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    WTS - MISC Used Items - Great working condition

    CORSAIR DOMINATOR GT CMG6GX3M3A2000C8 2GBx3 DDR3 2000 Rigged for water cooled EVGA GTX 480 - Water Cooled EVGA LGA 1366 Motherboard I7-980x Extreme Silverstone 1500w $Sold
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    FS - EVGA GTX 480 FTW

    EVGA GTX 480 FTW Hydrocopper Used ~ 3 months, works just fine. $Sold.
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    FS - EVGA GTX 480 FTW

    The Bundle EVGA GTX 480 Hydrocopper (Two Cards) Misc Bitspower connectors (Approx $60) New Koolance Quick Disconnects(Approx $100) 3/4 inch tubing (new) Scythe Fans (4, 3000rpm) $850 (shipped for everything) Cards have been used for ~ 2 weeks (off and on). Gave up trying to cool a 4 way...
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    FS - EVGA GTX 480 (new)

    Brand new, GTX 480 unopened (factory sealed) $SOLD Thanks for all of the responses, the card is sold.
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    FS - GTX480 FTW / GTX 480 EK Water Block / Corsair GT Dominator 2000MHz

    Corsair H50 - Used for ~ 5 weeks, excellent condition - $SOLD ----------------------------------------------- Corsair Dominator GT 16000 (2000MHZ) - 6GB (Used, works perfect, includes heatsink fan unit) 8-8-8-24 CMG6GX3M3A2000C8 - $SOLD --------------------------------------------...
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    GTX 480 / 6GB Corsair Dominator GT 2000Mhz / GTX EK Waterblocks

    EVGA GTX 480 SC (used for 6 weeks), has been registered. $SOLD , perfect condition. Includes box, cables, etc.... ------------------------------------------ Corsair Dominator GT 16000 (2000MHZ) - 6GB (Used, works perfect, includes heatsink fan unit) 8-8-8-24 CMG6GX3M3A2000C8 - $280...
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    FS - 4 EVGA GTX480 SC / Corsair Dominator GT 2000MHz

    One New EVGA GTX 480 (factory sealed) SOLD ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Four EVGA GTX 480 SC's (used for 6 weeks), have been registered. One left, three already sold. Dropped price for quick sale. $425 shipped...
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    FS - EVGA GTX480 New (2) / Noctua NH-D14

    Two brand new un opened GTX 480 EVGA. $SOLD shipped (Lower 48 states) SOLD ---------------------------------------- Brand new unopened Noctua NH-D14 ***SOLD*** $SOLD shipped (Lower 48 states) -----------------------------------------------
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    I7 Extreme 975 - Locked Multi?

    I'm beginning to wonder if my 975 has a locked multi. No matter what I do in the Bios on my X58 SLI (4 way) the chip will not show up on CPUID indicating the multiplier has changed. For example. If I set the multi to 30x in the bios and the bus at 133 I see 3990mhz on the initial bios boot...
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    FS - EVGA GTX 295 COOP (2 of them)

    COOP edition, 2 weeks old. 2 for sale, $375 shipped each. All original packaging included. Paypal accepted. One sold, one left.
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    FS - Noctua NH-D14 CPU

    Brand new, ordered this and Corsair H50, went with the H50 so I could keep my Dominator Heatsinks and fans. $80 shipped (paypal accepted)
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    Newegg - GTX295

    A whole bunch listed as in stock as of ~ 1 hour ago for those looking.
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    Water Cooling 7800GTX 512?

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    DVD Playback - Poor Quality

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    FS: AMD FX60 / Koolance Water Cooler Parts / Airsoft Pistol

    Listed some of these on EBAY, but will entertain reasonable offers here: Water Cooling System - $450 shipped ($725 value) Koolance Coolant Black EXOS 2 2 x VID-200-L06 (Vid) 2 x RAM-30-V06 (RAM) 1 x CPU-305-V10 (CPU)...
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    FS - AMD FX 60 - Used

    Moving to a single thread...
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    FS: Koolance Water Cool System

    Mint condition, packaged includes: Koolance Coolant 1 - Black EXOS 2 2 x VID-200-L06 (Vid) 2 x RAM-30-V06 (RAM) 1 x CPU-305-V10 (CPU) $565 shipped ($725 value individual parts)
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    Fs: Evga 7800 Gtx 512

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    fs: Heaksink from 7800 gtx 512 BFG

