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    Sony GDM-FW900 - NIB

    I just think it's hilarious. I got one of these close to 20 years ago. When it was still "new." So, I got to use it during it's prime as my main monitor setup in College. Everyone was "upgrading" to LCDs at the time, so I got the monitor for under $200. It was my main until 2012 or so. When the...
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    Are we sort of in a drought or something? (bit of rambling here)

    Honestly, I felt gaming has been in a drought for a few years now. I just haven't been impressed with the majority of new games. However, that just gave me an excuse to go retro. So, I spent the last few years building up my hardware and equipment for doing so. There's tons of games out there...
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    MiSTer FPGA - Retro Console Hardware

    Got my Logitech G29 up and running with the Outrun core on MiSTer. Took a minute to figure out and a happy accident to fix the issue with the brakes...but finally got it working. If you're interested in obtaining a cheap wheel I really recommend using Facebook Marketplace. I was able to get a...
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    Tactics Ogre: Reborn

    I'll nab the title when it hits the $30 mark. Have a hard time justifying full price for "remasters/remakes."
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    MiSTer FPGA - Retro Console Hardware

    I bought the Sega Saturn Virtua Stick Pro HSS-0130 and I'm using a daemonbyte adapter to PC/Mister. I swapped the buttons out for Sanwa. I got the stick for a decent discount because the seller lied about it being modded. It had a supergun installed into the stick. Which, meant the side was cut...
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    (RUMOR) Konami is set to revive Metal Gear, Castlevania and Silent Hill

    Honestly, they could do it more closely to Rondo and it would probably do well enough. Rondo is my favorite of the series. It's the right mix of old school with a save system. I've been playing the X68000 one on MiSTer and that's pretty nice too. It's hard as hell though. But, it's got a save...
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    (RUMOR) Konami is set to revive Metal Gear, Castlevania and Silent Hill

    ? It's Silent Hill. Of course it should be muddy and depressing. I'm actually playing through SH2 for the first time on PS2. Since basically building my ideal retro gaming setup, it's been a real hoot.
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    Suikoden 1 & 2 remaster announced!

    Just get an old PSX with Xstation installed if you want that. Or, emulate it. Personally, I like the direction they are going with this "remaster." It's very respectful of the OG look while also being rather modern. It def looks like a "I remember it this way."
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    Prey (2017)

    Yea, I'd agree. It was dumb to name it such. I honestly think it did more harm than good for the game.
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    Aug 2022 - FB account no longer required for Oculus, just a Meta account!

    I already sold my Rift S and have no plans to buy anything else from them. I will be fine with abandoning my account/purchases. I didn't buy that much from them anyway. Crossing my fingers for a new Index announcement or if Sony's upcoming VR set will support PC.
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    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    Could just listen to audio books while you game.
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    No good games coming out?

    Correct. I delayed starting Cold Steel when the Fan Translations were announced for Crossbell. Currently finishing up Trails 3RD. Which will lead me right into this. I've heard good things about this game...apparently it's pretty dark. I should have my Steam Deck by then. Which, will make being...
  13. T shutting down, moving games to Steam

    Some people prefer the tidiness of "one platform." That shouldn't be dictated by a company but by the consumer's choice. I only support two launchers myself, Steam and GOG. If it ain't on those, it ain't on my PC. Not to say I haven't tried others...but when you game via Steam Big Box and...
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    Valve to Face Antitrust Lawsuit Over Steam Gaming Platform

    I doubt anything is going to come of this.
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    MiSTer FPGA - Retro Console Hardware

    If you re-create the folders on the SD, it should just automatically use the drive. I haven't used USB in awhile as I was trying to keep a "clean look" for my MiSTer setup by some having a 512gb SD card. Though, I'll have to re-think things once the PSX/Saturn cores are finalized. Though, you...
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    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge

    I actually have the OG Cab. It can be one quartered.
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    Gaming in your 40s

    I don't despise graphics. It's actually the poor pacing of modern games that's kinda put a damper on my enjoyment. I generally despise Open World and consider that a warning sign.
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    Anyone else fed up with PC gaming?

