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    WTB: 2GB (2x1GB) DDR400

    Any brand is fine. Not too picky. Just needs to be 2x1gb and cheap. Have paypal.
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    WTB: Mobo for Shuttle SB75G2, SB65G2, or SB61G2

    Like the title says. If you have one, shoot me an email.
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    FS: EVGA 8800 GTS 640MB

    Just got it back from Evga RMA. $150 shipped for the card $175 for the card + HR-03 heat is vudoo Paypal is (verified member) :)
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    FS: My Gaming PC

    Q6600 "G0" clocked @ 3.2Ghz (256x9) Thermalright Ultra Extreme 120 w/ 120mm Scythe S-Flex Medium fan 4x1GB G. Skill F2-6400PHU1-1GBHZ @ 890 Asus P5W64 WS Pro Evga 8800GTS 640MB Thermalright HR-03 Plus w/ 120mm Coolermaster white LED fan Switftech copper VGA ramsinks Enermax Infiniti 720W...
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    FS: ATI TV Wonder 650

    Selling a TV Wonder 650 PCI TV tuner card. It's a few months old. It's been installed on my computer for 2 months, but hardly used. I can't get the HD channels to work on Vista. I guess there is some kind of problem w/ Vista. Not sure if there is a patch out for it. I have not tried. The...
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    FS: Auzentech X-Meridian 7.1 and Scythe Infinity

    $125 shipped to anywhere in the US. $35 shipped to anywhere in the US. heat - vudoo Paypal verified - [email]
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    FS: Tuniq Tower and Scythe Infinite

    Tuniq Tower - $40 shipped. Pretty new. I only mounted it once. Scythe Infinity - $40 shipped. In good condition. One of the s775 mounting pins/clips is broken. It's better to you the modified mounting system anyways. Stock AMD X2 heatpipe HSF. Brand new - $10 shipped. heat = vudoo ebay =...
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    FS: XBOX 360 + Games + HD DVD Player + More

    It is "Premium" system. The 360 is 1 month old. My previous one broke and I exchange it at the store for a brand new one. It comes w/ Gears of War and Viva Pinata. I will also throw in the VGA cable, the controller recharge kit, and TOS Link (optical) cable. I might be able to use the store...
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    GT5 Screens (ps3)

    GT5 R and C
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    The official Sony E3 thread. (Killzone, wipeoutHD etc)

    KillZone 2 Great HD trailer. Looks quite stunning, probably the best console game I have seen thus far. Each level in killzone is 2 gigs. Great writeup from IGN.
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    XBOX 360 HD DVD Add-On + HD DVD Movies

    The player is in perfect condition. I got it from Best Buy w/ the extended warrenty. Movies: Grand Prix The World's Fastest Indian King Kong Unleashed Red Dragon Bourne Supremacy Training Day Swordfish V for Vendetta Cinderella Man Superman the Movie Looking for $190 shipped for everything...
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    FS: 500GB WD Caviar SE16 WD5000KS SATA HDD

    $80 shipped. heat is vudoo
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    FS: Audio Technica ATH-A900 Headphones

    I got a pair of slightly used A900. $150 shipped to anywhere in the US. Heat = vudoo.
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    360 in a bigger box?

    Well my brother's 360 died the other day. It's out of warrenty so he's shit outta luck. I opened it up to see if I could find anything wrong with it. I stripped off the heatsinks and found some crappy thermal gum. I cleaned it off and put some AS5 on it. I did a bare boot and it works! I put it...
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    FS: 23" Apple Cinema Display and X-Fi Platinum

    Gotta get rid of some stuff for cash. I really don't want to let it go. I love this LCD. It works great. No dead pixels that I can see. Apple LCDs are top quality (also top price at the stores :( ) 1920x1200 resolution. All the specs here: I have the original...
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    No POST after installing new CPU

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    Why ACD?! Why are you not HDCP Compliant? :(

    I've been trying to hook up the X360 HD DVD box to my PC so I can watch HD movies on the 23" ACD. I finally found PowerDVD 6.5 and was all happy when I put in V for Vendetta. I get like some blue/pink/green smear and no picture. Then it hit me. The ACD isn't HDCP compliant. I didn't think of...
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    X-Fi Fatal1ty for $199 + $1.99 Fedex 2Day @ ZZF

    Just browsing for a new sound card and saw it. Hmmm thinking if I should get it or not...
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    vudoo's FS/WTT/WTB Thread.

