheap car amp that could plug into a 12v power outlet. I'm rather disappointed with the quality of my Nano when compared to CDs/Radio even and am hoping this would alleviate the issue. Any ideas? Recommendations? Thanks in advance! :)
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    Need help with Ultra 120 Extreme install!

    I bought this fan for it and I can't see to get it mounted. I only have one hole in the top right hand corner, no other way to seem to mount it, please don't tell me I bought the wrong fan. :( There aren't any holes on the interior of the fan to connect the fan to the crappy paperclip mounts...
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    Jerker/Frederik replacement?

    I desperately need a large, yet sturdy desk for my room, something along the lines of the Jerker/Frederik. Nothing too fancy, but I live in NC and there are not any nearby Ikea. Would actually cost more to ship the desk here than the desk costs...and I've been rather disappointed with the...
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    Online bill payment solution for rent?

    I will be moving in to a house this coming weekend and will be responsible for collecting the rent of my 3 roommates. I would prefer to not deal with cash and have a more automated payment system setup. Does anyone know if something like this exists? I'm assuming I could use paypal at the...
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    Interesting job predicament..

    I am currently working at a callcenter which is very laid back and the people are very awesome, but have been approved for a position which would earn me signifficantly more a year and give me the opportunity to work with exciting new storage systems and actually implement them. I definitely...
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    Fax from computer without a modem?

    Any way to fax a document from my computer to a fax machine without using a modem? Thanks in advance! :)
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    Apartment wiring?

    I'm moving in to an apartment this afternoon and need to think about wiring.. it's on the second floor so I doubt I can go under the floors with Cat5, so a runway or wireless are the only options. I game a lot, would wireless interfere with the connection much? I'm really not looking forward...
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    Backup SATA drive, how?

    I need to backup roughly 10GB from a SATA harddrive and cannot get into Windows on this system. I have tried several methods of repair and am about to give up on it. How could I possibly backup this harddrive when I do not have a SATA adapter for my external drive? Is there a mini Linux OS I...
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    No "repair" option when running XP setup.

    Normally, this seems to be caused by some weird overlay on OEM computers, but it's rather frustrating to work with as I have to do a good number of repair installations of the operating system. Does anyone know of a way to possibly return this option?
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    169.254 with wireless adapter Windows 2000

    The adapter is a WPC54G v3. Wired ethernet connection works fine. I have several Windows XP systems connected to the same access point without any issues. I've reinstalled the Linksys software using the latest version and ran Winsockfix but no results thus far. Any ideas? Perhaps there's a...
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    Recommendations for Linux+

    This has become a very desired certification in my area and I was curious if anyone had any general recommendations for picking up the cert quickly (if possible). I've used Linux plenty before, but most of the time it's just basic browsing/media viewing. Since this is an area I plan to delve...
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    Odd request: Linux commands on audio?

    I have a long drive tomorrow and would like to increase my knowledge of Linux while on the way, any ideas? If someone finds this, YOU ARE AMAZING! Thanks in advance! :D
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    Server or Router -- which should handle DHCP?

    I'm installing Windows 2003 for the first time and currently have a WRT54G in place, which would you recommend for running DHCP?
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    Want to make an "Installation screen"

    For lack of a better word, I'd like to get some kind of information on how to make an "Installation screen" that would popup via an autorun file with a disk. This screen would basically hotlink to a batch file to begin installation, I would just like to make it look a bit more professional...
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    Longshot - RSS for TV shows?

    I find myself getting a few weeks behind on tv shows pretty often because I watch quite a few, I was wondering if there were any kind of RSS feeder or email alert that anyone knew of to do such a thing?
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    Nintendo Wii woes...

    Waited outside Best Buy for 9 hours last night (from midnight to 9am) and we got our long awaited Wii finally. Friend of mine is getting a "disk read error" and it's sounding jammed whenever he tries to read a disc from the system menu, including my copy of Twilight Princess which loads fine...
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    Netware experience recommended?

    I read some on the system today and it sounded pretty interesting, but seems to be phasing out for Linux systems? Was just curious if it would be recommended to play with it some on my home network to get my experience up some more. I had a job offer this week, with Netware being one of...
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    Very strange modem installation issues...

