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    Pentium E5200 OC - stable in gaming up to 3.7ghz, fails Prime above 3.3ghz

    Does this seem right to anyone? Currently trying to overclock a Pentium Dual Core E5200. Runs at 2.5ghz stock, I've heard reports of people getting it up to 3.6ghz on stock voltage alone. I managed to get it stable in games (i.e playing for several hours with no problems) at 3.7ghz with a small...
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    7800GTX with a 300W PSU

    I have an old spare 7800GTX that could be put to use in my girlfriend's PC. At the moment it has some kind of Radeon X300 with a passive cooler and it really chugs in WoW, and even with games like Peggle. The recommended minimum PSU for a 7800GTX appears to be either 350W or 400W with 22A on...
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    Just bought a Seagate 7200.11, should I be worried?

    Just found out about the firmware shitstorm earlier this year, it has been fixed now, right? I normally buy WD Caviar drives but there was a deal on the Barracuda 1.5TB 7200.11 that was too good to pass up.
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    Avatar Demo out now

    Exclusively on for some reason.
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    GAH. Can't upgrade Vista Ultimate to 7 Home Premium (64-bit)

    This is lame. A clean install is not worth the hassle at the moment as I will be building a new rig soon. Is there any way I can fool it into thinking I'm running a lower edition of Vista? Why the hell did I buy Vista Ultimate :rolleyes:
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    What makes more sense, i7 920 or i7 860?

    It's almost upgrade time for me (current rig in sig) In the UK, an OEM i7 920 can be had for about £200, retail i7 860 is about £230 X58 motherboards are about £200 for the features I want. P55 ones are about £170 If I'm gonna go X58 I'll be looking at 6GB RAM, P55 I'm undecided between 4 or...
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    Full modern warfare 2 trailer Looks like a real white knuckle ride, this is what first person shooters should be like :cool:
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    "Disk Boot Failure" - I don't understand! :(

    Vista x64 has been working flawlessly for me until recently - I had to hard reset my PC when it became unresponsive after trying to restart. Upon restarting I got "DISK BOOT FAILURE - INSERT SYSTEM DISK" which I haven't seen in years. I booted up the Vista CD to do a repair, but it found no...
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    I am loving Mass Effect, what Bioware game should I try next?

    To be honest I don't want Mass Effect to end, it's so good... I heard Jade Empire is rather splendid as well. Is the gameplay similar? I tried a friend's copy of KOTOR a couple years back but I couldn't get into it. Too wordy and the lack of realtime combat bored me. Perhaps I'll give it...
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    Offset Software (Project Offset) acquired by Intel Gosh! What does it mean?
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    Why has my overclock become unstable?

    At the beginning of this year I got myself an Opteron 175 to tide me over until I build a whole new system. After some extensive Prime/Otheros testing was slightly disappointed to find that one core refused to be stable over 2.65ghz no matter how much vcore I threw at it, so I settled on a nice...
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    More STALKER on the way interesting!
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    HL2 ep2 - new Q&A and screenshots That car is the shit! and here's another screen:
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    RE4 PC - the patch we've been waiting for! Pics. Patch is for the EU version.
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    how to enable motion blur in stalker Looks sweet.
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    Quake Wars, Crysis betas on the way

    Don't get too excited just yet though.
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    Quake Wars coming to PS3 and X360 Wow. Didn't expect this.
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    Folding + diskeeper invisitasking

    The new version of diskeeper is based on a feature called invisitasking which runs constantly and defrags your drive only using idle CPU time, much like FAH, and therein lies the problem. When FAH is running, invisitasking won't do anything at all. I've tried throttling FAH's CPU usage, but...
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    Can the P180's PSU chamber fan be mounted in the front?

