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    Netflix Cancels The Punisher And Jessica Jones

    Disney sucks now and yes, I'm one of the few who LOVED Iron Fist and thought it was the best of the group. Though DD was pretty great too.
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    Microsoft Makes Final Push to Rid World of Internet Explorer 10

    our company literally just now finally upgraded from Citrix. it’s true, corp america workforce is all using IE
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    Microsoft Makes Final Push to Rid World of Internet Explorer 10

    IE 11 can do so many little things at work that Chrome and FF can’t that everyone I know still uses it. Our web apps are all integrated with it, not to mention Office. It’s not going anywhere until the new Chrome-Edge comes out, at least.
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    EA Is Reportedly Refusing Refunds on Origin

    Nobody should ever buy into these bullshit guarantees, b/c in no world of any product will you not have to go down to hell and back only to find out they still won't do it. These are BS press sales tricks they tack-on and plan to never actually honor. They usually battle you by using attrition...
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    Samsung Unveils MicroLED Displays

    Also beats OLED in terms of losing brightness over time, which OLED, like Plasma, suffers from, and is the bigger concern of the two issues is suffers from (image retention and LOL, loss of light)
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    After Losing Half Its Value, NVIDIA Faces Reckoning

    As with most companies, their own greed becomes their downfall.
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    Xbox Scarlett Will Use Zen 2 and AMD Next-Gen GPU Technology, Targeting 4K/60 FPS

    SSD or I'm out. I've abandoned consoles completely a year ago due to the insanely long loading times and slow ass menus... hell, slow everything, all due to shitty cheap 5400rpm ancient HDD's. Even phones have SSD's. No more. I don't care how fast the gpu/cpu is, they keep bottlenecking the...
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    Tom Cruise Thinks You Should Turn Off Motion Interpolation

    I've always called it "the camcorder" effect. Anyone remembers old camcorders, the same thing as those.
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    Cliff Bleszinski Swears Off Making Videogames Forever

    this comes from the expression "feel entitled" not the word by itself. implying they feel entitled even though they are not.
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    The Windows 10 October 2018 Update Still Has Issues

    All i know is now i have a ton of duplicate folders. desktop, documents, etc. many of these desktop folders don't store anything on the desktop and can't be deleted. it's a fucking MESS
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    TechSpot Tests the Battlefield V DXR Ray Tracing Performance and Implementation

    1080p w/ Low settling and barely a playable frame rate. lolololol
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    Final Fantasy XV DLC Cancelled as Studio Head Hajime Tabata Resigns

    Nope, same exact thing for me. Spot on.
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    Intel Tells Us Charlie has got it WRONG

    When it comes 2H of 2020, who will have been correct?
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    Netflix Pulls the Plug on Marvel’s "Luke Cage"

    couldn't get through season 2 despite 5 different tries. it was honestly rubbish. though i did like s1. dd is the only good show going. however i did like IF
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    Macs Could Jump to ARM in 2020

    Wait, doesn't iOS have a dumbed down version already? Not sure it would be THAT huge of a jump to make given the 2-3 years timeframe cited.
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    Mochibot Has 32 Legs

    I gave it a week before it's featured in some whacky Japanese p0wn.
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    AdoredTV Covers the History of Intel Cheating on Benchmarks

    Intel, nVidia and Apple top my list of evildoers from a HW perspective. Of course we all know about Google and Facebook from the software side of things. Funnily enough, all these companies somehow make the old time original gangsta (Microsoft) seem like good guys to me now. :/ It's not that...
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    Samsung to Ship World's First 8K TV Oct. 28

    Not buying anything until HDMI 2.1 is official and been on the market for awhile.... possibly a year or so.
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    Windows Store Downloads are Still Getting Stuck

    Right-O. You're right. My bad. Also will add I was speaking in generalities myself.
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    Windows Store Downloads are Still Getting Stuck

    Quoted for truth. Why does something always have to be the best ever or worst ever? It is difficult to comprehend adults continually acting that way with everything. Ford v Chevy, 3dfx v nVidia (back in the day). Gaming Console warriors. Apple v Samsung v Google. Extremism really is a human...
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    Windows Store Downloads are Still Getting Stuck

    It happened to me too. Turning off Rivatuner solved it.
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    Windows Store Downloads are Still Getting Stuck

    Couple of tricks. Install any free program in the Windows Store. This will fix quite a few problems. You can then uninstall it. This has worked for me before. Close Rivatuner (this one was the issue for me this time). Run Powershell as admin, then type: Get-AppXPackage | Foreach...
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    Windows 10 October Update is Losing User Data

    I've been in the fast ring. There's a new option for storage that can and will deleted old files. It's an option you have to turn off with a recent update.
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    83% of Routers Contain Severe Security Issues

    I've had a Linksys EA9500 since launch, feels like 2 years now and THEY haven't released a single firmware update.
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    Huawei Trolls iPhone Fans with Free Power Banks and "You'll Need It" Message

    My iPhone x sucks bad on battery life :/
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    Forza Horizon 4 DX12 Free Benchmark

    This was a known bug for a very long time in the previous game.
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    Forza Horizon 4 DX12 Free Benchmark

    Makes sense to me, as this is an Xbox One game, which has an AMD chip in it, if I'm not mistaken? So of course it is by default optimized for AMD already.
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    Forza Horizon 4 Demo Is Now Available

    FH games are hella fun
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    Google Slammed for Chrome Change That Strips Out "WWW" from Domains

    Back to Firefox (been switching around a lot lately). It's sad though that Safari is the most stable/consistent browser going... but it's on Mac. :/
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    GoFundMe Homeless Vet Scammers Get Visit from Johnny Law

    Spellcheck wouldn't have caught that, unless you add some kind of grammar option. Also, government will be seizing all of this money, no doubts there. They love seizing everyone's money and tying it up in legalese until everyone gives up... and even if you don't, and they are made to pay it...
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    New DOOM Movie News

    What's a "DVD"?
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    Russians Say ISS Air Leak was Caused by a Human

    Pffftt... good ole grey duct tape would have easily held. indefinitely ps. imagine if you are THE GUY who actually did this... holy batman you are shittn does pantz
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    Khronos Group Is Working on EXT Extension to Assist Linux Gaming Translation Layers

    We would all love to be on Linux, and probably every person on this forum has tried various flavors of Linux many multiples of times, saying to ourselves "ok this is really it, I'm going to go there and stay there" only to end back up on Windows inevitably, after some new hot game comes out and...