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    Ryzen 3000 hype and review oddities

    I, like many others, am in the situation that I'm sitting on a slightly aged (but well performing 24/7 overclocked) intel quadcore 6700k ,and considering upgrading. I haven't owned an AMD cpu since the Athlon 1800+ and ABIT were royalty, and I was cautiously set on getting a 3000-series ryzen...
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    This looks like good news - 1440p RGB OLED in new tablets

    From this article: "Both Galaxy Tab S models feature a 2560 x 1600 Super AMOLED display. According to Samsung, the 10.5” model features a full RGB stripe." Is it at all possible to buy...
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    3930k stable/cool everyday-oc (turbo, speedstep, HT on)

    I've managed to get a pretty decent and stable/cool 4.7Ghz everyday-overclock on the i7 3930k, lower cpu voltage than most guides i've seen. If anyone has any tips or input how to get it stable at around 5Ghz id be grateful, if that's at all possible for everday use, it seems unlikely as the...