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    AMD pushed to the corner by TSMC capacity crunch, ponders tapping Samsung's foundries

    Maybe AMD's order is small to begin with. The agreement tells them what AMD purchased and does not guarantee expansion unless there is space. Money talks and of AMD wants preferential treatment that have to pony up the big bucks. AMD has to stop being cheap when it comes to their business...
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    Official EVGA Ampere Queue Thread

    newegg gets stock before gets stock. :/ I'm in line for January 11th or 12th. I don't want to look. lol
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    *Official* Norco data storage products thread

    So I was thinking of upgrading the backplanes in my Norco RPC4224.... the & emails don't work as I get a reply that Quota exceeded. still works but their online shop does and I've ordered from them in the past...
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    So I called Seagate in advance to make sure but... (using a NAS drive in a desktop)

    It's not a single point of failure! What he's using NOW is a single point of failure. If you use a different device to backup to that you keep for offline storage while using a mirroring solution for active data that is three points of failure. Try reading my post next time. Those solutions...
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    So I called Seagate in advance to make sure but... (using a NAS drive in a desktop)

    If you want security in an active machine get two sata drives in a raid 1 setup (mirroring) so if a drive fails when in use you don't use your data. Keep your old drives around as a form of offline back only to be plugged into the system when you want to back something up.
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    HDD "locking" as a means for isolated multi-boot

    Use your boot menu to switch between the drives. If you don't have one or Windows is locking it out you can always go into the bios and look for "Boot override." Using "Boot override" in the bios allows you to boot off a difference device with changing the boot order.
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    2 different versions of wd blue 3D 2.5" ssd drives. One is significantly slower. Beware.

    I hate that there's two different types of M.2 cards one is SATA and the other is NVMe. When looking at SSDs in general SATA or M.2 I always look up the model number. Sadly WD likes to play tricks with their drives, I try to avoid them. BUT again always look up the model numbers of any drive.
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    ARECA Owner's Thread (SAS/SATA RAID Cards)

    When flashing an areca card I do all the other files first and save the firmware for last and then reboot. FYI you should download the manual for your card and read the flashing directions OR reading the firmware update process PDF
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    Upgrading soon: looking for a reason to get M2 PCIe 4.0 NVMe...

    If you don't have an Nvme now Get a Pci-e 4.0 one and you can use in a PCI-E 3.0 BOARD until you upgrade. Let me make life easier by giving you numbers I personally just got an Nvme as a boot drive and I wanted to compare it to my other single drives in my system. edit: In the picture Micro...
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    ARECA Owner's Thread (SAS/SATA RAID Cards)

    I was not talking about cards older than the 1882 series. The 16xx series cards and junk in terms of features when you compare them to the 1882 series. The 1882 series cards were going for $300 or less on ebay before January 2020 and the 1883 cards were about $200--$400 if you leave out the...
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    Say goodbye to your mouse and keyboard

    The whole joke about the death of the KB&M ignores one thing: You replace the KB&M you have have to replace the monitor. VR HMD's currently need to improve greatly before you can read on them just as clear and the current generations of Monitors are at now. So if you think about it the cost of...
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    ARECA Owner's Thread (SAS/SATA RAID Cards)

    Wait for the world to get back to work. RAID card and computer parts in general have gone up big time since COVID-19. I bought a 2080 ti used for cheap in November 2019 and sold it in 2020 after cyberpunk was delayed for a nice profit. Al prices for tech are up and current gen stuff has seen...
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    Microsoft Workers Protest $480M Army Contract with Tech "Designed to Help People Kill"

    Exactly. If the US doesn't keep ahead of China the US will end up like China.
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    Apple Will Reportedly Launch a Credit Card This Year

    For the iIdiot out there this would be perfect. People are talking about this while they ignore apple trying to push the eSIM.
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    YouTube Stars Panic as Site Pulls Ads over "Inappropriate Comments"

    People could use bitchute instead.
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    Here Is 10 Minutes of RAGE 2 Gameplay

    No steam no buy... I've been avoiding getting a account... Just like I avoid EA I will do the same to Bethesda.
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    Tesla Owner Credits Autopilot Feature for Saving His Life

    Yes I did! I've had people try to take me lane while I was in it and i didn't need a computer to help me You are supposed to speed up when passing people and the tesla was clearly hanging in the guy's blind spot. Let me quote a quick explanation for you: What was the driver doing? This...
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    Tesla Owner Credits Autopilot Feature for Saving His Life

