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    [Epic Store] Fort Triumph /&/ RPG in a Box (Free Till Dec 8)
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    [Epic Store] Destiny 2 - Bungie 30th Anniversary Skin Pack DLC /&/ Ring Of Pain (Free Till [DEAD]) The DLC Skin pack requires the base game to use, Destiny 2 is Free to play: (Alternatively you can just add the base game and it auto adds the DLC Skinpack)...
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    [GOG] Dex (Free Till August 29)
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    [Epic Store] Cook, Serve, Delicious! 3? (Free Till [DEAD])
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    [Epic Store] Unrailed! (Free Till August [DEAD])
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    [Epic Store] Lawn Mowing Simulator (Free Till [DEAD])
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    [Epic Store] Tannenberg /&/ Shop Titans microtransaction BS package (Free Till [DEAD]) Also Shop Titans which looks to be a mobile port microtransaction hell game, I'm not going to post a trailer or anything on it as I don't support that kind of garbage.
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    [Epic Store] Ancient Enemy /&/ Killing Floor 2 (Free Till [DEAD]) Note - Killing Floor 2 is a repeat so you may already have it.
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    [Epic Store] Wolfenstein: The New Order (Free Till DEAD) Solid freebie if you haven't already played it, and if you have well you know the's free.
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    [Epic Store] Rogue Legacy /&/ The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter (Free Till April 14) Note: The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter is a repeat so you may already have it
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    [Epic Store] City Of Brass /&/ Total War: Warhammer (Free Till [DEAD]) Note: City Of Brass is a repeat so you may already have it
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    [Epic Store] Demon's Tilt (Free Till [DEAD])
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    [Epic Store] Cities: Skylines +3 DLC (Free Till [DEAD])

    Note: This is a repeat so you may already have it, the DLC however you may not have (and I believe is always free but you know the rule) DLC: Match Day - Carols...
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    [Epic Store] Windbound (Free Till [DEAD])
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    [Epic Store] Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair (Free Till [DEAD])

    Note: This is a repeat so you may already have it in your backlog.
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    [Epic Store] Daemon X Machina + Prototype Aresenal Set DLC (Free Till [DEAD]) (Thanks Lateralus for the heads up)
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    [Epic Store] Gods Will Fall (Free Till [DEAD])
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    [Epic Store] Dead By Daylight |&| while True: learn () (Free Till [DEAD])
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    [Epic Store] Antstream Arcade* | theHunter: Call Of The Wild (Free Till [DEAD])

    *Note "Antstream Arcade" What you are getting there is "1090 Gems" "This in-game currency can be spent on playing games, challenges and limited-time tournaments! Gems can also be used to unlock harder challenges and play turn-based PvP against friends and other players" While I haven't played...
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    [Epic Store] Guild of Dungeoneering | Kid A Mnesia Exhibition | Never Alone (Free Till Nov [DEAD])
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    [Epic Store] DARQ: Complete Edition (Free Till Nov. [DEAD])
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    [Epic Store] Europa Universalis IV (Free Till [DEAD])
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    [Epic Store] Speed Brawl /&/ Tharsis (Free Till Sept 23)
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    [Epic Store] Yoku's Island Express (Free Till [DEAD])
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    [Epic Store] Saints Row 3 Remastered /&/ Automachef (Free Till [DEAD])
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    [Epic Store] Void Bastards /&/ Yooka-Laylee (Free Till [DEAD]) High quality freebies this week
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    [Epic Store] Rebel Galaxy (Free Till [DEAD])

    This is a repeat, you may already have it from earlier
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    [Epic Store] Mothergunship /&/ Train Sim World 2 (Free Till [DEAD]) Train Sim World is one of those games where they have a bazillion DLCs for like $30 a pop so I hope you like trains.
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    [Epic Store] Offworld Trading Company /&/ Obduction (Free [DEAD])

    Note: Offworld Trading Company has been given away previously so you may already have it claimed.
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    [Epic Store] Bridge Constructor: TWD /&/ Ironcast (Free Till [DEAD])
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    [Epic Store] The Spectrum Retreat (Free Till [DEAD])
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    [Epic Store] Overcooked 2 /&/ Hell is Other Demons (Free Till [DEAD])
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    [Steam] Titan Souls (Free Till [DEAD])

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    [Epic Store] Among Us (Free Till [DEAD])
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    [Epic Store] Idle Champions Of The Forgotten Realms (Free Till [DEAD])
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    [Epic Store] Alien Isolation + Last Survivor DLC /&/ Hand Of Fate 2 (Free Till [DEAD])

    * Alien Isolation is no longer the base game which was previously given away, it is now the base + last survivor DLC. Even if you previously claimed the game last time it was offered check the link to see if you have the DLC or if it shows as claimed...
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    [Epic Store] Deponia The Complete Journey /&/ Ken Follett's The Pillars Of The Earth /&/ The First Tree (Free Till [DEAD])

    This week is a triple tap:
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    [Epic Store] Tales Of The Neon Sea (Free Till [DEAD])
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    [Epic Store] Creature In The Well (Free Till [DEAD])
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    [Epic Store] The Fall (Free Till [DEAD])