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    Overwatch 2 - Official Thread

    Honestly, i don’t think the new one will be worth it, seems like a stupid idea.
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    Best long term software support for unlocked cell phones

    If you’re looking at the hardware, from personal experience, iPhones do last much longer than android. I have been on both ends and I do know for sure my old iPhone 5s still works great so many years down the line. So, I’m guessing you’ve got a good bet if you’re looking for long term usage.
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    Long time Android user to iPhone.

    I haven’t used the Pixel 6 Pro but I have been an iPhone user for the past five years and I’ve got to say, no matter how much people may criticise Apple, it has its own perks. Hope you enjoy your new cell phone.
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    8th card added and PC won't boot.

    All I know is that the PC doesn’t boot to BIOSis if the motherboard or the CPU's power connector is not plugged correctly. That’s surely the first thing to check.
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    Splitters 6 pin and 8 pin trouble (7 x RTX 3070)

    I don’t think it matters whether you are using a 6 pin or 8 pin connector. It’s just a plug and you will be good with anyone out of them.
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    Do people actually upgrade just the CPU and keep using existing motherboard?

    Yes, many people do that. Even I did it so many times in the past.
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    There's huge potential for this 'unbrickable' open source BIOS now it's running on modern Intel PCs

    Recently a Linux consulting company loaded an open source BIOS called Coreboot. It is done to get greater control over fundamental PC software. How wide its benefits are yet to be seen in future.
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    What is so special about Macbooks?

    It all has to do with their performance. They have better integration of hardware and software and better battery life..
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    Do you remember your history of smartphones?

    Yes. I had a Samasung phone back in early 2013. Then, I moved to a smartphone (Lenovo). Currently, I am using an iphone.
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    Can you wirelessly connect a PS5 controller to PC?

    As far as I know, the PS5 DualSense controller works both wired and wirelessly. It’s just that your system needs to support Bluetooth.
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    Ethereum 2.0 staking

    No matter what others say, I believe in the capability of ethereum. I am quite sure that it will rise and so, I am locking up my wallet until it does.
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    Mining does come with additional costs. But if you can mine successfully, you will be able to cover all that you have spent.
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    Mining & Cryptocurrency Guides

    Thanks for sharing the list. I have been looking for it everywhere I could.
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    mining on a server running a NAS and other stuff?

    Whenever I face issues with the hardware, I get in touch with an engineer. I think it's best to get the issue sorted by a professional rather than merely performing some DIYs.
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    Eth merge/POS delayed

    I think it’s too early to decide something. I will rather wait to see how the market reacts.
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    CPU Mining Builds (My adventure with Epycs)

    It seems to be a nice setup to me. But only you can judge how it works practically. I would love to know about your experience with it.