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    FS: Diamond Multimedia Radeon R9 270X

    Hey all, Selling a still sealed, new Diamond Multimedia Radeon R9 270X. Asking $130.00 obo This was a replacement card received from Diamond after a 7870 was RMA'd. Even though the card is new, I don't believe it will have a warranty since it's from an RMA, also I don't believe...
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    Can't get HDD out of external to work

    I have a maxtor 80gb drive that was initially an external drive, probably from the one touch series but I'm not certain. I lost the power cable to the enclosure so I decided to pull the drive from the enclosure and just plug it in as an internal IDE drive. I've now tried on 2 separate...
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    [warm] - Logitech X-530 5.1 Speaker system 49.99 + 4.99 S/H EDIT: Says in the description that they're re-certified, so maybe not all that good. :/ Anyone, know if this is still a good deal or not? Wouldn't mind having a 5.1 setup for my other system.
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    To upgrade the motherboard or not?

    Hey all, I'm wondering if a newer motherboard will help me achieve better overclocks than the board I'm currently using? This eVGA board is a 1st generation X58 that I purchase with a i7 920 CO back in the latter half of 2009. I'm also enticed by USB 3 & SATA 6Gb/s, but not certain if those...
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    Problem with HDMI on my XFX 5870

    Hey all, I'm having a weird issue with my video card. Last night, I started streaming netflix on my computer, but wanted to bring the picture over to my HDTV, so I hooked it up via HDMI (my monitor is hooked up via DVI). I went into CCC to have the desktop switch to "Monitor 2" which was...
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    Best available wireless N adapter?

    Hey all, I'm interested in picking up a new Wireless adapter. I have no preference on whether it's PCI-E or USB. I'm currently using a D-Link DWA-160 with a Netgear WNDR3700. It's decent, but I'd prefer better range than what I'm getting now, which is about 2-3 bars. Since I've had the...
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    New ATI drivers (post 9.12 hotfix, but not 10.1's)

    Hey all, just saw this thread over at Guru3d: Pretty new thread, so no real bench results yet. Go give 'em a try.
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    Just picked up 5870. What's a suggested OC on the processor to remove bottleneck?

    Hello all, I just picked up an XFX 5870 that should be delivered on Tuesday. Currently on my i7 920 I'm running a modest OC of 3.0GHz. Will this be enough to fully utilize the 5870 @ Stock speeds? Or should I push for more? The reason I ask, is because I'm having some trouble getting this...