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    Bezel Compensation without drivers

    Anyone know if this is possible? (any third party apps, etc.) I have an Nvidia 6 panel display setup using 2 GTX 570's and 1 GTX 650ti. Since I can't have all the displays in SLI, I don't know if it would matter much to enable Surround to access the Nvidia driver bezel comp on just a few of...
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    Nvidia Bezel Correction without SLI

    Hey Guys. I have 3 Nvidia cards powering 6 displays. Two of the cards are GTX570's and the 3rd card is a GTX650ti. Is it possible to use a form of bezel correction with this setup? I'm not using SLI for the 570's because of the slot configuration on the motherboard (a 570 won't fit in an SLI...
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    1440P IPS displays are not thin. Why?

    It's been a while since I've shopped for displays but I noticed that the 27 inch 2560x1440 Catleaps and the Auria EQ276W are ridiculously thick compared to say the newer 27 inch AOC IPS 1920x1080 displays. Is there something about 2560x1440 at 27 inches that requries these IPS displays to be...
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    Zalman 9900MAX versus 9500A-LED

    Anyone compare these 2 coolers? One of them is 5 years old, and the other is brand new. I have the 5 year old one that I recently ordered by mistake. Wondering if it is worth the RMA or not to get the 9900MAX?
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    Gigabyte GA-p67A-UD7-B3 and Zalman CNP S9900MAX

    Anyone have this combo with all 4 memory slots filled with G.Skill Ripjaws? It looks like the memory slots could get in the way, especially with the huge ripjaw sinks.
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    GA-P67A-UD7-B3 and Zalman 9500A-LED

    Anyone happen to have this combo? I'm just wondering if the UD7 can fit this cooler on it even with all 4 memory slots filled with ripjaw memory? I wasn't able to fit this cooler on the ASUS WS revolution and was hoping the UD7 might work good with it. It looks like a nice cooler and I...
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    2600K Successor

    Just wondering what the next Sandybridge CPU will be in this series and when it will be out? Will it be the 2700K, etc? I haven't seen any roadmaps for what comes next yet and was wondering when we will know. Sure would be nice to see a hexacore version of the 2600K or something. :)
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    Asus P8P67 WS Revolution and Zalman 9500A LED

    Anyone running this cooler on the Revo? (CPU is 2600k) Just wondering if it fit or not. (planning on using all 4 slots for memory - RipJaws)
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    Just curious where people are getting theirs? NewEgg\MC are still sold out. I've used Directron in the past but prefer NewEgg \ Microcenter.
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    HD6990 benchmarks

    Has anyone purchased this card yet and ran a Passmark benchmark on it so it updates the charts here? It's weird cause I saw NewEgg had them for a couple days and now they appear sold out.
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    x16 is x16 cept when it's not.

    This x16 slot business has me a little confused. Looking at the new lga1155 boards I notice that some have full bandwidth on all the x16 slots and some don't. Why can't they all be full bandwidth? As an example, the ASUS P8p67 shares out something on one of the x16 slots. The Pro then...
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    When will 2560x1600 LCD's come down in price?

    The 30 inch displays still seem too expensive. I've been waiting years for them to come down in price but they never do. Any guess as to when they will lower? Is there just not enough competition or something?
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    Dual i7-2600K Motherboard

    Could something like this exist? If not, why not. I think it would be amazing to have a machine with two i7-2600K processors humming along nicely. And with my apps, I would easily saturate all 8 cores. How do MB manufacturers decide when to offer a motherboard that can accomodate two...
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    Zalman Cooler for P67A-UD7 in an Antec Sonata I or II case

    Hey everyone. I'm new to using 3rd party coolers, but not new to custom builds and was looking for some advice. I'm putting together a new build and unlike my usual tradition of using stock heat sinks, I was thinking of purchasing my first Zalman copper cooler. Since I have an Antec...