    I'm going to have a bunch of stuff for sale soon. So... just gonna make one thread that I will update periodically instead of a bunch of different threads. Anyways... FOR SALE Swiftech 7950GX2 spacer kit $10 shipped For fitting large GPU waterblocks on the 7950GX2. 2 Aqua Extreme MP-1 GPU...
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    WTB: DDC Pump w/ Alphacool Plexi Top

    Like the title says. :D
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    WTB: Lanparty s939 Mobo, X2 3800+

    Looking for a good LP s939 mobo that will work well w/ my Ballistix and G.Skill Extreme DRR sticks. LIke SLI-DR Expert, Ultra-D? Also looking for a good 3800+ Edit: Done deal. Thanks Damtheman
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    FS/TF/WTB: AquaComputer Twinplex Pro Waterblocks

    $210 takes everything! Shipped to your door w/ Fedex 2Day. I have a Twinplex Pro GPU a Twinplex Pro NB. They both come w/ Plug & Cool fittings for 6mm ID 8mm OD tubes. Used for a few months. I want bigger tubing stuff to match my Storm block. Looking for $35 for the NB and $45 for the GPU...
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    FS: 1GB OCZ EL Plat. Rev2 PC3200 DC Kit

    2x512 MB dual channel kit. Same as these: 2-2-2-5 @ DDR400. Had them for about a year. $80 shipped w/ Fedex 2day or $85 for overnight. Heatware: vudoo eBay: vudoodoodoo (57) Paypal: SOLD
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    WTB: P4 s478 Engineering Sample.

    Like a 3.2ES or 3.4ES?
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    FS: 3.2E and 2GB OCZ

    Can't really take close up shots of the CPUs w/ my camera to show you the sSpec # and stuff. Got this 3.2E on ebay recently. My Max3 mobo didn't want to take Prescotts for some reason. Even w/ the latest BIOS. Tested it in my Shuttle SB75G2 and it booted up just fine. 3.20GHZ/1M/800...
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    FS: 2.4C and 3.2E s478 CPUs

    Made new thread w/ some OCZ for sale.
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    WTB: 3.2C

    Looking for 30 cap SL6WG. I have a 3.2E SL7PN E0 stepping if anyone is interested in a trade of some kind.
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    FS/FT: 3.2ghz Prescott s478

    SL7PN PHILIPPINES 7504A249 EO stepping. I can't really tell you my max OC because my mobo doesn't want to be compatible w/ Prescotts. I did do a test boot w/ my Shuttle XPC @ 220x16 though. EO stepping is supposed to be good overclocker though. Asking $160 shipped via Fedex 2Day. Would...
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    No POST after installing new CPU

    Right now I have an IC7 Max3 and P4 2.4C. It was running OK. I just got a 3.2E which came in the mail today. I took out the the 2.4C and put in the 3.2E and tried to boot it up. No POST. Just a blank screen. The CD drive, HDD, fans, and pumps were running. Just no POST. I reseated the CPU and...
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    Cooling Mosfets

    Is there a way to install ramsinks on them w/o involving thermal tape or conductive AS glue stuff? :(
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    WTB: P4 3.4E

    Socket 478.
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    3.4C or 3.4E?

    Thinking about getting one of these. Don't know which is better for OC. I have a good WC setup, so heat won't but much of an issue. Not getting Conroe in July. Waiting until Christmas to get a E6600.
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    Temp questions...

    I have probes for the CPU, NB, and water. I have one for GPU also, but its just dangling outside the case while I wait for my vid card to come in the mail. According to Aquasuite, my temps are: CPU:24, NB:31, H20:24, and ambient (the GPU probe hanging outside the case): 21.5C. I'm not sure if I...
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    WTB: x800 Pro or x850 Pro Vivo

    Looking for AGP card. Edit: maybe XT version too.
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    Finished New WC Setup. Having a Problem

    I tried to power it on, and I get a long beep. The screen says that I did not plug in the power cable for the graphics card. I checked it and its on. I unplug it and reattached it. Power it back up and still having the same problem. I have a temp probe for the GPU, so I thought that might cause...
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    Need a Good 865PE Mobo.

    I got a V1000B case and my Shuttle XPC mobo won't "fit" in it. The mounting holes don't line up. Sucks... since it's a 875P mobo. 875P mobos are hard to find short of paying a rediculouse amount on eBay. Going to have to get a new/use 865PE mobo. Any suggestions? P4P800-E Deluxe looks decent.
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    WTB: 875P Mobos

    Looking for either a IC7-Max3, IC7-G , P4c800-E Deluxe, MSI Neo FIS2R, DFI PRO875 Lan Party, Gigabyte 8KNXP, or Soyo P4I875P DRAGON 2.
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    MCP655 + 3/8" ID Tubing = ???

    Would heating up the tube work?
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    Aquastream Strong Enough for my Setup?

    I have a Storm, Twinplex Pro GPU, Twinplex Pro NB, Innovatek 2x120mm radiator, Aquatube. All w/ 3/8" tubing. Will it be OK? I'm also thinking about having a dedicated pump (MCP 350?)for the Storm and maybe another radiator (BIP). It would be like 3/8" MCP350 > Storm > BIP > Aquatube < Rad <...
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    Reconditioning Storm G5

    I bought a Storm G5 off someone on ebay. Seems that he didn't treat it very well. The mounting plate is scratched up. The baseplate is in bad condition too... Going to need some lapping. Autozone tomorrow... There is nothing special about lapping silver right? Same as lapping copper...