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    [FS/FT:US] 30+ Thinkpads, Networking Gear (Cisco/Juniper), and other good stuff. Updated as we move.

    All Sold, those of you that PM'd me and didn't get an order, i'm working on decommissioning a couple more machines and will get back to you. Thanks everyone!
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    [FS/FT:US] 30+ Thinkpads, Networking Gear (Cisco/Juniper), and other good stuff. Updated as we move.

    We're moving office locations and need to get rid of a lot of gear! Paypal verified payments, or trades negotiated for lists below. Heatware under same name / linked account. TRADE / Looking for: Modern Warfare (RTX code) Dreamcast / Saturn / Sega CD Games (US) Laptops: I will include AC...
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    Gamersgate Borderlands sale.

    You are correct about the keys being multi-platform.
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    Steam - Celebrate Fallout 4 SALE

    Greenman gaming has it 23% off right now for next 48 hours (so $46 for steam code). I'm going to wait until i see what bs pre order content deals they announce. I hope it's like previous versions where you can download them and drop into the game folder instead of others that pretty much...
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    Deactivation Of Fraudulently Obtained ESO Game Keys

    I understand the arguement if it's clearly stated that VPN's to bypass region were used, but the under market price of games on ebay / websites isn't all that un-common for legitimate games. For example how many people sold the witcher or are selling the next batman game for $30 (have of...
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    [FT] PS4 and XBone games - want Dreamcast / N64 / Gamecube / games consoles etc.

    I'm putting together a gaming room in an adjacent building to our office as part of a *rec center*. Looking for older consoles, controllers, games, etc. to fill it out and open the kids up to classic gaming. WTT: The last of us PS4 digital redemption code Assasins Creed Unity and Black...
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    Amazon, Newegg and Walmart Unleash 'Black November' Deals

    This article is from 2011 - Was there a newer version you were linking too? "November 2, 2011 -- 07:52 GMT (00:52 PDT)"
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    Unlimited OneDrive (formerly skydrive) Storage for Office 365 subscribers

    You'll have to send in a support ticket request with MS to merge the accounts. I'd doubt it works though :( I'm curious if there will be any changes to files sizes / current restrictions with this upgrade.
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    Iptorrent Invites

    I have a couple IPT and Google INBOX invites / would love to have BCG or BTN
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    FS: HTPC - Fractal Node, i5 3570, P8H77-I, 8gb ram, 120gb SSD, 3TB

    I could part it, PM what you're thinking.
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    FS: HTPC - Fractal Node, i5 3570, P8H77-I, 8gb ram, 120gb SSD, 3TB

    Things I won't be buying this year #37 - Call of Duty:Repackaged .. or whatever it's called
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    FS: HTPC - Fractal Node, i5 3570, P8H77-I, 8gb ram, 120gb SSD, 3TB

    Now that the Xbox One support Plex out of the box, i'm letting go of my Sweet little Home Theater machine. It's a great case with support for 6 fixed disks (have a second one for a small esxi server). Heatware is under illogitech; $475 Shipped. Case:Fractal Node CPU: i5 3570 MB: P8H77-I...
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    Alien Isolation Steam key $19.37

    It's quite frequent that Steam bans Russian Keys in non RU / RU speaking countries. Also there are often times RU only builds that don't feature all the language packs (to combat for this exact reason) often times requiring hacks / patches to get the content playable. Most of your key...
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    [HOT] Last of us Remastered PS4 - 29.99 Digital

    If you've been on the fence this is a great deal for a great PS4 game. The Last of Us: Remastered offers the award-winning game rebuilt to run in 1080p, with a list of upgrades including higher resolution character models, improved shadows and lighting, and upgraded textures. It also comes...
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    Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

    I'd find one of the discounts deals going on. Nvidia codes are as low as $30 on the forums here and retail codes as low as $45 at varying online stores. For that price it's worth it in my opinion.
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    $90 Blue Microphones Yeti USB Microphone - Platinum @Amazon Lightning Deal

    Pretty solid deal. I paid almost $200 two years back and the thing sounds great.
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    WTB: Borderlands Pre-Sequel & Alien Isolation PC

