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    chkdsk after overclock

    NOTE: Message edited to reflect a better reading of Events: After running my 3770K on an Asus P8 Z77-V Pro for about a year, I decided to bump the speed up to 4.4GHz via the mulitplier. Things seemed to settle in nicely at 1.224 volts (max observed using -.020 offset), temps never went above...
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    ASUS P8Z77-V PRO and usb 3.0

    Which usb 3.0 ports are powered by ASMedia? The specs say ASMedia® USB 3.0 controller : *7 4 x USB 3.0 port(s) (2 at back panel, blue, 2 at mid-board) Intel® Z77 chipset : *7 4 x USB 3.0 port(s) (2 at back panel, blue, 2 at mid-board) Intel® Z77 chipset : But I've apparently overlooked the...
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    Overclocked, no idle

    New 3770K owner here. I've settled in to a decent, stable 4.4GHz overclock @ 1.216 volts on an Asus P8 Z77V Pro. The curious thing is that I seem to have lost idle capability, i.e., the processor speed remains at 4.4 at both idle and full load; voltage is constant as well. All I changed in...
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    Bus Lock?

    Is the function that keeps the PCI and SATA buses within spec when increasing the FSB built into the chipset or is it a feature supplied by the mobo maker? I have a Tyan K8E with the nV4 chipset and an Athlon X2 4400+. I realize that the mobo and the CPU are not the best OC tandem, but I'm just...
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    Iiyama 22" CRT still available

    I stumbled across this last evening. I've no idea if they're new or refurbed (but they cost like new), so for those lamenting the demise of the CRT this might be worth checking out. I only wish I'd found it before I replaced my 19" Iiyama with a Dell LCD.
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    BIOS update saves me 10°C on CPU temp

    I have a Tyan K8E with a X2 4400+. From day one, the CPU temps have been high: idle temp has been 43° and the load temp was just scary (let's just say that I've seen 62°+). I tried AS5. I tried the new 4 pipe HSF from AMD. I tried swapping the 80mm fan for a 92mm. Nothing helped. With summer...
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    Standby for LCD: Yes or No?

    When I ran a CRT, I always had Windows put the monitor in standby after 30 minutes of non-use. What about with a LCD? Instead of switching off a high power circuit, Windows is just turning off the backlights. Turning lights off and on is typically not a great way to extend their lifespan, but...
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    Do I trust these temps?

    4400+ X2 idles at ~43 and hits ~61 under load, according to Speedfan and Everest. Swapped the old style, 2 pipe OEM heatsink for the new AMD 4 pipe design. Applied AS5 correctly. No change. Slapped on this larger fan. No change. I'm wondering how reliable my temp sensor is. The ambient...
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    MimarSinan Software--BEWARE

    So, I needed a utility to extract a .sit file that I received from a Mac user. Since Stuffit seems to have stopped providing their free Expander (without submitting to a compulsory trial of their full software), I looked for an alternative. I found, via Google, Comprexx by the aforementioned...
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    Fan swap on stock AMD cooler.

    I have an X2 4400+ that idles @ 43 and hits 60+ easily under dual instances of Prime95. This is after a good cleaning and application of AS5, which did drop the temps a couple of degrees. My normal work in Photoshop doesn't normally push the temp past ~55, so I don't worry too much. But, it's...
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    My 4G RAM Experiment

    is not working out. I borrowed 2 DIMMS (Corsair CMX1024-3200C2) identical to the ones I already have installed. Now I have a total of 4GB of RAM adorning my PC. I Ghosted my clean XP Pro SP2 install onto my HD for a testbed. I added the /3GB switch to the boot.ini file. Windows reports...
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    X24400+ 110W *and* 89W versions?

    AMD's spec sheets reveal two flavors of the 4400 with different power consuption levels along with different max temps. See here. I think it's odd that the CPU with the lower power rating has a higher max temp (71 vs 65). The other thing I noticed is that the ADV version appears to have half...
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    1G x 2 + 512 x 2 = ?

    This has probably been answered countless times, so forgive me or shoot me, but here goes: I have 2G of RAM in my computer (1G x 2) with 2 empty slots. Can I stick another 1G in the remaining 2 slots (in the form of 512 x 2) without incurring some sort of tremendous performance penalty?
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    Small, light, efficient CPU Cooler... ?

    I have an X2 4400+ which idles at 43 and hits 59 under dual instances of Prime95. No overclocking, now or ever. Is there an aftermarket cooler that is about the same size and weight as my stock AMD cooler that will outperform it by, oh, say 5 degrees or so? I think I could live with low to...
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    Preferred way to update NV chipset drivers?

    I just got my box up and running, and I would like to update the nVidia nforce drivers to 6.70. Should I just run install and overwrite, or should I uninstall the old drivers first? All that shows up in Change/Remove is "NVIDIA Drivers"... (along with n Tune and nv Mixer) -- no description of...
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    Which drivers?

    Monarch finally came through on my new X2 4400+ system today, and before I dive in I have a question. I have heard the nVidia IDE drivers and firewall are to be avoided, but what about SATA drivers? Does XP Pro offer native support for SATA or must I install the nV drivers? I will be...
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    Athlon or Opteron? Help me future-proof my box

    I am soon to build a rig for image editing and page layout. I use Photoshop for files that can go beyond 500Mb, sometimes far beyond (but that's rare). I also use Illustrator, FreeHand and InDesign as well as other less well-known apps. I don't do games. I don't need or want SLI. I have already...