    Had a good search but I don't think anyone has answered this. I'm thinking of moving the bottom fan to the front (in the main chamber, not the bottom), has anyone done this? Preferably with the hard disk cage in, and without cutting or drilling. I'd have a look inside the case, but I've just...
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    those little zalman vga ram sinks...

    how sticky are they supposed to be? because mine just keep falling off at the slightest touch. They seem to do the job OK though. I thoroughly cleaned off the residue from the stock cooler.
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    Infuriating motherboard/PSU problem

    Had a PSU failure recently (exploded). I RMA'ed it (enermax noisetaker 600w) and got a new Noisetaker II. I hooked it up and it wouldn't fully power up my motherboard (DFI Lanparty NF4 SLI-DR). Got standby LEDs, but hitting the power switch would only make it power up for a split second. The new...
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    Infuriating motherboard/PSU problem

    Had a PSU failure recently (exploded). I RMA'ed it (enermax noisetaker 600w) and got a new Noisetaker II. I hooked it up and it wouldn't fully power up my motherboard (DFI Lanparty NF4 SLI-DR). Got standby LEDs, but hitting the power switch would only make it power up for a split second. The new...
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    Anyone had an exploding enermax?

    Mine just did. It was a 600w noisetaker SLI cert. It has worked great for over a year... then today I come home and my brother tells me the PC shut off while he was using it. He couldn't get it to power back on. I switched the PSU off, unplugged and left it for a while. Plugged back in...
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    Source Engine & multi-core what with this, crysis and alan wake, could be time for that Athlon X2 upgrade I've been putting off the last while... edit: ah, just noticed this is on the front page...
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    g80 details in full @ the inq
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    G80 launch - 7/8 November
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    BF2142 demo - I can't even begin to put into words...

    ... how crap it is. I don't know how many times I lost connection, to both the game server and the EA master server. At one point it froze up, necessitating a reset. Constant lag/twitching around. Infantry combat is still a joke. Aircraft still explode at the merest hint of a collision...
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    first pics of G80

    apparently... I have reposted here, it is a bit faster. - Kyle someone said there are 12 ram chips. also notice the two power connectors.
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    TrueCombat Elite out soon (mod for Wolf:ET) It's a tactical/realism shooter. Looks absolutely great for the Q3 engine.
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    360 laptop mod omg
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    HL2 Ep 2, Portal, TF2 new videos! OMFG You'll know what I mean when you see them. PORTAL - TF2 - Also looking utterly awesome.
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    memory/stability issues with DFI NF4 - also dead NB fan

    OK, I'd been noticing some weird problems lately, like Data Execution Prevention popping up when I try to play certain games or Windows Media Player. Also games would crash to desktop or blue screen a lot. I tried tweaking some memory settings in bios and when I booted up, I got "NTLDR is...
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    DX10 and You (work in progress)

    This is by no means an authoratitive or official FAQ, just the best of my knowledge. I'm sure some of you can flesh it out with more info. - When will DX 10 be available? It will be shipping as part of Windows Vista which is expected in early 2007. - Will I need a DX 10 card for Vista...
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    Call of Juarez demo looks absolutely gorgeous, but the frame rate is down the toilet even on my SLI 7800GTX setup. I'd say it's even slower than Oblivion. Can anyone here get it running smoothly? BTW, force AFR rendering if you have SLI.
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    put an end to my CRT refresh rate woes

    I've always used Nvidia's refresh rate override to keep it at a decent setting on my CRT monitor, since a lot of games insist on running at 60hz. However since upgrading to SLI I've found that it interferes a lot with most games, causing all sorts of problems like half the screen going blank, or...
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    Prime95 stable for 12 hours - crashes in games

    Overclocked my San Diego 3700+ to 2.8ghz. I primed it for 12 hours with no problems, it's also been folding away as usual and Windows in general is fine. But any games will make it crash or blue screen after a short while. If a game crashes to desktop then the rest of the system starts...
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    Do you believe these Quad SLI benchmark results?

    I don't. His results are about 3-4x higher than what I get with 2 cards.
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    5000+ and FX-62 for Socket 939

    Great news:,,30_118_609,00.html?redir=CPT301 edit: ah, already been posted, I see.
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    BF2 1.3 "patching failed"

    Anyone else get this with 1.3 incremental patch? No explanation, just "patching failed". Gonna download the full patch now. WHY CAN'T THEY GET IT RIGHT? GAHHH!
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    X-Fi 5 1/4" bay panel and the Antec P180

    Does anyone know if the knobs on the X-Fi's 5 1/4" bay panel protrude further than the P180's front door? It doesn't look like they would, but I want to make sure. Anyone know?