    Found Borderlands, looking for Alien Isolation still!
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    WTB: Borderlands Pre-Sequel & Alien Isolation PC

    Looking for a key for both, Borderlands Pre-Sequel - I've found it online for $38 Alien: Isolation - Found this one for $32 Let me know your best price.
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    YMMV - Epson Workforce WF 7520, HP OfficeJet Pro 8600, $35.50 Staples B&M

    On the Plus side the 8600 had two sets of ink in the box. So even if you threw it away after, it's still not a bad deal. I honestly cared more about the Scanning to begin with. They're bulky, but we have the room so no losses there.
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    YMMV - Epson Workforce WF 7520, HP OfficeJet Pro 8600, $35.50 Staples B&M

    Just set it up in the office, it's a solid deal. We needed to pickup a few scanners and I refused to buy a bunch of NEAT scanners so it worked out wonderfully.
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    YMMV - Epson Workforce WF 7520, HP OfficeJet Pro 8600, $35.50 Staples B&M

    I was at Staples tonight and picked up two Business Printers super cheap ($35.50 each). They're last years model (like that matters). These were new in box, not returns. Your mileage may vary, but it's worth a look if you're in need of a large format printer / Heavy duty office printer /...
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    Used xbox one controllers at cow boom for $19.99+ tax and shipping

    there's 5 more up for those of you looking
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    WTB FF XIV Steam gift or Key

    LMK your price for FF XIV. I can get the steam key gift online for $15.00 and i've seen the intel codes for $10.00
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    Looking for Final Fantasy XIV A realm reborn Steam Gift or Intel key. LMK prices
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    2600k $145 Fry's in store (San Jose CA)

    I went by San Jose when I saw this (no one had replied yet). It was already OOS or one of the employees were keeping the last cpus. Though given frys, I'm not sure most of them even know how to use a computer :(
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    [FS] 27" 120hz, Thunderbolt HD, Apple TVs, will update a few times this week.

    I'm moving into a new office, so I've got a few things that need to go. Heatware:illogitech Asus VG278H - 120hz 1080p 27" Monitor w/Glasses - Sold Gtech Thunderbolt 4tb external - $175 (Two available) Shipped (dropped $125 each!!!!) Apple TV 3rd gen (no Jailbreak) - SOLD x2 Apple TV 2nd...
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    [FS] PNY GTX 780 & ACIV Black Flag $410

    Model is VCGGTX7803xPB - $410 I had this listed earlier and erroneously posted a TI picture leading to some confusion. This is not a Ti Card, it's the Reference 780 design. Price is Shipped ground with Assasins Creed IV. If you'd like faster 3 day shipping it's $10 more. Heatware...
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    Elder Scrolls Online Beta Key

    for those looking for keys for this weekends beta.. is giving them away.
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    FS: PNY GTX780 $430 shipped

    She's all gone.
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    FS: PNY GTX780 $430 shipped

    Swapped over my GTX's to matching EVGA SC sold the Asus and now i'm selling the PNY. Heatware: illogitech - I've sold Tita'sn, 780's, apple laptops etc.. Will Ship USPS insured to buyer.
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    [FS] Asus GTX780-DC2OC-3GD5 $430 shipped

    Sold! Off to a good home :)
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    [FS] Asus GTX780-DC2OC-3GD5 $430 shipped

    ASUS Direct CU II Thermal Design with Direct-GPU Contact 10mm Copper Heat Pipe Graphics Card GTX780-DC2OC-3GD5 Card has been great in SLI with an EVGA 780, got a second EVGA (SC version) and decided i'm going to run TRI-SLI. This bad boy is too tall for the bridge (sadly they're not...
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    [FS] Samsung Ultrabook 16gb ram, 128gb ssd, i5, 1080p Touchscreen

    Samsung NP740U3E-A01UB Series 7 Ultrabook 3rd Gen Intel® CoreTM i5-3337U processor 16GB DDR3 memory 13.3" LED high-definition widescreen touch-screen display 128GB solid state drive Intel® HD Graphics 4000 2x AC Adaptors
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    WTS: PS4, unopened

    He's likely referring to the headset, 30 day trials etc. included in the box.