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    Will the Ryzen 3000 chiplet layout cause heat sink headaches?

    I was looking at the chiplet layout on the ryzen 3950x: The off-center chiplets got me thinking about heat sink/cold plate orientation and design. Past single chip dies meant concentrated cooling effects in the middle, but with this layout, it looks like some formerly reliable coolers might...
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    Looking for ideas to split one PC between two rooms (144hz & VR)

    Right now I have one rig in my office (multi-monitor setup with a DP 144hz primary display) and a second VR rig in the living room. This is only because I had enough spare parts to build a second capable machine. I'm planning to do a new build soon and looking for ways to use the new machine...
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    Is there an off topic section somewhere here?

    I wanted to ask the [H] community some more general & non computer related questions, but I've either gone blind, or there's no off topic sub here. :eggface:
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    What's the bottleneck when FPS is below my refresh rate but CPU & GPU load is well below 100%?

    I've noticed in a few games that my frame rate is way below my refresh rate (say 70fps of 144hz), but the CPU & GPU are both between 60-80% load. Any obvious limitations I'm missing? I'm running some ancient hardware here, 2600k & 3770k both over 4.4ghz, Z77 chipsets, 16gb DDR3, SSD, 1080Ti...
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    Replaced the TIM on my 1080Ti SC2 with Kryonaut, went from 68c to 59c

    First and foremost, this is purely anecdotal, not meant as a controlled test. So I've been wondering what my GPU temps would look like if I threw some Kryonaut on the GPU ever since I bought it. Not so much for overclocking but to see if I could run the fans quieter while keeping things under...
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    Looking for a good color calibrator that works for Monitors, Projectors, and Printers

    I've been meaning to get a color calibrator for a while, hoping to find something that can do all 3 devices (monitor, projector, and printer) for a few hundred bucks, might be asking too much though. Googling around led me to products that were either very expensive, or with some shoddy...
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    SOLVED: AIO temps suddenly jumped from 60 to 83 deg (H115i)

    EDIT: Solved. I used "Silver Grade Anti-Seize" on the mounting nuts (don't ask why :confused:) when installing the water block a year ago, and noticed they were a little loose then I was removing them today. I think vibration from the water pump coupled with the lower tightening friction caused...
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    Worth trading in a 1080 & 970 for two 1070s?

    I was running my Vive on the 970 for a few weeks before the 1080 arrived, and didn't notice much of a difference with the new card. Since the 1080 is in the VR machine and the 970 is in my daily workstation (1080p), I've realize I can sell both for about the same price as two 1070s, EDIT: and...
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    Are 4k 60Hz panels that can do 1440p @ 120/144Hz a thing?

    A coworker was complaining during lunch about his TV being advertised as both 4k and 120Hz, but really could only do one or the other at a time (4k @ 60Hz OR 2k @120Hz). I figure if I could get my hands on a monitor like that it would be the perfect compromise, since my hardware can't do...
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    Multiple drive letters without needing partitions?

    Not sure if this has been done yet, but is it possible to store files under different drive letters without partitioning the drive? Imagine one big drive, with folders "A", "B, "C", and "D". Now forget that they are on a partition and treat them like drives. This way, the drives aren't...
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    Looking for ATi card with DVI, HDMI, Component, S-Video, and Composite outputs.

    I'm trying to put together a portable HD-HTPC, for movie nights and stuff, and the biggest stumbling block right now is finding a card with all the right outputs. I know it has to be an ATI card as their 3x and 4x series have HDMI audio, but I also need it to have Component, S-Video, and...