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    WTB- Modded Xbox 360

    Hey all, I prefer to have it modded with the latest firmware. Hard drive is preferable. No power brick or any other accesories is needed. Banned from live is okay but if it is able to get on xbox live i will pay extra. *edit* Ill pay extra if its a Falcon/Jasper. Money is not really a...
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    FS- NIB Guitar Hero III for PC/MAC

    Got them together with the guitar but dont really need the game since i already own a copy. Yours for $15shipped non cc paypal OBO. thanks
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    FS- Quick Sale E6600 OEM $110 OBO

    Hey all, Im looking for a quick sale, Im offering my E6600 for $110 OBO shipped and paypal (non cc). Will ship them tomorrow since im going to the post office. No box or heatsink Heatware under kamal007 Ebay under kamal_86 Head-fi under kamal007
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    FS- Zalman VF900 (extra ramsinks, tape), Company of Heroes OEM

    Hey guys, I have a Zalman VF900 heatsink for VGA for sale. I'll include: 8 blue ramsinks (came in default). 1ft of Sekisui thermal tape Fan controller thing. 8 Extra Copper Ramsinks i bought of Amazon. Linky Its a complete package to cool down the 8800GT for cheap. Im asking $35+ship OBO from...
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    FS- Brand New Soyo 24" MT-DW-DYLM24D6

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    WTB - XFX 8800GT/GTS (G92) 512MB

    Hey, Anyone looking to unload their XFX 8800gt/gts series video card, just give me a pm . ZZF has the 8800gt for $160AR, so your price should be around that too :) My zip is 37235 Thanks
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    FS- Orange Box for PC (DVD)

    Hey all, Bought this but never really had the chance to play it. I know its sad. Now its up for sale. Its pretty much like new. Only the seal has been opened. Asking $30+ship. Non cc paypal preferred Heat under kamal007 Thanks $sold
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    WTT- 1X1GB PC2-5300 (667Mhz) for 2X512 PC2-5300

    Hey, Title says it all, i want to run this in a dual channel mode and sincei i already have a 2X1gb adding 1X1GB will force them to run in single mode. The brand is HP (HP pull i believe). this will be a great opportunity for anyone to empty out the RAM socket =) I dont really care about brand...
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    FS- E6300 B2 OEM

    Hey all, Im selling my E6300 OEM stepping 6 and revision B2. The week is L627 and code is A802 CPU-z screenshot is included. Heat under kamal007 and tons of feedback at Head-fi Screenie Asking $85 non cc paypal or google checkout
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    WTB- Heatsink for GPU

    Hey all, Didn't really care about brands but preferably Zalman. I need about 4 of those since my VF900 only came with 8. Has to be new since i don't really know on how to replace the thermal at the back of the heatsinks. Pm me with the price. Thanks
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    Which Temperature to use? Everest, Ntune, Rivatuner?

    Hey all, I have tested all of the temperature monitor software for my 8800gt 512MB and i got various results. Im using the Zalman VF900 btw and i OC'ed them to 700/2000 Idle Rivatuner 44C Everest 36C Ntune 40C I havent figured out the way to check the temperature during load. Which...
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    FS- Evga 7900GT SC 256MB +Zalman VF700, Zune

    Hey all, I need some cash so these have to go. Im selling a white 30GB zune with the griffin case. Some small scratches but nothing major. Will include the box, CD , sync cable and pouch. No headphones will be included. Asking $105 shipped OBO. This is not the Woot Refurbs If you have any...
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    ClubIT : Western Digital Caviar SE16 750GB 7200 RPM 16MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s HDD $149

    ClubIT has Western Digital Caviar SE16 (Perpendicular Magnetic Recording) 750GB 7200 RPM 16MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s Hard Drive OEM WD7500AAKS $148.99 with Free Shipping. Less then 20 cent per Gig Linky Credits to Dealerj at This is perfect to TN ppl since newegg charges tax to us
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    2.1 Speakers that uses 100V-220V power

    Hey all, Im getting a 2.1 speaker especially for gaming and also some movies. My budget is around $150 and i have one requirement which is the speakers need to accept power ranging from 100V to 220V. Candidate could be the z2300,bose companion 3, altec lansings. Im not that picky about the...
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    FS- Swans M200 Speakers (with all cables)

    Hey all, I have a pair of Swans M200 Speakers that i would like to sell. They dont get enough used since im a headphone kind of guy. My asking price would be $95+ship. Shipping would be abit expensive since the Swans are heavy and solid. Paypal,MO, Google Checkout would be accepted. Pics...
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    WTB- Modded Xbox 360

    If you have one, pm me. I dont care if theyre banned from live as long as they work and play well. Thanks Heat under kamal007
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    Best DVI Cable? Stock Vs Monster Cable

    Hey are there any difference between the stock DVI cable from Dell and Monster? apart from the price, will the picture quality be better? Thanks
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    adding a sub to swans m200

    im using an xfi extreme music and wondering could i add a subwoofer to my current setup? im using a pair of swans m200 speakers and if its doable, which kind of subwoofer will you recommend me..probably ones around $100-$150...the cheaper the better.
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    WTT- My Westinghouse 37" 37LW3 1080P for your 2407 Dell