    Mint - $35 shipped
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    Lower OC'ing on 512 GTX's after H2O install

    On air I was able to get my EVGA's to 600 / 1.75, now after a water install they only go to 580 / 1.72. Temps are ~39C during the "test" sequence.... any ideas?
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    NFORCE Drivers and XP Bootup Problems

    Installed the latest version of the NFORCE drivers and I noticed it causes the XP screen to just sit there forever during the bootup.... anyone seen this? You have to switch off the PC and try booting up again... sometimes takes 2-3 attempts...
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    Had to reinstall this after a harddrive issue, weird thing is I downloaded the file from three different sites and I can't get the program to install. It doesn't do anything when I try to run the install program....
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    DVD Playback - Poor Quality

    Decided to check a DVD movie on my system and was dismayed at the poor performance of the playback. Blacks come out as weird grays, overall quality looks worse than a 5 year old VHS tape.... DVD player is a Sony, using a Dell widescreen 20.5inch monitor, graphics cards etc in sig...
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    Koolance GPU Blocks

    New Model due out mid Feb Looked at the specs, but couldn't really figure out if the new Koolance GPU cooler is likley to be any better than the prior model. Application is 7800 GTX 512's Current model. Any thoughts?
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    Windows Bootup Screen Hangup

    After a recent OC attempt now my PC hangs at the XP bootup screen... anyone know a fix for this?
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    FX 60 Stable OC's

    Post your voltage and clock speeds 1.45V, 2.93GHZ stable so far. Can boot into windows and start 3DMark06 at 3.0ghz,but it hangs.
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    BFG 7800 GTX 512's and OCing

    I've been trying to OC these cards for a little while now and I'm getting no where. As soon as I install Tivatuner and try to OC using detect i get nothing past 580 / 1.75. If I try to up the clocks and retest using the test function it fails. If I disable the clock test and crank up by even...
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    EVGA 7800 GTX 512's (Newegg) - in stock
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    Zipzoompricing - FX60

    This place is just weird... it's like they all site down at lunchtime and randomly change prices on items.... FX60 ~ 7am - $1080 FX60 - 1pm $1150 I managed to order one at the $1080 price... will be interesting to see if they actually process the order... They did the same with their...
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    Rivatuner and SLI 7800 GTX 512

    When I turn up my clock setting in Rivatuner my 3Dmark06 score goes down.. it's weird. Even something as small as +5 clock MHz drops the score... There's no heat issues best I can tell..... any ideas?
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    FX57 - Used, retail unit

    $750 shipped. Complete with OEM heatsink / fan, no problems with unit at all.
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    Higher 3DMARK05 Scores without SLI connector

    Wonder why this is.... I get ~ 400 more points on my SLI system when I don't jumper them....they both run cooler this way too.... :confused: Also, when I jumper them the top card runs hot enough to cook breakfast, the lower card runs at room temp.
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    BF2 and SLI Crashes

    Getting some weird game crashes.... Game suddenly craps out in the middle of a game to the desktop and quits BF2. This only occurs since I upgraded to SLI :confused:
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    X-FI and 7.1 Gigaworks Speakers

    The 7 speakers sound correct in entertainment mode.. when you move to game mode the speaker order gets all messed up... any ideas? Basically it's like the speaker order suddenly becomes randomized....
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    7800 GTX 512's in stock at ZZF, but at $999

    BFG's and the ASUS Extreme 512's Check the price increase on their EVGA's also.... :mad:
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    Overclocking past the detect optimal - BFG 7800GTX 512's

    What's the best way to do this? Interested to see if my BFG 7800GTX's will go past 580/1750. NVTWEAK or Rivatuner won't allow me to go 1mhz higher and get a successful test....
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    BF2 Voice over Internet

    Anyone use this? I'm running a SB X-fi and can hear myself speak on the push to talk, but no one else appears to be able to hear me. I'm using Sennheiser PC165 plugged directy into the front panel of the x-fi.... The settings are all turned up in BF2 Audio, the mic knob has been tested...
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    ASUS EN7800GTX GF7800Ultra 512MB

    How come this card is available in just about every country but the US?
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    XP Bootup Problems

    Installed a fresh copy of XP and tested some overclocking.. occasionally the window would hang at XP screen with the blue loading bar... However now even back at stock settings I have to boot up 2-3 times, before XP will load...Once it's loaded it runs fine, but the 2-3 times before getting in...