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    6850K, asrock X99 Taichi and G.Skill Trident 4x8GB combo for sale $800

    Price drop Hey all, I am finally upgrading to a new system and decided to post my main computer's parts. I have 6850K that has been running under an AIO for about a year at stock speeds. Does not include cooler. ((go for about 380-400 on ebay)) I have an Asrock Taichi X99 Board that has the...
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    Fs$2200 Pricemageddon whole system - 6850k, x99 taichi, 64gb 8x8gb quad 3200, ax1500i, evga1080ti fe

    Hi all Its my gotta move sale. (Pricmageddon) supa cheap. Double price drop. $2200 New deal. The whole tamale. $572 .Intel I-7 6850k great gaming/streaming processor with tons of pcI-e lanes. Vl6OBjnvWZbQoPjZdmoF7IiJTcWpQ357UE2BL1jyFlMqZUZRoCr0IQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds $769 . G.skill Trident Z...
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    Wth socket 1150 board H-refresh

    Looking for a super cheap board 1150 socket for 4th gen i5 has well refresh bios. Mine has a bad HDMI. Atx or smaller. Let me know.
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    FS 6850k, x99 Taichi, 64gb Trident Z pc3200

    Getting a feel for how much I can recover from my build. Planning to switch to amd 2700x. Processor 6850k running stock.(320) Board x99 taichi (have box)(170) Memory Trident Z 64gb 8x8 cas16 pc3200. (Red fins removed but have with box)(700) Was going To switch back to dual and would like to...
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    PDXLAN 32 A/B seats avail

    So pdxlan is massive, over 200k in prizes, free new unannounced EA game. Tons of contest, sponsored teams and kids going to their first frag fest. I highly recommend it, as I have attended 2 and waked out with a lot of swag. Last time monster kept giving out free drinks, bawls was there...
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    FT/FS. 6850k + x99 Taichi

    I was quick to build a system before threadripper came out and I really want a threadripper chip and board that can support my 8x8 memory config and still have pcie for my cards and drives. Would offer a trade plus cash if anyone ia interested, had the board and chip since January. Could offer...