    I wouldn't say I'm fed up with it...but I def decided not to make an effort to care about modern PC gaming. Mainly, with the separation of storefronts and places trying to spread my money around multiple places...I'm just not interested. So, it has helped me focus more on going back in the...
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    Gaming in your 40s

    As I quickly approach 40 (Currently late 30s), I found myself more inclined to play older games from when I was a kid. I don't really consider it a "mid life crisis" or anything of that sort. It's mostly because the games were designed short. So, the challenge is high but the length short...
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    Remedy Max Payne 1 & 2 Remake for PC and Xbox series and PS5

    I have an extra copy if you want it. Got it from the Humble Bundle. Shoot me a DM. I'll send it later.
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    Your reaction if Nintendo went third party.

    Nintendo is notorious for never selling at a loss. They've always sold hardware with profit from day 1. Don't compare others strategies to Nintendo.
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    As a person who can bounce from both Stick and Pad...analog sticks are not good replacements for MicroSwitch Joysticks.
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    Is 2021 a dud for gaming?

    I think I only played one game that actually released in 2021. That was, Metroid Dread. Really liked it. Everything else that I played was "retro." I'll say nothing in 2021 made me feel like I missed out. Though, Metroid did get me to grab a Switch. So...there's that. Mostly spent the year...
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    MiSTer FPGA - Retro Console Hardware

    Oooh...that's nice.
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    MiSTer FPGA - Retro Console Hardware

    Welcome to the party. It’s a treasure trove of fun!!!
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    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    Going to probably finish up my replay of Splinter Cell on OG Xbox this some point. Also, do a bit of Paper Mario: Origami King.
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    Valve is working on a new Half-Life game for the Steam Deck, but that's no Half-Life 3

    Well, if it builds on the end section of Half Life 2: Episode 2, then I'm game.
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    Do you think we'll see PC focused, groundbreaking games ever again?

    Odd that this question always pops up shortly after a PC Exclusive has came and went. But, I tend to be one of the few that played Half Life: Alyx.
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    MiSTer FPGA - Retro Console Hardware

    The guy doing it tends to add additional features to his core sets. So, we’ll see. But, I think getting it running is top priority.
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    MiSTer FPGA - Retro Console Hardware

    I love the vintage 3D. It's offputting at first, but you do get used to it again. There's a charm to quite a few of them.
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    MiSTer FPGA - Retro Console Hardware Can't seem to figure out how to share the link correctly. HAHAHA! Anyway, its showing the first PSX game running off of SD Card for the upcoming core. It's RIDDDDDDGE Racer!
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    For the purpose of insurance claim, does a PC game has depreciate value?

    Depends. When I got robbed years and years ago...I was able to get current price on market for my games. But, that was made easy since Funcoland at the time issued price lists for games. You didn't get a 1:1, but they would take a percentage off the cost. So, my replacement copy of Xenogears...
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    Secret Ports on Gamecube

    Literally just obtained one and put a GCHD on it. Also, a GCloader.
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    Outdated game mechanics.

    Level grinding. Money grinding. Basically, grinding. I do not think health or armor pickups are outdated. I think they facilitate a very particular game design and keep the player going forward. As, i think health regeneration tends to make players idle for too long. Slowing general game...
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    Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition

    Honestly, it wasn't until GTA4 that the controls started being workable in a modern sense. This isn't to say that GTA4 didn't have it's physic issues...but the aiming and things made the game better overall. I'll take the GTAV controls. But, to be fair, the fan mods really already did most of this.
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    Metroid Dread

    I'd recommend doing one of the three really tricky ones. There's a video that states 7 hard ones...there's like three if you do the trickier ones first. As the rest are "easier" once you understand how it works. If you can do can do all of them. Just be prepared to buy a new...
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    Metroid Dread

    I completed it last night. Took me basically 16hrs to go through it 100% first time.
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    Metroid Dread

    Breathe. Pay attention to the patterns and use your arsenal. Also, remember to parry his attacks if you see the light blink.
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    Metroid Dread

    I 100% most of it without a walkthrough. I did use a map once or twice because nothing was blinking anymore. However, I had all the major upgrades by then. So, honestly, looking at the map isn't that much of a spoiler. Oh, and those speedbooster blocks. Three of them are...tricky. That's me...
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    Metroid Dread

    There's usually another way out...even if it doesn't take you forward. You can usually go back at least.