    Darwin would be very upset by this news. This guy should not be on the road if he's not paying attention.
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    Microsoft Guy: Mozilla Should Give Up on Firefox and Go with Chromium Too

    What do you expect when they've already outsourced The CEO job.
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    World of Tanks to Get Better Multithreading Support

    World of tanks is not dying... They made bank on the loot boxes this year and last year. As long as people spend money and they only offer the M6A2E1 for 24 hours at a time the game is still making money.
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    Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti graphics cards are dying on a lot of users

    That sucks I've been thinking about getting a 1070 ti mini from them.
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    RTX 2080 - 2080 Ti - 2070 Pricing Revealed

    Think of it this way: The early adopters are the beta testers we need them to fix the bugs for those of us willing to wait. I won't be buy these RTX cards nothing about them impresses me. I have high standards I won't be leaving 2560x1600 till graphics cards can do at 120 fps at 4K. If you look...
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    Rumored NVIDIA RTX 2070 Specs: 2304 Cores, 8GB GDDR6 at ~$400

    I saw a pic of ta 2070 over at Guru3d and there is no NVLINK support thus no SLI support for the 2070.
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    RTX 2080 - 2080 Ti - 2070 Full Specifications Revealed

    I had my 7970 card until the 980 ti came out.. Looks like I'll be holding onto my 1080 ti.
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    GIGABYTE RTX Graphics Cards Introduction and Retail

    I paid $800 for the custom asus strix 1080 ti and that is as high as I will go. My next card will need to double the performance of my 1080ti (like the 1080 ti was double of the 980 ti) before I bite.
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    MSI GeForce RTX 2080 Ti GAMING X TRIO Picture Leaks

    Not the TI box says 8GB. The TI one looks like a shop of the other one.
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    Disk Will Eat Itself: Flash Price Crash Just Around the Over-Supplied Block

    Yeah GTA 5 is north of 80GB after the latest update. Still SSDs need to get much larger I could use a 6TB one for my database.
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    Anyone else not give a single hoot about overclocking

    It's good for single player games is what I meant. If you want to play a game for multi-player you must buy it at release.
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    Anyone else not give a single hoot about overclocking

    Buy the time the games are that price most of the bugs have been ironed out , so that's not a bad thing.
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    EA Deletes Origin Account with Thousands of Dollars’ Worth of Games

    Steam emails you about every transaction... Does EA not do this? I don't have an origin account.
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    CaseLabs Announces It Has Been “Forced into Bankruptcy and Liquidation”

    Caselabs should have stopped using cheap Chinese materials and labor to sell their over priced crap.
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    Speedier Broadband Standards? Pai’s FCC Says 25Mbps Is Fast Enough

    I max out out at 20 mbps 1 mbps up with centurylink because there is no competition here. All the people in big cities foolishly think everything is the same everywhere else.
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    The Defense Department has Produced the First Tools for Catching Deepfakes

    So DARPA is creating a tool for to detect something they created... This sounds a like how ship makers in the old times would create better aormor for a ship's hull and then turn around and create a gun to pierce it.
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    Computer Virus Cripples iPhone Chipmaker TSMC’s Plants

    And only one idiot with a phone to bring it all crashing down.
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    Intel Server Technology Falls Behind AMD as 10nm Struggles Continue

    The number one reason Intel has continued support over AMD is that Intel chips retain instruction set extensions while AMD with their chips does not. "AMD has a different way of dealing with instruction set extensions than Intel. AMD keeps adding new instructions and remove them again if they...
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    Venezuela President Maduro Survives “Drone Assassination Attempt”

    Really sad the people haven't cleaned this guy out already. When you keep people stupid you can stay in power, it's a tactic the RATs in the USA use.
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    Computer Virus Cripples iPhone Chipmaker TSMC’s Plants

    Apple fanboi alert!! If you are leaving all the standard blotware installed yes a phone can be laggy. Nothing that disabling (no root) or uninstalling via root can't fix. If you can't manage your device you shouldn't own one. Old Iphones can turn to crap with the latest updates too.
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    U.S. Wants Google to Back Off Huawei

    Do you also like that they collect data off your phone directly? the huawei phone have AdUps software on it. The software is basically a rootkit.
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    Google Loves Revenge Pr0n

    Reporters usually have to fact check and not copy and paste like these keyboard warriors.
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    Google Loves Revenge Pr0n

    Most of this revenge P0rn would not happen if the bimbos would quit shooting it themselves and sending it out.... It would be too hard to deal with because once an image or video is out on the internet it can not be completely erased.