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    4 Generations at the same time?

    Alder Lake is vastly ahead of the hot garbage that was Rocket Lake and Comet Lake, between higher clocks and higher IPC a $99 ADL i3 is faster than a last gen i5 and games like an i7. RKL fills capacity on the 14nm lines which aren't useful for high end parts, it beats using them to fab...
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    Matx board "in" ITX case silliness

    I...don't really understand why you would do this, but to each his own, I guess. There's almost certainly a way to get a computer with the styling and features you want, without having to cut holes in things, but we don't really know what you want so its hard to help.
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    Matx board "in" ITX case silliness

    If you are using the Q33 as a open air test bench anyway just go find a test bench style case, with an mATX board installed that case is no longer a case, it's just a piece of sheet metal with some support for your PCIe cards.
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    INNOCN 27" 4K HDR1000 Mini-LED Computer Monitor - $549 after coupon

    For what it's worth, this is a 384-zone panel, not the 1536 zone stuff you see on higher end mini-LED displays. There are also rumors it never hits 1000 nits, not even with HDR enabled.
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    max storage for laptop with Intel i5-1250P CPU - why impossible to search out

    It should electrically support arbitrarily large drives; your limit will be thermals/drive length/single-sided requirements (a lot of laptops don't support double-sided NVMe drives).
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    how to dissipate an m.2 ssd from the back, on a rog formula z690 motherboard

    The heatsink is on the top side of the SSD so there isn't really a reason to have a backside thermal pad. The backside of high-capacity M.2 drives are usually populated with flash packages which stay pretty cool - it's the controller that overheats.
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    RTX 4080: Countdown To Second-Best™

    Man, everything is right about this card except the price: 50% faster gen-on-gen 20% faster versus previous generation flagship 25% lower power while delivering more performance 78% of the performance of the flagship, going up to 83% after overclocking Pushes well over 60 fps 99th percentile at...
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    Shunt modding 3080 ti. Thoughts.

    Does shunt modding actually tangibly improve performance in day-to-day use? It's certainly necessary to get good benchmark runs under LN2 (let's not forget the Untouchables!) but my impression was that voltage scaling was pretty poor at ambient temps on modern nodes.
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    AMD Gen 4 Epyc up to 96 cores.

    Right, that's what you're supposed to do, AMD is weird because they segment out workstation Epyc as a different brand with dedicated boards - Intel just lumps them all together as "3rd generation Scalable" and leaves it to the customer to figure out what they want. The issue is AMD launches...
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    AMD Gen 4 Epyc up to 96 cores.

    Well, obviously. It's a server processor. Also I will have you know one of my gaming machines has 64 cores in it so, there you go (it's not a very good gaming machine but is very fast for work). I've done plenty of serious work on "gaming" machines (the actual ones, with only 8 cores). While...
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    AMD Gen 4 Epyc up to 96 cores.

    A shame these don't have good turbo. The giant 9654 is a whole 2.1 GHz (!!!) below the 7950X and 2.3 GHz below the 13900KS which is an absurd amount of single-threaded performance to give up to get your 96 cores. I guess we're back to the days of needing two computers if you really want to go fast.
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    How do I run two sticks of RAM in an ASUS Z590 Gaming-Plus Wifi?

    It probably boots with 4 sticks because the BIOS defaults are slower for 2dpc; if the machine is going to a client delivering it with 128GB is probably the way to go since it is a very bad idea to ship a machine which requires non-stock BIOS settings to POST.
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    Instead of the APEX

    In the end there's not much point in thinking hard about it, I usually go by a combination of looks and brand loyalty - if you're going for something like crazy memory speeds the boards are only relevant for two years anyway since the next socket will have a much better IMC. The Unify will serve...
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    Instead of the APEX

    The Unify-X seems well received:; the Apex seems to be worse in practice because of fairly severe sample variance between boards.
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    Instead of the APEX

    You only need 300W to run the KS, its not that bad. The Apex class stuff is designed to run 500W+ at subambient temps.
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    Who is still using a Sandy Bridge era chip

    Idle power has more to do with platform than anything else. Your board has a chipset, probably a few offboard controllers, etc., so it will never idle well. The embedded boards are built on a SoC so at idle they can power off more or less the entire chip.
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    Trying to understand Relative Performance Between Mobile and Desktop CPU's

    Well, you're looking at 1t short-term performance where the thermal limitations of laptops are less relevant. Furthermore a 15W U-series processor has a PL2 of (at least) 28W, and at 4.2/4.4 GHz you're looking at around 20-30W per core so neither CPU is hitting its power limits. The last 20%...
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    EVGA Z690 Classified $300

    Back in stock, and now with free keyboard and mouse! More or less comes out to $200 for the board if you find the bundle useful, I'd say that's pretty hot for a board with more than enough power delivery to support whatever Raptor Lake can throw at it.
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    Instead of the APEX

