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    Walmart Associate Delivery Pays Employees to Deliver Packages After Shift Work Ends

    Walmart's site to store doesn't even work most of the time. I will get an email saying my order is ready for pickup, get there and they can't find it. Happened every time. So ya no way in hell would I use this delivery service.
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    Galaxy S8 Iris Scanner Hacked with Camera and Contact Lens

    The major problem I see with biometrics is once that information is out its out for good. You can't change your finger prints or your retina.
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    WD Adds Helium-Filled 10 TB NAS HDDs to Red Lineup

    Why just make a hermetically sealed hard drive under a vacuum and let the read heads float on a bed of virtual particles!! SCience!
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    Google’s New AI Is Better at Creating AI Than the Company’s Engineers

    I takes far more energy to keep a human alive then they output. Now if you were using the brain as some kind of super neural net computer....
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    Google’s New AI Is Better at Creating AI Than the Company’s Engineers

    Looks like I will be closing the shop early today!!
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    Stanford Economist: All Fossil-Fuel Vehicles Will Vanish in 8 Years

    I will get an electric car when the car can meet these criteria 1. Must be able to carry 6 to 8 people 2. Have good range with Heat/AC on 3. Must have number 1 with room for groceries for said number of people. 4. Go through a foot of snow while meeting criteria 1-3. 5. Cost about the same as a...
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    WannaCry Ransomware Halted by Accident

    So the only reason this was stopped so fast was because the original malware writer hardcoded in a very poorly designed test to check if it was running in a sandbox which when tripped stoped the spread of the malware. So give it few days and a new version will be released that ignores the test...
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    Intel's Itanium, Once Destined to Replace x86 Processors in PCs, Hits End of Line

    Wow I though Intel killed it off a decade ago.
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    Repair Shops Stoked: Samsung Galaxy S8 Most Fragile Phone Ever Made

    That's badass!! Where can I find one!!
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    Zinc Battery Dendrite Breakthrough

    *Yawn* Ya news of another battery tech that is going to change the world. Wake me up when I can actually buy the damn thing at Walmart.
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    Experimental Shishiga Malware Targets Linux

    The Home of Tomorrow cartoons never mentioned that China could hold my toaster hostage.
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    Quantum Ciphers and Human Ingenuity

    Thats the one.
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    Quantum Ciphers and Human Ingenuity

    I remember reading somewhere about using photons in encryption some how. Something about how observing the photon would destroy it. Man now I'm going to have to dig up that article.
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    Burger King Ad Forces Google Home to Advertise the Whopper

    Or just lock the damn voice assistant down to one or two voices which wont work when they get a cold.
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    GameStop Investigating Serious Breach Compromising Credit Card Info

    If your going to use a card use a credit card with good fraud protection. Never use your debit card!
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    Hacker Wakes Up Dallas with 156 Emergency Sirens

    If a computer was hacked to do this then WHY IN THE HELL is a emergency system connected to the damn internet!?!?!
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    Booby-Trapped Word Documents Exploit Critical Microsoft 0-Day

    My mind was in the gutter when I read headline. How does this work without macros??
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    System Admin Shuts down Servers, Deletes Core Files on the Day He Is Fired

    Would have been better off planting a poison pill in the backups and main system that encrypted everything every week or so/
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    F.E.A.R.’s AI Is Still the Best in First-Person Shooters

    You know why F.E.A.R. had the bests AI? In the mission where you had to escort Alice Wade you get ambushed by the enemy and she runs for cover! A hostage that actually runs for the damn hills and doesn't stand in the middle of the fire fight.
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    BioWare Is Attempting to Fix Mass Effect: Andromeda

    Stop the pre-orderes!!! Stop buy half baked garbage!! And then maybe publishers and devs would finally stop sending out bug filled garbage to maybe be patched latter.
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    HTC can Track Eye Movement in VR to Determine Your Interest in the Ad Placement

    The more ads I see the less I want to buy a product. I purchase a product based on my needs and my own research. I don't give a damn what celeb of the day says its good.
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    US Believes North Korea is Behind $81 Million Dollar Banking Theft

    Why not just use suxnet version 2.1 to do something to the something so that something happens with total plausible deniability?
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    Law Firm Claims Tesla Is Falsely Advertising What Autopilot Can Do

    Tesla needs to understand that people in general are stupid and will punt responsibility anytime they can and that money grubbing lawyers are everywhere.
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    Even Tech Savvy Organizations can Fall for Phishing Schemes

    I i think I was 13 when I had an epiphany. Everybody lies and the world really is out to get you. Never click on anything you didn't ask for and if ever asked a odd question the answer is "It's not my department.".
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    Facebook Now Lets You Broadcast Live Video From a PC

    Who needs TV when you have facebook live stream!!
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    Google Pulls Beauty and the Beast 'ad' from Home

    Wasn't there a Futurama episode about ads in everything including dreams?
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    Vibrator Maker Fined $4 Million CAD for Tracking Customer Sexual Activity

    I haven't heard so many bad puns since I last watched Game Theory.
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    Samsung to Spend $6.98B on 10nm Production Lines Next Month. 7nm coming in 2018

    Somewhere the laws of Quantum Mechanics is going to kick in and strange things will start to happen like division by 0.
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    Proof Daylight Saving Time Is Dumb, Dangerous, and Costly

    Just get rid of it already and be done with it.
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    Millennials Fuel Increasing Usage of Mobile Payment Systems

    As stated in a previous thread I have no interest in smart phones or the bills that come with them. Happy with just getting a card out of my pocket.
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    Three-Quarters of Americans “Afraid” to Ride in a Self-Driving Vehicle

    Self driving cars are fine and dandy in the sunny southern states but what happens when they come up north for the winter?
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    AT&T Introduces Awful New "Unlimited" Prepaid Phone Plan

    And this is why I have just a cheap flip Tracfone. I do all my browsing an such on my laptop or desktop or the occasional tablet. Only cost me 100 bucks A YEAR!!
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    Congressman Introduces Bill That Would Allow Victims To 'Hack Back' After Attacks

    Depends on the state. Some states have laws where both parties must consent to the recording other states only require one party's consent.
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    How a Joke Tweet Brought 911 to its Knees

    12 years of prison is a bit much. How about 12 years cleanning up the roadside for 8 hours every Saturday or mowing county owned properties.
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    How to Disable Advertising in Windows 10 File Explorer

    That's the problem here. I have already paid for the OS, I should not have to run more software just to get the OS to work in the way it should in the first place.
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    Disney Develops Method for Wirelessly Powering an Entire Room

    What is the efficiency of this room? If I have to feed 1.21 gigawatts for it to kick out enough juice to power my tv computer phone ect I'd midis well just run a damn nuclear reactor under my basement.
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    iPhone 8 May Pack “Revolutionary” Camera That Snaps 3D Selfies

    I keep hearing Vince the Shamwow guy
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    Nokia Creates First 5GTF Connection with Intel

    That video sounded just like the new battery tech advancements. Bullshit vaporware.