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    FS: Blackberry Pearl & Laptop Ram (Help me buy my Wing)

    Hey everybody. Got a few things for sale. Unlocked T-Mobile Black Blackberry Pearl - $150.00 (comes with 2 back covers, 1 with a hole dremeled out for sound enhancement, the other still new. Also comes with a leather carrying case, box, charger, data cable, and wired handsfree.) 2 x 512 of...
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    WTB: Cingular Smartphone

    I'm looking for a Smartphone, something that works on WM2003 or 2005, preferably with bluetooth and a camera. Willing to spend up to $200 or trade an SV-SD90 MP3 player and some cash. MPX220 or Cingular 2150 would both be perfect. Also looking for a digital camera, 5mp or better, with at...