    The brand is new but casual research seems to indicate the UNIFY-X is well received, the last time I used an MSI board was in 2017 but I suspect their firmware has improved since then.
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    Instead of the APEX

    1dpc ATX leaves you with just the Apex. It's a good board, for sure, but from a reliability standpoint I'm not convinced its much better than a $350 board. I think it's in stock on Amazon. If you want longevity, I'd strongly recommend waiting until October. The next generation of GPUs is a full...
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    Instead of the APEX

    What exactly is the goal? The only direct equivalents to the Apex are the EVGA Z690 Classified Kingpin and Gigabyte Z690 Aorus Tachyon, both of which are 1dpc EATX boards designed for subambient overclocking. The Apex and its cousins aren't the *top* LGA 1700 boards; if you are going for "most...
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    All P core chips?

    Sapphire Rapids is all-P, the question is (1) if it will be available as a prosumer product and (2) when the hell it will actually launch.
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    AMD APU's with Discrete GPU's?

    The APUs have less cache, so you'll get slightly worse performance everywhere.
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    PCI-E lane question on Intel 690 motherboard with 12700k

    It's because mainstream Intel CPU's are cut out of mobile silicon where having extra I/O is a detriment (it adds cost, increases the pin count, and generally does nothing useful in laptops). Frankly the reason why mainstream Intel is so good for gaming is exactly because the design is *not...
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    is I3-3750K to i7-7700K a useful upgrade ?

    I feel like there is some missing context here - it sounds like the OP has a fairly customized system (he mentioned 50TB of HDDs and custom fan ducts?!) which changes the question. My recommendation would be a used 6700K, you get i3 performance for...i3 prices but you'll get a lot more life out...
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    is I3-3750K to i7-7700K a useful upgrade ?

    Why bother asking on the forum then? Seems up you've made up your mind. If you're actually going to buy the new 7700K off Amazon though, you're literally throwing money down the toilet, because a 12100F and a $200 board would be cheaper and faster. It's only a few cables to unplug to swap the...
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    is I3-3750K to i7-7700K a useful upgrade ?

    If your board's not a high end board (I don't think there were any high end H270's) and the rig isn't impossible to service (I have SFF machines where I'd rather throw out the rig than take them apart!) I could also recommend an i3-12100 and a cheap B660 board. For a little more than the price...
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    is I3-3750K to i7-7700K a useful upgrade ?

    Just buy an Inspiron or something, if you don't want hassle and are just doing office work. You can get an Inspiron which takes DDR4 and has a 12th-gen i5 for $600 - it's not a super good deal, but its under warranty, you can swap in your current memory, and the i5-12400 craps all over the 7700K...
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    Microcenter: 11700k for $199.99!

    If you have Microcenter access you can also get a 5700X for $249 which is probably a better deal if you don't already own a LGA 1200 motherboard. You get identical-to-slightly-better performance at half the power.
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    FS: Dell XPS13 9360 4k Touch Screen gently used $450 plus the trip

    Hey actually I think I'll pass, just checked eBay and it seems 450's not that hot of a price - there's a 9370 with the same CPU/RAM/drive for $350 here Sorry for the hassle!
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    FS: Dell XPS13 9360 4k Touch Screen gently used $450 plus the trip

    What does the BIOS say battery health is?
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    WTB: Z690 Aorus Tachyon

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    SOLD Todays Sale :> (2) Ubiquiti UAP's

    I'll take them. YGPM.
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    12900KS - What configuration is better for gaming short and long term??

    My general impression is that leaving everything on gives the best performance unless you are playing a game with known pathologies.
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    WTB: Z690 Aorus Tachyon

    Newegg has 'em for 470, let's see if there are any good deals to be had here.
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    Duel graphics on Desktop PC in order to retain hardware video decode?

    AFAIK dynamically switchable graphics only work if the video data from the discrete card is piped through the integrated card's display engines. I'm not sure if its possible to decode/encode on the iGPU while running the displays through the dGPU, it was possible eons ago with Lucid's (I think...
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    Why does Intel not have latest generation CPUs with more than 8 strong cores

    Intel traditionally bifurcates their lineup with two dies, the 'laptop' dies (efficiency-optimized SoCs with GPUs) and 'server' dies (performance-optimized, requires an external chipset for connectivity, no GPU). AMD does it too - the APUs are laptop parts with a traditional design, the rest are...
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    2TB EVO Plus 970 NVME "Refurbed" $139 at BB **edited** new price

    Bought a 2TB and it was a 250GB?! Classic Worst Buy...they don't even test the drive to make sure its the right one.
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    Upgrading from 9700K to 12600K/12700K worth it?

    I feel like upgrading to ADL strictly to be able to use your $250 of DDR4 is...dubious. You're looking at 350 for the CPU and 250+ for a good board, might as well sell the DDR4 and eat the 100 bucks to get DDR5, which will last you through your next decade's worth of builds. If you're going...