    So, i have a customer, who requests her PC to be formatted, she signs the consent form, I backup her requested data and we're in business. I use her Gateway discs for everything. Get into Windows and run my little checklist, making sure everything works ok before letting it go. While in the...
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    Windows Updates, most easily corrupted thing ever?

    I fix computers for a local ISP and I must say, Windows Updates is by far the most common and annoying thing to work with. Errors galore! Most often, I'll have to do repair installations of the OS just to repair the stupid thing. Uninstalling security software and it's registry entries to no...
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    Tripp Lite OMNI900LCD

    Anyone have experience with this UPS? I've read good things about the company and am a first time UPS buyer, just wanted to get an overall opinion/better suggestions. It will be for the system in signature. is having a sale on it for $97.99, 475 watts seems sufficient, yes...
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    KVM Switch recommendations

    I am a technician for a local ISP and work on 4-6 machines at one time. I have 6 very crappy monitors that make my eyes bleed and will be bringing in a monitor from home soon to make my work experience more barable. I would like to hook all of the computers I work on to this monitor via a nice...
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    No programs in add/remove list.

    Doesn't seem to be a problem, moreso an annoyance, but after repairing the registry from a lsass error, I have lost my programs list. Is there an easy way to restore the list or will I just need to reinstall everything?
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    Bluetooth phone adapter for non wireless phones?

    I have an HS820 Bluetooth headset and would like to see if I could convert the phone system at work to allow bluetooth functionality? The phones are rather dated, AT&T 4-Line 954s, but I'm pretty curious. I run around a lot in the office and it would be pretty convenient. The office isn't...
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    WTB: Cheap monitor

    To stay in the cheap, preferably CRT unless someone just has an awesome LCD deal. This will just be one to sit beside my 2005FPW for movies,tv, chat, etc. Would like to keep it under $100, but cheaper is always better. :)
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    So, I broke a cpu pin...

    I am sending the cpu to motherboardrepair to hopefully get it repaired, but if it can't be fixed.. I'm looking for recommendations. I don't quite want to do a full blown upgrade yet and would rather wait for AM2. I'm more than likely going to try an eBay off my current 512MBx2 of BH-5 and...
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    Need urgent assistance (Overwritten Excel file)

    So, someone has overwritten a very crucial Excel document on the workplace network drive and we do not have any backups of the file ironically enough. (I'm not in charge of this) Is there any way to restore these? Perhaps they are backed up somewhere? My nerves are racing :(
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    Porblems with X-Fi Platnium + HD595s

    I've been extremely satisfied with this combo until I hooked up my guitar for the first time. Went straight from the card into audio creation mode and played for maybe an hour, nothing too intense, mind you. Later on, I hooked the HD595s into the front headphone port... no audio.. "shit!"...
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    Recommend budget triple monitor VGA setup

    As the title says, need recommendations on how to display three monitors on a system. Looking at something like an X700 Pro for 2 of them, but can I enable onboard video for the third? This is for a PCI-E board. Recommend throwing in a cheapo PCI video card instead, if so, do all of the VGAs...
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    How to setup new harddrive?

    Currently running a lowly 200GB with a 2MB buffer (eek, I know!) Have a 300GB Diamonback 10 16MB coming in tomorrow. Definitely plan on putting the media files on the 200GB, but where to put games and Windows? Both on the new one?
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    Saitek Pro Gamer Command Unit Anyone else using it? Got mine in yesterday to go along with my Eclipse... maybe it's just how I have it setup, but it's really uncomfortable :-/ Currently, I'm using it for WoW, but I'm considering sending it back to try out a n52. If anyone...
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    Considering a WD1500.. convince me either way!

    After reading's review I am very tempted to take the plunge. Currently I have a lowly 200GB Maxtor and a horrid 2MB buffer that has lasted me over several years, but the time has come where my computer has turned into a fileserver of sorts, sharing out media files to 3...
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    Looking to get a new case, need suggestions

    My current is a Ultra Dragon and it's a little louder than I'd like. I want to make the move to 120mm, currently have 3 vantec stealth in the case which aren't too big of an issue though. The case is just.. bland and incredibly heavy. I can get over the weight issue if the replacement is...