    Hey.. Title says it all..Trade my westy for your 24" that has some warranty left+ some cash. lmk. The monitor is in prestine condition. my dorm is kinda small and the monitor doesnt fit on my desk. Thanks. Pm with questions
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    Foz2001 is a Scammer

    Hey all.. Just wanna let you know that Fozz2001 from Canada is a scammer. He sold me an Xbox 360 that never arrived. Asked me to wait for more than 60 days so that i couldnt do a chargeback via my credit card and didnt respond to my pm's and emails although he's here almost all the time. He's...
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    FS T-Mobile Dash with Extras (1GB MicroSD,Audio Adapter,Unlock Code,Invisible Shield)

    Hey all... Up for sale is my like new Tmobile Dash aka Excalibur HTC6210 Has built-in Wifi and Bluetooth Comes with Genuine Copy of Windows Mobile Retails for $299.99 Extras that will be included: Stereo Audio Adapter. Bought from and cost around $20. The cheap...
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    swans m200 broken?

    hey all, i just received them a day or two ago and theyre not functioning.. it was functioning before the seller ship them. i tested them with my logitech z680 (replace once speaker with the swans) and only the left speaker works. the right one didnt.. The right speaker has the integrated...
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    received doa item

    hey, i recently bought something here and they arrived fine.. after doing some testing i can conclude that the item is doa.. its a swan m200 speakers and the shipping back to him will cost another $30 he asked me to ship them back to him using my own money, which is not my fault. i paid...
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    WTB- Slim Modded PS2

    Title says it all.. Pm me your price.. Will pay via paypal..
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    FS-Bose Triport Like New Complete with Box+adapter+Pouch

    Hey I have a pair of Bose Triport complete with everything it came including warranty.. Retail for $149.99 plus tax at Bose store.. Get them at half the price plus no tax.. Price is $85 shipped.. Trades are welcome ..lmk what you have.. Thanks Heat - kamal007 Ebay - kamal_86...
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    Wtb- Game Boy Micro

    Prefer to have the Ezy Flash to play backups.. title says it all.. If you have one for sale lmk... Thanks..
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    FS: Xbox 360 20GB Hard drive (cheap + extras)

    Hey guys.. I have a like new Xbox 360 20Gb Hard drive Includes: -Hard drive itself ($99 retail) -Gamertag with 4000++ points -Around 8 Arcade games (around $35 price for this only) -Few demos and music For only $59 shipped OBO Paypal non cc... Heat under kamal007 ebay under kamal_86
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    FS Madden 2007 (Wii+ 360)

    Like new.. Includes everything... $30 for Wii shipping has been included Heat under kamal007 (100% positive) Ebay under kamal_86 (100% positive) Head-fi under kamal007
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    FS/FT Little Dot II++ with RCA cable

    Hey.. i got this item today directly from David from Ebay.. Plugged them in and im gonna say that im not such a big fan of tubes... Will include the amp+ tubes + RCA Cable (bought brand new 2-3 hours ago) Will sell for $165 + shipping I can easily return this to David and have like...
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    Problem with Foz2001

    Hey guys Need some advice here I recently bought an xbox 360(bare system no controller, no hd) from him for $220 shipped from Canada . He said he shipped them out on 3/02 and gave me a tracking number... Its 3/22 now and i havent received the item yet.. The tracking has not been updated...
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    WTB Xbox 360 Memory card

    pm me the price..prefer the used ones since its cheaper.. my heat is under kamal007
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    Wii Modchip Installation

    Hey.. anyone here have great skill to mod a wii with a cyclowiz? u have to be responsible if its broken... (im no good at soldering) i dont have the modchip so i will sent u my wii only.. and prefer trader with high heat.. Thanks guys..Time to play the imported japanese i bought from...
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    need wont display in westinghouse 37

    hey..i got this new monitor recently and im having a problem with it i tried to play some ea games like nba live 07 and rugby displays well until when it come to actual gameplay just returns to windows and didnt display anything..this mean that i was able to get into the menu...
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    first this good is it good for the money? or i can get much better at around the same price
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    [WTB] Modded 360 Core or Premium

    Pm me your best price... just the console + cables.. no controllers needed vga cable is a plus =) lmk guys
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    tv tuner with xp pro

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    tv tuner with xp pro

    hey guys..i need some help here .im planning to buy a tv tuner but im running xp pro...should i change my os to windows mce or the xp can be used with certain software? what kind of software is needed? Thankss;) ;)
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    FS/FT Dell 3007WFP (3 years warranty) Xbox 360 Games (Fifa,PGR3,PDZ)

    (Like New)Dell 3007 WFP -30 inch superb lcd monitor -Retails for $1500 at -3 years warranty from dell -Bought straight from Dell..not ebay not used... -2560X1600 goodness.. -Will trade for a Westinghouse 37" 1080p Hd monitor +$300 of your cash (Like New)360 Games Complete...
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    WTB- 2.1 Speaker Setup (Prefer Bose, Klipsch)

    Hey in the market for a 2.1 speaker..anyone have a bose companion or anything along the line for sale?:) :)
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    [WTB] Zalman VF700,VF900, Fatality for 7900GT, Headphone Stand

    Hey, -im looking to buy either a Zalman VF700,VF900, Fatality for my 7900GT -Im also looking to buy a headphone stand for my HD 595. Paypal non CC ready.. Thanks Heatware under kamal007 Ebay under kamal_86